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  1. He’s going about it the wrong way. completely indefensible if true. What a state.
  2. The typical criticism of most English football fans. It’s a load of bollocks. If the rest of our carthorses were even slightly on his wavelength he’d be absolutely fine. Unfortunately, they’re not.
  3. KP

    England V

    We’ve managed to book flexible/changeable flights so we can make the decision to come home early if the semi result doesn’t go our way. Will probably end up staying there if we win or make a little trip to St Petersburg if we lose. I’d imagine a final ticket will be borderline impossible to get hold of.
  4. Book your accom on Hostelworld now and you only have to put down a couple of quid as a deposit. All you need is a Fan ID to use as your visa into the country - to get that you need a ticket reference number (It doesn’t have to be your own). I’ve already got a fan ID so I’d probably be all over it. Not that I’m getting carried away like...
  5. I can’t remember Reading so Sunday comfortably takes it for me. I believe we were 100/1 to win it with 5 minutes left. I probably had us about 1000/1 given our recent scoring record. It felt like so much more than just safety, but a platform to stabalise a bit after a shite few years. Onwards and Upwards.
  6. My greatest moment supporting this club. He proved me wrong.
  7. He must be taking the piss Parky. He’s on a wind up. It’s the only explanation I’ve got. Prove me wrong.
  8. Avoided every question and kept repeating the same scripted shite. Sidestepped questions about others being involved and whether this was the first time they’d done it. It wasn’t just the 3 of them and it isn’t the first time, but we all knew that anyway.
  9. Nailed on handball. Fuck um.
  10. Completely missed their goal, still looking at Wheater's leg to see if it was flopping about. Looked a grim tackle from my view.
  11. KP

    That Feeling....

    Still Southend for me. It'll take some beating. Must add Hull, Liverpool and Reading all before my time, so it's still up there.
  12. Got 3 spare available. On the rattler now but can meet near the ground.
  13. I reckon if we'd have started the last 2 games with the teams we ended the games with, we'd be all but up. Still can't get my head around 3 spoiling midfielders against the shite we were up against in Oldham and Bury. Anyway, win and we're all but up regardless, positive and all that.
  14. A lot of that is due to Vela dropping deeper, he's got much more influence on the game by dropping deeper and wanting the ball. There's no point having a number 10 if he's watching it go back and forth over his head.
  15. Based on our last 3 performances, the only time we resembled anything like a football team was when Henry was on the pitch. We resort to hoof ball because 2 of our 3 central midfielders rarely sue for the ball. Our reliance on moving the ball out to Morais has become quite predictable and easy to defend against, although his delivery is still more often than not fantastic.
  16. Henry was the only footballer on the pitch.
  17. If you didn't laugh at that first half you'd cry. That 5-10 mins of aimless hoofing was an absolute joke.
  18. He had a bit of a thankless task on Tuesday night, because that's exactly what we did. For what it's worth I thought he did ok. I'm in the yet to be convinced camp, but he has shown glimpses of knowing where the onion bag is.
  19. The thing that really stood out last night for me was how we coped with the way Phil Brown had set them up. It was clear from the start they were going to try and kick us, bully us and make it a difficult night. This team under Parky doesn't stand for any of that shit and we went toe to toe with them. Game changed massively when Madine went off but we dug in right until the final whistle.
  20. No words for that pandemonium
  21. In need of one reference number for this if one is going unused.
  22. Now got 2 tickets spare, PM for details Sold.
  23. Looking for a couple if anyone has any spares for this.
  24. We did at at the Reebok for the 1-0 Nolan win at Old Trafford.
  25. That number 23 was head and shoulders above anyone on that pitch. No idea who he is.
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