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  1. tshape


    Turned it off when he stopped talking about us l. Don't think he comes across too badly at all really. Nor was what happened that shocking.
  2. tshape

    The Final

    Just put me off one of my 4 stolen cheese strings that
  3. tshape

    The Final

    Lovely guy might be a stretch. I lost respect for him as a bloke when I saw that video. I reckon he's a bit of a tit to be honest. Rest of your post is bang on though.
  4. tshape

    The Final

    Fuck knows what next season looks like from here. Not sure how this lot can get up and go again after that. Couldn't care less if that sounds dramatic. We were complete liquid dogshit.
  5. tshape

    The Final

    Unforgivable showing that. Saved our worst til last. Can't quite believe it. Not been that close to crying since I trapped my finger in a door 3 months ago.
  6. tshape

    The Final

    Just met my dad and brother in wetherspoons Baker St. Official coach was relatively painless. Coywm
  7. tshape

    The Final

    Just dropped his pint
  8. tshape

    The Final

    Just booked on K&F coaches. Worked out best for everyone I'm going with. Not used the official travel in years but if it gets us there and back then that's all that matters.
  9. tshape

    The Final

    Got 6 on row 37 block 112 and 4 on the row behind. Happy with that.
  10. Unnecessarily tense last 20 but that's gone now thank fuck. Best part of two weeks to prepare for whoever gets through tomoz. The noise in injury time was fantastic. COYWM
  11. Jim Bob gig last night was mint. Made my mind up to go after missing out on a ticket for the match. Watched first half hour on my phone in Big Hands. Top night.
  12. No chance he's doing that
  13. That's one of the saddest things I've ever seen.
  14. Jim Bob at Club Academy on 3rd May ( if we finish 4th) Adam Hopper and The Wimps at Low Four Studios on the 10th May, Cardinals on the 11th. Bug Club play in Clitheroe on 17th May so might go to that yet too.
  15. Saw two excellent bands at The Snug in Atherton last night. Triip and Flat Moon. One of the best venues around and the sound is unrivalled.
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