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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. Exactly Poor goalkeeper probably now playing at his level
  2. In what way treated shabbily?
  3. Maybe the same one as Crellin he ended up at Everton
  4. Nah mate they just ain’t the elite as much as they think kings of England you best check records out
  5. Mate these boys are in the Leeds, villa , West Ham , everton cat that’s it, the next level is United Liverpool arsenal and way off btw city boycotted at Bolton over prices big clubs don’t do that
  6. City fans are cunts mate short memories on here visiting Maine road, claim to be big club😀 not fit to lace the boots of United Liverpool & Arsenal
  7. Easy excuse but we only hate Man Utd don’t we?
  8. Far from but listening to the shit on here is unreal any of you lot come around radders whitefield you will understand the city hate
  9. 😀😀 mate it makes me laugh half the clowns on here haven’t seen play at OT give it all the Utd hate but never see seen when we took fook all
  10. It’s amazing all these Utd haters was you there midweek away when we took 800? I very doubt it
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