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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Quite It might be them this time. That’d have em screeching.
  2. As would Jimmy. Hopefully Woakes is an able replacement
  3. He looks so glum playing tests. I do think he can do it, but I’m not sure he does.
  4. I think I believe in him more than he does
  5. Didn’t want to see Jimmy batting
  6. Oh dear End of Buttler in tests?
  7. Saw your lad’s flag; as usual.
  8. I wasn’t planning on being up to watch it, but a refreshing change. Sounds like plenty of Brits in the ground and some value for you.
  9. 91/92 (I think), coldest I’ve ever been at a game
  10. Your team is fuckin shite, @Roger_Dubuis
  11. The new campo fucks beckham off for us
  12. Doing ok and English commentators
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