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  1. I'm not that desperate to be honest
  2. Everton away please. Somehow never been to Goodison.
  3. Enjoyed that today. Chuffed to bits for Nlundulu although I couldn't quite work out what happened for his first goal from where I was sat!
  4. One of my favourite albums. Went to the Louvre last year and was far more interested in seeing The Raft of the Medusa than Mona Lisa.
  5. Paris tomorrow for Pregoblin, Lias Sauodi and Pete Doherty.
  6. My cousin was playing for Port Vale when they beat us 6-3 in COVID times. Remember him saying he looks a bit mad but he's got something about him. I agreed. He's got better and better since.
  7. What an afternoon. Doesn't get much better than that.
  8. Mary Wallopers last Saturday at Academy 2 waa a great gig. Going seeing them at Barrowlands in December too. BC Camplight tonight at Albert Hall then Ivan Campo at The Snug down Athy tomoz.
  9. Batmobile and that Ghostbusters car
  10. Louis Theroux with Pete Doherty last night was a really good watch. I would say that though because I like them both a lot.
  11. Had some dickheads sat around us. They were about 16/17 and I probably should just be able to put up with it by now but I just can't understand how they can't see that they're doing people's fucking heads in. Shouting shite repeatedly for 20 minutes solid and their mates giggle at their every utterance. It's always cup games with small crowds.
  12. Playing Bearded Theory next year so I'll be having a listen. Wasn't initially mad on the first announcement but the more I look at it the better it seems to get and not even started listening to the acts I've never heard of yet
  13. Think Honeyglaze are on SW too. Or were. Saw them at The Snug in Atherton a while ago. Very good.
  14. Not had any of the compilations but like a good few bands who have been involved with it. Went to see Warmduscher the other week and Dan Carey was in a band called Miss Tiny who were one of the supports and they were really good. Lounge Society played too.
  15. Bug Club at BOTW for us. Shitter that Squid is same night
  16. Got two tickets for Squid at New Century if anybody wants em? £35 for the pair.
  17. Looked soft at first but seeing it back it was just stupid
  18. Top performance from the first whistle. The Wigan hangover is gone for me.
  19. Beyond dreadful. My cat eating biscuits is more poetic. Them and Kasabian are two of the dullest bands on earth
  20. No worries. Bought them months ago only to see The Cribs and a weekend in London. Derby at home, train strike and trying to save money anyway has made me sack it.
  21. Anyone in London on Saturday I've got two tickets for Tiff Cuff Festival at Roundhouse if anybody wants them?
  22. Same. Just come back from a run with Bolton shorts on though and feel like a prick
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