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  1. I was over going out at HT but felt gutted at FT. Don't think we played too badly. Both their goals against the run of play in my opinion and I wouldn't mind seeing our first disallowed goal back. Go again at Cambridge next week. Just hope Charlton get dumped out before the 4th round.
  2. We got lucky. Definitely needs looking at though. Not fair that those who put the miles in week in week out are thrown in a lottery.
  3. tshape

    Oxford H

    Can't stand stuff like that. Good on whoever brought it up to get him fucked off. Dinosaur.
  4. tshape

    Oxford H

    I expected a change at HT but not that. He's got to bring Morley on for MJ if Dapo for Iredale is a straight swap. Fucking mad change without. What could he possibly have asked of Dapo?
  5. Mint win. I couldn't stand up straight and had to be helped out of the ground. Embarrassing but worth two solid days drinking. COYWM
  6. Remember Henry pointing to the gold premier League winners badge on his sleeve after getting some stick in front of esl. Definitely didn't like it at the Reebok.
  7. Crap that. Proper fucking crap.
  8. Either slippers or Vaz Te's boots. Which could well have been slippers
  9. Feels like a massive win. Love winning games like that. Them fuckers deserved our winner to be a deflected goal. Horrible team. COYWM
  10. tshape

    MK Dons Away

    Pressing definitely upped from half time last night, at times in the first half I felt like we actually couldn't believe how shite Mk dons were.
  11. Wonder if Colls will be off too?
  12. They were live from Doncaster races this morning. Deffo drunk writing them tweets. Muppet.
  13. Young George had a very good game in midfield. Love how he passes the ball with purpose and always shows for it. Fancied us today and well pleased with that. Big win in what was a big game for us.
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