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  1. The Animal Sentience Bill will give rights to all animals with a backbone. Poor, Sir Keir...........
  2. Just a bit sad to have not been in the ground Bloody Chinese
  3. Pro-indy parties: 1,326,000 constituency votes Pro-UK parties: 1,364,000 constituency votes
  4. I really don’t ever want to go there again.
  5. Not Tranmere Surely they won’t give us Wiggin or Blackpool* Plymouth would be fun
  6. Presumably they’ve sacked another manager?
  7. Good to have you back, hope you are well.
  8. Antoni Lloyd Dapo Eoin evrn if it’s a girl
  9. Someone will be moaning later that we should have scored more
  10. Crawley are not in Crawley
  11. Indeed let all the results go against Salford so they’ve nowt to play for.
  12. Oh dear, Should have been offside
  13. Sir Keir knows the problem. To face up to it would be to accept that the party is finished; that it cannot continue to exist with such diverse groups.
  14. This surprised me https://nursingnotes.co.uk/news/politics/two-in-five-healthcare-workers-vote-conservative-in-local-elections/ 42% of nurses voted Conservative
  15. Int fridge, you'll regret it laterif you don't
  16. Jonny Evans missed the match last night with it. Good.
  17. He’s a great lad, but wishful thinking. Top lad.
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