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  1. maaarsh


    Yep - we'd be over the line already with a decent spinner😋 Considering how good Bracewell looked, pretty poor leach's only wicket came as they were trying to batter him without respect.
  2. maaarsh


    Kiwi part timer getting plenty out of the pitch. Leach if the sort of player you can with win, but you'll never win because of him. Nonsensical to stay loyal when you at least have a chance to find out more about a player who's a genuine match winner at the 2nd highest level.
  3. maaarsh


    Starting to get excited to see if Leach can bring up his century unbeaten. (no offence to the lad, but he's not from Bolton and he's clearly not a special player who you stick with to avoid giving the outstanding English spinner of the last 10 years a go).
  4. maaarsh


    Hard to see England have moved away from the system where certain players have to overtly fail for 6 months in a row before they get dropped - stability is key, even when it's stability of shit it seems
  5. maaarsh


    New regime looking pretty toothless today, even with the best player opposite missing. Hopefully they actually make the reset they pretended to make at some point.
  6. maaarsh


    Same claim was made before he was the best spinner in county cricket for 3 years running, and before he played 8 short format games for England with success. Now he's got Monty numb nuts Panedar writing articles about him failing after he bowled 14 overs and got the only wicket by a spinner on a green top. Unfortunately England squad seems to be very cliquey and his face doesn't fit, whilst confident but limited players like Bess get decent runs in the team. For a new era there are remarkably few changes to a playing squad which was badly found out last winter.
  7. maaarsh


    I see Parky has been immediately fucked off again in favour of tried and tested mediocrity
  8. How do you know someone's a Vegan? Don't worry, they'll let you know...
  9. You're quite a long way out sorry - £345k per week is more than £16m in a year, let alone 4 years. Total contract cost is more like £90m for 4 years of him.
  10. Think you can safely change the name of this section to Euro 2021
  11. After 3 months carrying drinks with England even picking a spinner not even in the squad over him, Parkinson has been England's best bowler in both warm up games. Looking forward to watching him carry drinks again in the first ODI tomorrow...
  12. This is like the good old days, watching us bat without expecting a wicket every other ball
  13. I for one never doubted Joe Root's tactical genius for a second when he gave so many overs to part time spinners!
  14. Engaging full hindsight mode, I did think the BBC headline after day 1 "Dismal England subside to 261/9" was a tad gloomy. They should save dismal for the 3 times a year we don't make triple figures.
  15. Root's tackle did it, and its normally Root out front defending them playing like children whenever it's questioned. In other joyful news, England have picked the emergency call up spinner instead of Parkinson who was actually in the squad and has wasted his winter watching these muppets lose Tests from the sideline.
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