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  1. Iamin with SJM Jnr. not decided transport yet.
  2. Excellent. Drinking to celebrate, see you all at Shrewsbury
  3. Good luck Doyler, just read that letter too. did what we needed last year and think it’s the right time for all for this move. Do wish things had gone better for him this season.
  4. Who’s Mark Brannigan? 😀(40secs) @Casino Patterson?
  5. It’s mad. short corner chasing the game, mi d you even getting it in the box we over hit or don’t beat the first man. It’s frustrating. we also lack urgency.
  6. Why are we so poor from set plays
  7. That’s absolutely horrible.
  8. Good luck to Doyle. Gutted it’s not been for him this season, agree with the earlier sentiments regarding how he’s been after Sarce left. Always grafted and last season was superb. Trust the gaffer on this and sure he must have the replacements lined up.
  9. No fight again. We are lacking someone who gets us going and takes a game by the scruff of the neck. Very frustrating. love Evatt, but he needs to be careful at minute, we’re still very much on side. But was a good day out, so good to see a lot of folk. Hope it’s a fixture next season. god bless you lot in the terrace.
  10. Genuinely amazed at how bad we’ve looked, thought we sort of got over this sort of performance.
  11. Well certainly wasn’t expecting this at all. very poor.
  12. East Lancs Railway from Heywood for me! Hadn’t thought of that one, I was thinking Mrs SJM dropping me and the lad off.
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