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  1. Sky commentators (ok Nick Knight but dim) raving about ability of Sam Hain to make the step up to international cricket with immediate success. Feels like it might be relevant to point out the Ireland attack is sub county standard overall.
  2. Subs are pre-programmed week before the game by the looks of it.
  3. Worried about this one given our record in derby matches
  4. They must be amazed at how many overseas viewers use UK banks
  5. He's a 21 year old with 8 caps for Wales and 60 games at a league above under his belt. He wouldn't sign for our A* team sadly.
  6. Looking at his record, what exactly is wrong with him that Cardiff want to let him go and he would want to drop a league. Unless he's crocked hard to see how he's in reach for us.
  7. If we'd take him there's bound to be a championship club, or a premiership club desparate enough too - in this case we very much do know he ain't coming here.
  8. Another 3-0 at half time I see
  9. And now Lavia doesn't fancy Liverpool after they did the negotiations first in both cases - hilarious.
  10. If Ricky Ponting says 2-2 is a very fair result you know that he knows they were 2nd best.
  11. All the snarky shite from Aussies and smug wankers like Ward about the 'moral Ashes' but it's just quite plain who the better side are. Until Australia or India can come and beat us here they need to wind their neck in.
  12. Betfair punters don't seem to have learnt their lesson - England big odds on despite forecast giving a decent chance there's only 3 sessions left in this match. Australians bleating about luck in matches they won anyway need to wind their neck in - total daylight robbery this series.
  13. He's can't un drop the catches that already cost the Ashes unfortunately, so unless he has a time machine proving his doubters wrong is an impossible task.
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