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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Not a classic but through to the next round so that'll do me. Liked the look of Pettifer when he came on.
  2. tshape

    Gary Speed

    Spot on. Mad watching him on there and looking at his eyes and wondering if he knew at that moment what he was going to do when he got home.
  3. tshape

    Gary Speed

    Moving piece on Football Focus then.
  4. Out. Hopefully be in Spain.
  5. In plus 4 on the terrace
  6. The only positive thing about the entire event actually. Fucking crap that. I'm positive about us usually but tonight has made me dread Saturday and anything that might come after it. That was a cup game though and we won our last league game so I'll stay positive.
  7. The cheese and onion pie I had was quality. Good cookery as Marcus Wareing might say.
  8. Oh I know that was class.
  9. I love Ivan Campo, always have and always will BUT... I shit it when he clattered Dapo int second half.
  10. Really enjoyed that. Ref was shit.
  11. In + @Ratwhitebooked on k&f either back or there and back. We travel in style
  12. Got tickets today. Couldn't even get a ticket in il3 where my st is. Loads left int west stand though. Can't wait to see Campo again. I love the man.
  13. Mad aren't they. Some lads next to us who I've never seen before were at it too. Constantly slating players and screaming abuse after ever sideways or backward pass. Yes we weren't great today but some people just leave you shaking your head
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