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  1. Decent effort Need the different strikers back
  2. The FA, by backing the premier league, have very little/no moral authority.
  3. Exactly He isn’t daft. If/when he does go, it’ll be to a club relegated from the Prem, ready to challenge again for promotion. Or he’ll stay with us to challenge.
  4. Not a big enough temptation for Evatt
  5. Never a sending off Since when did a ref look at the severity of an injury to decide the punishment? ludicrous
  6. We still owe them big style But this helps!
  7. Disgusting from the ICB. not good for proper, Test, cricket.
  8. No matter how many times we might beat them, we’ll still owe them one. 3-0
  9. You’d expect refs to at least know the laws
  10. Question; did the ref review the decision because of the appeal from Burton?
  11. Really enjoyed that, super performance everything but a goal, except we had one
  12. He is but……here’s hoping!
  13. One shot on target in 90 minutes; might be worthwhile trying something different?
  14. Unfortunately the game is measured by goals 😁
  15. Wonderful bowling display
  16. I looked at the title and assumed it’s a league. or misrepresentation
  17. Is the Champions League a cup completion? A league, surely?
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