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  1. Megson fooked up our European Tour Our European Tour Our European Tour repeat ad nauseum
  2. What will the approximate cost of a bag of shit be? I have to budget carefully these days. Would there be any chance of getting maybe a few bags of tramp's vomit too?
  3. Good: Munich away, Man Yoo home, Chelsea home, Wigan home, Pompey home, Madrid both legs. Bad: Newcastle away, Pompey away, Derby away, Brum away, derby home, Blackburn away, Aris home, Braga home. Ugly: Lisbon away, Wigan away, Villa away.
  4. I agree with most of that, and I believe that Megson should be able to get us back up. But we then become a yo-yo again until we can find someone who can move us forward again. It is so easy to destroy 8 years hard work and progress as we have found out this season. I can handle pretty much everything that has happened this season, but the things which have really got under my skin is the ripping off of the thousands who travelled to Lisbon and the surrender at Wigan. Those four days have defined the entire season for me.
  5. Us Lancastrians hate Kendal. And Morecambe. And Barrow too. And there's a bit of history with Southport. Anyway, get back on topic before the mods tell us off.
  6. That's unusual for RMI to get snotted this season isn't it? The Giant Axe is where you'll find me on Saturday afternnons now until that Ginger Cretin goes. Except the Sunderland game. I want to see him and Gartside squirm as we pi55 8 years hard work and progress down the toilet.
  7. Just like Megson lacks passion and support for the second most prestigious cometition in european football. The man is a bell end.
  8. Look. Bolton Wanderers has been one of the biggest parts of my life for nearly 30 years. I could cope with losing Franky Worthington. I coped with relegation to Division Two. I then coped with relegation to Division Three. I coped with losing 1-6 at Notts County. I coped with losing 0-7 at QPR. I coped with relegation against Aldershot. I coped with losing 0-4 at Scarborough. I coped with Wembley disappointments against Bristol City and Tranmere. I coped with relegation from the Premier League twice. I coped with losing to Watford at Wembley. I coped with Barry Knight and Ipswich Town. I coped with watching the most pi55 poor boring football I have ever seen at this club for the last 12 months under Allardyce. Then came this season. I coped with losing to the fat judas on the opening day. I coped with Pompey, Brum and Derby away. I coped with losing Anelka. Then I went to Lisbon and this club took the pi55 out of every single supporter of Bolton Wanderers Football Club. Then I went to Wigan in the hope that the reason we threw the UEFA Cup was a correct decision. Then I witnessed total capitulation against 10 men when 2-0 up. Then I witnessed the most spineless, emarrassing fooking performance ever at Villa. And Megson wants me to stick around? Listen Ginger tw@ i'm sick of hearing your pathetic excuses, seeing footballers who were technically very good this time last year turned to shyte by your clueless coaching. You and Gartside are the reason we are not only heading to the Championship, but are biting the hands that feed you. I will not pay money to watch Bolton Wanderers Football Club again until you leave MY club.
  9. I think we'll be relegated after Sunderland at Home. Your views please.
  10. BWFC tradition after the last home match of the season is for the players to do a lap of honour (call it what you will). As long as I can remember, these have been well rewarded, qualifying for Europe twice, survival in the prem, div1 champions, promoted from div 2, even when we were relegated twice from the prem, you could give the lads a round of applause as an at best average team had tried their best all season. This season there should be one after the Sunderland match by rights, but I feel we will be relegated after that match. Will the players come out and applaud the fans after the match? Will there be anyone in the stadium to give a fook? Will fans stay behind to boo and curse the bunch of workshy overpaid primadonnas? Will Gartside and Megson leave the stadium by another exit to avoid the group of fans hungry for their blood? Sure be interesting.
  11. But just think of the new grounds for the season after. Morecambe. Accrington Stanley. Dagenham and Redbridge. Shrewsbury. Brighton. Northampton. Bristol Rovers. Cheltenham. MK Dons. Darlington. Wycombe. Barnet. League One 2009 - 2010 is going to be so much fun.
  12. 18th November 1978 was my first Wanderers match at Burnden v WBA. This year on 18th November will be thirty years following BWFC. But i'm doubting if I will even bother to go for that historic 30th year.
  13. To be fair though, we were both in relegation trouble that game. This time, there's only us. You're spot on though. The passion has gone from everyone, the manager, the players, the board, the supporters. The way I see it, Saturday will start off with passionate fans getting behind the lads, then we'll concede, heads will go down, fans start booing, concede more, chants of sack the board, concede more, booed off at the end. I don't want to put myself through yet another Saturday of misery, so i'm not going.
  14. It doesn't really matter. He won't be here next season, he'll be back at Liverpool or loaned out to another Prem club.
  15. Every game this season home and away except Man Yoo away (lost interest after the shyte at Wigan) and I have now decided i'm not going on Satdee (First home game i'll have missed in 8 years) and i'm not going to Smoggieland, Spurs or Chelsea. I'll do the Sunderland match as we will probably be relegated that game. I have seriously lost all interest in BWFC after Lisbon. I just felt the club treated me with contempt, so i'll do the same.
  16. I said recently we would be a top of the table Championship team. I seriously doubt that now. We could have another relegation battle next season specially if this ginger clown stays.
  17. Megson knows we are all going to turn up. http://www.bwfc.premiumtv.co.uk/page/Gener...1282663,00.html Well it just shows that the useless ginger fcuktard knows fcuk all cos I for one am not going. I'd rather mow the fcuking lawn than watch the same shower of shyte i've watched today. Fcuk em.
  18. Maybe so, but it's depressing for fookwits like me who've just come back from the Villa.
  19. Fcuk me, seeing as it's such a ragging depressing day, you're on form the neet Traf.
  20. Sorry. I thought for a minute then you were actually telling me that it was Gartside and Megson who had handed in a transfer request. Oh well, never mind.
  21. I went to the Freight Rover Northern Final or Sherpa Van or whatever it was called. Didn't get a ticket so I gave the turnstile fella a ten spot to jump over the turnstile.
  22. Put Amir Khan in the ring with Megson, now there's something i'd pay a lot of money to watch.
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