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  1. Enjoyed that. Looked sharp and hungry first half. Can't wait for next week.
  2. Last time we walked up Red Screes from Ambleside we didn't see another person. Had the summit to ourselves. Might have got lucky there though. Had a meal at The Old Stamp House in October. Excellent food and drink. It's got a Michelin star and it can get pricey.
  3. Went watching The Father last night. Brilliant. Very moving.
  4. Same here. On The Park and on West Holts. Mint
  5. Headlining Playground festival in Glasgow in September too. Got a day ticket last week. 65 quid. James, Glasvegas, Hot Chip playing the same day. Oh and an Irvine Welsh DJ set
  6. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis at Bridgewater Hall in the bag
  7. Carling, Carling, Carling, Carling, Fruity Carling or Worthington's but you have to drink that upstairs.
  8. No sign of my digital one yet but I'm only bothered about the proper one anyway
  9. Good weather, good drink and a good night. Played some neat stuff, Colls put a great shift in. Remember reading that Gordon looked class last pre season.... Was gna try to say hello to Sharon after the game put she was getting mobbed so sacked it. Great to see her there though.
  10. Colls, fcum, Blackburn. Probably.
  11. tshape


    VAR never even came close to crossing my mind when the goals went in yesterday.
  12. Nowt better than when you say, "fucking hell he's shitting himself, no chance this is going in - look at his face!"... Then they slot it in cool as fuck.
  13. Bogdan, Clough, woolery, Craig Davies. Sure there are more too.
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