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  1. Think you can safely change the name of this section to Euro 2021
  2. After 3 months carrying drinks with England even picking a spinner not even in the squad over him, Parkinson has been England's best bowler in both warm up games. Looking forward to watching him carry drinks again in the first ODI tomorrow...
  3. This is like the good old days, watching us bat without expecting a wicket every other ball
  4. I for one never doubted Joe Root's tactical genius for a second when he gave so many overs to part time spinners!
  5. Engaging full hindsight mode, I did think the BBC headline after day 1 "Dismal England subside to 261/9" was a tad gloomy. They should save dismal for the 3 times a year we don't make triple figures.
  6. Root's tackle did it, and its normally Root out front defending them playing like children whenever it's questioned. In other joyful news, England have picked the emergency call up spinner instead of Parkinson who was actually in the squad and has wasted his winter watching these muppets lose Tests from the sideline.
  7. Now officially backed by the ECB. Set of cunts.
  8. Great start from Parkinson - should have been even better, had a dolly dropped and an LBW not given - got smashed in his last over by the player who was dropped!
  9. Brilliant move, and an unusually good decision by the selectors to ignore the (weird) face that Lancashire don't play either of them in even half our first class games
  10. More like when does Parkinson's contract finish - best young spinner in the country, we barely play him, and when we do we don't bowl him - he won't be short of better offers.
  11. Finally picked Parkinson for this match. Vilas gave Maxwell 17 overs before giving him a bowl. He's either mentally incapacitated, or something is very wrong in that dressing room.
  12. This has been brewing all season and now we pay for it. His selection of bowlers defies belief almost every match.
  13. Rain delay did for us. That and Vilas once again preferring to use part timers over his best bowler. I wonder if Parkinson is under ECB protection and 4 whole overs would be bad for his development.
  14. Roy gets in the side because we desperately need an opener and have too many lower middle order bullies Fails horrible as opener, so gets moved down to be another middle order slugger. Makes sense.
  15. What a load of shit. Utterly embarrassing for anyone involved in the forums that signed this off as an 'original' and useful format change.
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