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  1. Thinking of going to Sunderland on Boxing Day. What’s the transport options, never thought about going before.
  2. Couldn’t agree more. Bloody brilliant.
  3. Fuck me Joker was good. Immediately gave it a 10. Gripped throughout.
  4. The Mash Report is the biggest pile of shite ever commissioned. Smug and unfunny.
  5. The blonde kept my interest when they ran out of ideas
  6. clown

    Euro 2020

    Had tickets for a Wembley group, a Wembley last 16 and a Glasgow last 16 but didn’t bother with them. Got it the final though, which cost a fortune but fuck it.
  7. clown


    They are playing 90 minutes football not going over the top. Need to take a little emotion out of it. There’s not a safety issue here IMO, there are lads that are for as fleas. Bit of a pain getting dry bummed every game, but there we are.
  8. clown

    BN Photos

    Ha ha Luton airport ooo eee ooo
  9. clown

    BN Photos

    I’m on 17 with Smiffs, love it
  10. clown

    Take Over

    Top and bottom is that the football is shit under Parky. Can we not just move on and choose to employ one of the other billion people that would do the job. It migh work out, it might not. Are we not allowed just one go at being remotely entertained? Otherwise I really cannot be arsed.
  11. Devastating news. RIP Tony
  12. All three for me. Minibus down there got in after 30 mins. Think we missed a goal.
  13. Fleabag is utterly brilliant. Very funny and moving too.
  14. No food in hospitality. Cash only at bars.
  15. Lion on Netflix, enjoyed it immensely. Good story, captivating stuff.
  16. Mitchell and Brown TV’s doing the business for me, had a few now and all spot on. Supporting local.
  17. clown

    Take Over

    Absolutely, but lack of funding wouldn't be an issue. What would be an issue would be creditors leaping up which meant the sums didn't add up. Add in Ken's foibles and history and it's not worth the hassle I would expect. Which is different from not having the funds.
  18. clown

    Take Over

    Basran manages a huge fund/funds specialising in tech, this was play money. Availability of cash wasn't likely to be the issue. Rather like your pension being made up of blue chip and then throwing some penny stocks in for a gamble that's what BWFC was to them. Bottom line is they most likely can't be arsed with Ken and the whole shooting match. And if that was messy, managing a club in administration is certainly not going to be of interest. Also they possibly found some creditors were open to swapping debt for equity or taking less than 100p in the £1 and others said bollocks which gave them
  19. A brilliant first show of the new series. Wags and Chaka Khan just splendid.
  20. There was someone done for being lewd who had my name and who works nearby. He also had a private reg. "Local sex pest businessman" was the headline in the town rag. Thankfully I don't work in Bolton.
  21. Billions back tonight, or Sky Atlantic on Wed. Hope it gets back to its best, hit a flat spot in S3 Some great characters.
  22. I’ve reached the really can’t be arsed with the whole shooting match stage. What a farce our club is now. Defended it to the hilt but got far more important things to do that give two shits about Ken, his idiot son and the Bolton News. Would rather just be in admin, see Ken fuck off and see what happens. Better than this shitshow.
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