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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Unless he's just snapped just as the lad stops goading him. Fuck knows. Just don't get why you'd get in his face after your own team has made an incredible comeback to stay up though really.
  2. Just seen a clip of it. The lad in his face could have said anything as he turned away. Obviously the last words that have caused Vieira to swing around.
  3. Only going to get worse the pitch invading stuff. All it takes away fans getting on the pitch too and it's total carnage on national tele.
  4. Yeah loads went on after they beat Bradford. Just had to check it myself in YouTube
  5. Yeah he's sound. Worked where I used to drink and seen him at gigs and matches all over. I don't follow Scottish football at all for what it's worth, it reminds me of Sundays. *I'd typed Loyal by the way, my phone must have corrected it to Royal.
  6. Yeah him above Royal is from Leigh
  7. He's a dickhead n'all
  8. What an absolute dickhead.
  9. Even 2 million doesn't seem quite enough to me. 3-4 I'd say. Might sound mad but that feels about right.
  10. Sorted mine weeks ago. ESL in line with the edge of the box.
  11. They invaded the pitch at a beamback
  12. Couldn't bring myself to clap after their antics at their place.
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