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  1. Just ask Amir for it back, he's worth a few bob now.
  2. I don't know, you'll have to ask a psychologist...
  3. Boothy


    Buying their Donnay kecks for tonight
  4. Congrats, the match is on Setanta or SopCast dodgy btw.
  5. I had a dream t'other night Citeh won the UEFA cup. We went through the snowy mountains (like on Lord Of Th'rings), passed some psycho-goats (we took photos) to get to the Citeh stadium. Anyway the goats where in the changing rooms, Hulk Hogan was the manager and he called Micah - Michael Jackson. Bolton win 3 - 1, Nolan first goal. Dreams can come true. Oh yeah and i've backed Robots/Bolton, Robots/Draw and Robots/Robots all over 37/1 ?2 a piece + Tottenham/Tottenham put ?14.50 on with my change.
  6. No no, that's Nindhi's on Wigan Road. Open late for Ramadamadan. Well there's a Nando's on Exchange Square aswell if your venturing that way.
  7. Ha, we'll have to wait and see then. E-mail sent.
  8. Tavern on'th'ill? If your in Manchester area try the Exchange Bar & Grill, it's on the far end of Salford Quays nigh the Exchange Square metrolink. Problem is it's far too close to OT for comfort. There's now a Nando's on Middlebrook now I am told...
  9. www.katz.ws , a rapidshare account is recommended (<?5 p/month)
  10. Wouldn't mind Kraftwerk - The Robots being blasted out to welcome the Soviets...
  11. Carrs Pasties or Ye Olde Pasty Shoppe, nowt else matters.
  12. Wholeheartidly thankful for this thread!
  13. Cheers, thats handy they're all standing
  14. Order 6, just hope its a sell out for the fast buck on 4 of said tix.
  15. Why does it feel bad, why does it feel bad?
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