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  1. Either slippers or Vaz Te's boots. Which could well have been slippers
  2. Feels like a massive win. Love winning games like that. Them fuckers deserved our winner to be a deflected goal. Horrible team. COYWM
  3. tshape

    MK Dons Away

    Pressing definitely upped from half time last night, at times in the first half I felt like we actually couldn't believe how shite Mk dons were.
  4. Wonder if Colls will be off too?
  5. They were live from Doncaster races this morning. Deffo drunk writing them tweets. Muppet.
  6. Young George had a very good game in midfield. Love how he passes the ball with purpose and always shows for it. Fancied us today and well pleased with that. Big win in what was a big game for us.
  7. I'd give that front 3 a go too but as you say depends on Bods fitness. You're right about Dapo slowing us down at times too. It was very evident against Villa when I thought he tried too hard to make something happen for himself rather than keep it simple.
  8. Can't argue with that
  9. Just said this to mates. After our end to last season we were all thinking Jesus, who starts up top next time around?! Now Bod can't seem to get fit, Baka looks to have lost it, Dapo hasn't found form yet and Charles has been injured.
  10. That's what I thought when I saw the team.
  11. Agree about the ref 2nd half. Can't help but think he'd have managed to find a foul in the build up to our goal of that had happened in the second.
  12. Shite. Didn't turn up. Too many had an off day. One of them and move on.
  13. As we Float towards promotion
  14. Yeah. Gna be a challenge checking the score in the pit.
  15. Missing this due to a gig I've had tickets for for 2 years. We'll win 2-0.
  16. tshape

    Port Vale Away

    He was pathetic him. Banging on about how dangerous and prolific we are from set pieces!
  17. tshape

    Port Vale Away

    Evatt sent off in the tunnel
  18. Enjoyed that. A few great goals and good to see a couple of young lads get on. Missed the red card though as my mate wanted to get off. What happened?
  19. tshape

    MJ Williams

    He was class yesterday.
  20. I despise Parker. Not even 100% sure why but I'm sure he got in Luca Connell's face once so it might be that. Looked like sumert out of Coldplay yesterday. *Can't have been Connell coz he was too young. It was somebody though.
  21. tshape

    PA / Tannoy

    Way they've done things around the ground this summer I reckon it'll be sorted for Sheff Wednesday at home, Tuesday might be too soon
  22. tshape

    Fan Zone

    Nipped in but didn't bother trying to get my pint after seeing the queues. Looks decent in there though and I'll use it in the future. Lad in front of us at match said he'd spoken to somebody official and that it'll be fully covered at some point.
  23. tshape

    Wycombe (H)

    What a fantastic afternoon in the sun. The energy from start to finish was incredible. Makings of a SERIOUS force this season.
  24. tshape

    Wycombe (H)

    Had a look at getting my dad a ticket near us earlier in IL3. Can't even click on the blocks in esl apart from right in the other corner.
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