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  1. Indeed. A replacement for Lee then perhaps.
  2. Me neither. Fair play to him though- we'll see who else comes in and see if it helps him.
  3. Attacking midfielder? Sheehan possibly going to Exeter then, or a replacement for Lee?
  4. There are a number of very hopeful posts here! Reminiscent of when we were in the shit- and that dragged on for months. Forget about them until such time as there is anything proper happening. Might stop any undue disappointment, and a little bonus later on.
  5. Both ITV and BBC make some good mini series and we enjoy them. Apart from news items on the beeb I barely watch either channel live. Probably reflects many folk who utilise the apps.
  6. Sunday apparently. A low pressure zone arriving from the south. Very warm but some showers.
  7. Reached 50⁰C in the polytunnel today! 27 outside by the weekend. Get some water butts filled as the hoses will be getting a ban fairly soon at this rate.
  8. Whether you like the two blokes or not, they are very "relevant". Long been suggestions that Holmes was shafted by ITV and now that Schofield has admitted his lies, and more people are coming out and acknowledging ITV set up as being dodgy, it adds credence to Homles' story. Add to that Schofield's "prince Andrew" interview, and it's clear that heads may well roll in addition to major changes there. When the select committee get to grill the top lady something is definitely afoot, as on the face of it, it doesn't suggest politicians need to be involved.
  9. Some will always prefer cricket or golf etc to football. Since the dark days of the 80s empty terraces, the current attendances are superb. Since covid I've not enjoyed the games as much, as it seems some of the 80s behaviours have crept back, but numbers are still strong. Something is working.
  10. I think you make great points. The money thing is nothing new- just bigger now. If big investors from wherever want to have a dabble- they'll buy a club. Main point is to run the club in a responsible fashion, and not put it in a precarious position if it goes tits up. Perfectly happy for fv to do their thing and I'd be made up if they could get us into the top division and having a crack at cups. However, even then, some will find being "average" boring and enthusiasm could wain a bit. Owners will be aware of the pros and cons and have intimated they will step aside when the time is right. I think ffp has good aims at stopping the abuse of clubs via irresponsible spending, but it isn't as effective as it should be.
  11. Condolensces. Another thread on here may be useful should things get tough. Good luck.
  12. Listening to an interviewee the other day: when asked "where does Schofield go from here", he replied "he'll just have to take it on the chin.." Then the realisation and slight grin appeared! 😁
  13. Can't agree there mate. Would love to be the top dog. Might not last forever, but so what. Better to have loved and lost, and all that.
  14. Which place put the numbers and letters on?
  15. Woman, man or non-binary? Surely he'll plump for a full house?
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