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  1. I dont think Allardyce, or his bank balance, have ever looked back.
  2. https://london-post.co.uk/wigan-athletic-takeover-in-chaos-as-former-charlton-athletic-director-looks-to-gain-control/
  3. I see the Bahrain group is now being spoke about on the Wiggin forum 😄 should get their hopes up for a week or so
  4. Surely the EFL must intervene at this stage
  5. At what point do HMRC issue a winding up petition?
  6. Always a Kenneth doing the dodgy dealings
  7. Wonder when the King of Bahrain will have a sniff
  8. Hopefully someone at the Club stops this theft of their assets. Ps. It looks shit anyway
  9. Smith is a class above but look on the bright side, Australias batting is going to be woeful in 20 years with their young un learning terrible technique
  10. Those names are cringey as fuck.
  11. Spotted Parky this morning going in. Freezing on the top decks with that wind blowing in. Long day watching that twitchy cheat make it look a kids game.
  12. So the experts will have life after the take over thread afterall.
  13. Emergency services have been unable to retrieve Nicky Hunt from up Bassinis arse
  14. Boothy

    Take Over

    Haha been celebrating in Manc sat in taxi home. Fuck em. Born to be a wanderer!
  15. Boothy

    Take Over

    Fuck off. Pro Anderson anti Anderson who gives a fuck. Its behind us. The truth is a spectrum and no one has the holier than thou right because we are all just small town folk tied to our pride and joy and backing what we think was best for our situation at any given point in time.
  16. Boothy

    Take Over

    No more arguing. We are Bolton, we are Bolton!
  17. Boothy

    Take Over

    Who? Been non existent for yonks
  18. Boothy

    Take Over

    Thank fuck for that. Close this thread and boot the wankers off WW. On we go!
  19. Boothy

    Take Over

    I know it's meant to be funny but Jesus Christ that is embarrassing.
  20. Boothy

    Take Over

    Surely that would constitute blackmail?
  21. Boothy

    Take Over

    Means fuck all that pal unless you've got a masters in business analytics and 6 years in industry
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