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  1. Seen him twice there! And once at the Royal Albert Hall
  2. Of course! Seen Al Green 3 times, I think.
  3. Is that accurate? we saw her at the Bridgewater just before she died And James Brown And Ibrahim Ferrer bit of a theme Tony Bennett escaped with his life
  4. Someone told me that Sharon’s grandfather was a club doctor, possibly at Burnley (not Bolton, probably)
  5. Good news and you can have a drink
  6. Bottles of Meantime London Pale Ale at 69p at Home Bargains
  7. There won’t be a recession for a while. Not imminent.
  8. More one day to take away from our proper cricket skills? I watched it, but can’t get behind a Manchester team, with half coming from elsewhere and Mahmood playing for the other team.
  9. Didn’t know that; good player
  10. Because of the hassle and potential for plans to be disturbed.
  11. Anyone thinking of venturing abroad this year wants their bumps feeling.
  12. I was scammed through it once
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