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  1. He’s going about it the wrong way. completely indefensible if true. What a state.
  2. The typical criticism of most English football fans. It’s a load of bollocks. If the rest of our carthorses were even slightly on his wavelength he’d be absolutely fine. Unfortunately, they’re not.
  3. KP

    England V

    We’ve managed to book flexible/changeable flights so we can make the decision to come home early if the semi result doesn’t go our way. Will probably end up staying there if we win or make a little trip to St Petersburg if we lose. I’d imagine a final ticket will be borderline impossible to get hold of.
  4. Book your accom on Hostelworld now and you only have to put down a couple of quid as a deposit. All you need is a Fan ID to use as your visa into the country - to get that you need a ticket reference number (It doesn’t have to be your own). I’ve already got a fan ID so I’d probably be all over it. Not that I’m getting carried away like...
  5. I can’t remember Reading so Sunday comfortably takes it for me. I believe we were 100/1 to win it with 5 minutes left. I probably had us about 1000/1 given our recent scoring record. It felt like so much more than just safety, but a platform to stabalise a bit after a shite few years. Onwards and Upwards.
  6. My greatest moment supporting this club. He proved me wrong.
  7. He must be taking the piss Parky. He’s on a wind up. It’s the only explanation I’ve got. Prove me wrong.
  8. Avoided every question and kept repeating the same scripted shite. Sidestepped questions about others being involved and whether this was the first time they’d done it. It wasn’t just the 3 of them and it isn’t the first time, but we all knew that anyway.
  9. Nailed on handball. Fuck um.
  10. Completely missed their goal, still looking at Wheater's leg to see if it was flopping about. Looked a grim tackle from my view.
  11. Usually not far off and very similar to last years exit polls. I'm not convinced they're spot on given those first two results.
  12. Was watching an interview with a former extremist a couple of days ago, a reformed one. He said these people genuinely believe that killing non believers will grant them internal paradise. IS propaganda says exactly the same. Fucking mentalists. When they're blowing up mosques, did they have an issue with the foreign policy of their fellow muslims? Did they fuck, they blew them up because their non extremist views make them non believers in their eyes. We are everything they hate because we're also non believers. That's why they're targeting our innocent children.
  13. ITV news very much reporting that this is a British problem. A quote from a Libyan in Cheetham Hill asked why a young person like him would blow himself up and put it down to us failing him and having nothing to live for. Those two homeless men who ran towards the explosion to help the seriously injured innocent children could probably claim that we've failed them too. It's utter bullshit that they cannot report the clear issue that we have.
  14. KP

    That Feeling....

    Still Southend for me. It'll take some beating. Must add Hull, Liverpool and Reading all before my time, so it's still up there.
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