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  1. Personally Dempsey is miles ahead of Morley (that’s one player who’s gone backwards) what I will say for IE even though some signings are questionable he’s found some good loans over the years
  2. In recent months managers from Derby, Portsmouth, Shrewsbury & Oxford have come out and identified the way to stop us, no coincidence they all said the same Sadly he won’t change
  3. Dempsey has a big part to play for me and should’ve started Saturday agree on santos & jones
  4. Brum, Rotherham & Huddersfield will be strong (unlike last years relegated sides they haven’t any off field issues I think!) then add likes of Barnsley, Peterborough, Charlton & Blackpool it becomes a tough league Always the possibility Wrexham could throw even more cash about He’s messed up
  5. Swiping on my Apple Pay purchases hasn’t helped either! folk spent good money on a no show
  6. Lads old team manager used to give them an envelope at awards evening either see you for pre season or thanks but no thanks ruthless
  7. Very lively but didn’t feel right😀 Bet they was thinking what are these old fuckers doing in here
  8. Look out for Rudy all city’s back room staff getting honoured
  9. Same block we was in is £82 for an adult for next weeks championship final
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