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  1. Match ticket I will have It please.
  2. i will have it if its still availble.
  3. back home at 12.30 thanks to steejay ,christening at 1.15 pub at 5 home for 9 not bad for an old git .
  4. Yes got home Mr Grey. Was I that bad.
  5. Hi I'm leaving bolton can I have a ticket. Please
  6. ive got 1 adult and one under 21.
  7. ive got a spare adult and a under 21 ticket if any needs them . i will be in sheffield tommow.
  8. Going to try and get down, i will sort something. Cheers.
  9. Anyone got a spare for Saturday, no pay on the day.
  10. Thanks. Carnt give it away.
  11. I've got a spare train ticket from Wigan 10.29 and 6.15 rtn .if any one wants it.
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