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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Just watched replay of game and all i can say is if that was a second eleven we must have a bloody good first eleven. Not sure how we can keep,all,these good players happy but if we do we will have a great chance of promotion. Just a mention for George Thomasson,he sometimes gets stick fro some people but he is going to be a good player for us. ‘Oh and the sending off was a joke it should get cancelled.
  2. I remember a Jimmy Froggatt playing for Wednesday I think but don’t remember this guy.
  3. Just cost me 140 pound I’m in New Zealand so legit
  4. Surprised Johnstone doesn’t get more recognised think he’s been very good last 2 games
  5. And he will only get better
  6. Aye your probably right there,it’s a case of a general weakness in physicality.
  7. One of my biggest complaints is that we don’t appear to be able to tackle and win 50-50 balls,or even 60-40 in our favour,I’m sure if we played a womens team we would lose all 50-50 tackles we are too delicate.
  8. Bloody hell can’t stop laughing
  9. Second half was a great example of how to play against 10 men …..just keep the ball,well done.
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