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  1. Frustrating at times but you have to grind these kind of wins out big game next week but pressure on them
  2. All for women pundits who can bring something to the table but this one on the Everton game is so wooden and boring
  3. Hardly seen this dan to make a call but the Burton lad made a very good impression in his half hour or so
  4. I mentioned this about santos its all in the plan
  5. Happens loads lads who have season tickets get mates who ain’t assigned to junior CR
  6. Hopefully folk buying £35 kids season tickets and assigning them on away days are done
  7. Keep saying it but definitely upper tier next
  8. 9am depart and town centre drop on way back, yeah it would make your day an early start
  9. City need to make a call at some point
  10. Good news on a loyalty scheme which hopefully does away with that 10am sale time
  11. Jumped on welly coach much cheaper
  12. City lad needs to hit the ground running
  13. Doubt he will get work at a premier league club
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