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  1. I don’t think it will be a massive scramble like some think not for one minute do I think it will be on tv but last years 3rd round ranged from Saturday 12.30 to 8pm kick offs plus a load on Sunday
  2. Arsenal v Liverpool is nailed on
  3. Good watch this Ronnie finding his stride again
  4. Don’t think trains are stopping at Stockport that weekend bus replacement or something
  5. I’m going for a sunday 2pm, seems to be a few of them in each round
  6. Probably similar to Portsmouth last season this will end up around 500
  7. Reading looked more likely to win it then…..
  8. Wait now for tv announcement i reckon it will be a Sunday game
  9. Looking at this draw I doubt ours will be a tv pick
  10. Great draw get more tickets in cup Dave
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