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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Hi,

    Can you help me I keep getting message that account has been suspended when I try to access the forum,I am only able to access the forum through a VPN,this has only just started today,I am unaware of any reason I should be suspended can you please look at this.

    Thanks Brian




  2. Freddie Hill brilliant…….should have had many more England caps.
  3. Aways are on yes.When I signed up it stated all league games plus papa johns would be live,same as last few years with I follow,Cheltenham game was live. I’m assuming Burton will be on to,if not I might have words.
  4. I have a season ticket think it cost 160 pounds and you get all league games plus papa John stuff but no cup games just the same service as I follow
  5. I seem to remember that we played Blackpool in what was billed as the first football league game to be broadcast live,it was on a Friday night and we won 1-0 I think ……..I think I’m right but stand to,be corrected
  6. Santos and Toal must be the best back 2 in this league thought they were brilliant
  7. briannz


    First saw him on a 12 inch black and white tv in 1958 World Cup didn’t realise at the time I was watching the greatest player ever.
  8. Just watched replay of game and all i can say is if that was a second eleven we must have a bloody good first eleven. Not sure how we can keep,all,these good players happy but if we do we will have a great chance of promotion. Just a mention for George Thomasson,he sometimes gets stick fro some people but he is going to be a good player for us. ‘Oh and the sending off was a joke it should get cancelled.
  9. I remember a Jimmy Froggatt playing for Wednesday I think but don’t remember this guy.
  10. Just cost me 140 pound I’m in New Zealand so legit
  11. Anything with John Wayne in it
  12. Surprised Johnstone doesn’t get more recognised think he’s been very good last 2 games
  13. And he will only get better
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