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  1. Streets ahead of Huddersfield these two
  2. It’s a big ask for city to drop points at home Right choice imo just a shame the Mancs winning league
  3. Looks like Liverpool have given up on the league with that line up
  4. Aids capital in the early 90s Edinburgh
  5. Coyle every time that weasel is mentioned it makes by blood pressure go up
  6. Another FC United would do🍺🍺
  7. Need to turn my volume up then the atmosphere doesn’t seem to generate at that ground
  8. Always knew we’d get a tune out of him
  9. Rhodes what a boring dull set Huddersfield are well it comes across like that on sky no smoke bombs wtf
  10. Didn’t arnar come out after he left us?
  11. Can’t believe how much talk of the pub league is going down on here
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