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  1. Sold out last time only be a small allocation
  2. Jesus if we can’t get play offs this season then there’s a big problem
  3. Bet jason tindall is a smooth fucker with the women
  4. Sheffield United fans are pricks good viewing
  5. Promotion was mentioned by the owners they obviously have a clear target possibly unneeded pressure yes filling the gaps of traf & Bradley was always going to be hard though I must say I’m impressed with cogley
  6. My personal opinion that some of his signings have been poor and made no difference so far, expectations are of automatic promotion I can’t see any improvement as yet
  7. Impossible to answer nobody knows who’s available etc & what our budget is
  8. Correct, another example of IE poor recruitment in the past few windows
  9. Sure someone mentioned 2/3 weeks
  10. Agree it’s poor which makes it more worrying yes a game less but already 5 off Portsmouth
  11. Thought that myself go out in style if you’re doing that
  12. Yeah that’s the one should be hitting the target
  13. It was early ish dragged his shot wide so much to aim at
  14. Likewise mate think I chewed your ear🍺😀, see you again soon
  15. I’m struggling why folk don’t think it was a red
  16. GT shouldn’t be in the staring team evatt likes him so that’s the main thing, he will be suspended soon
  17. Course we have a problem And our manager gets a yellow too
  18. Surely not IE falling out with another player
  19. JDB starts for me yes vic scored but he’s poor hold up play chasing etc should’ve buried early doors
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