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  1. Magnificent moment. Brilliant comeback by Mitchell Johnson
  2. Good performance, very entertaining game. Kachunga is really coming on. Thought the substitutions were a bit strange; Delfounso offers very little and Gordon was, again, outstanding. Good tactical switch from Evatt. A most pleasing afternoon, pity we couldn’t take the 3 points.
  3. Pissed off to find that it is on BT Sport.
  4. Told an interesting story about him last night. Undoubtedly bollocks.
  5. Let’s follow this up with another rousing performance Going to be colder. 1-2
  6. Great to see us upsetting Yorkshire folk
  7. They were Gordon has a good ticker. Really impressive.
  8. Understandable; they were bizz
  9. Who might be the next Ole laughed out loud as they mentioned Wayne Rooney and….. Steve Bruce ont telly
  10. They keep spunking money, changing their manager and winning only minor baubles. long may it continue
  11. Attack from the off, get a winning lead early. 0-0
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