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  1. Might come and terrorise you next season bury boy
  2. Perhaps the GMP are leaning on the club sort your shit out or you’ll get bubble games/reduced allocations
  3. Initial 3k sold apparently
  4. Only the oldies before our time mate
  5. Why not will get there quicker than a home game
  6. Seen that on Facebook trouble through the game and Derby getting legged after
  7. https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2021/october/wanderers-launch-official-membership/
  8. Quality that was expecting 500
  9. It’s not like the prem/championship days when the place was packed with away fans visiting fans know the score and probably drink in Manc with Scott’s gone and how popular the hotel is we something else
  10. Correct total waste of time unless sheff weds & Sunderland are in town it’s becoming hard work getting a beer around the ground so yes home pub
  11. That’s grey bottom 2nd right
  12. 😀what a bell end just thinking then someone like casino will post something
  13. If we could loan him fantastic! I don’t think many clubs will be sniffing though😀
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