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  1. Fog. Shit pilot. Poorly maintained equipment. Readily replaced by another loon.
  2. Not sure it's a case of being nice is it? Can't make anyone under contract leave, can only tell them they're not in his plans, and let them go if someone comes in.
  3. Eleven quid for slime on toast? Christ.
  4. We don't know the situation, road layout etc. Sometimes, as in on match days or events where there a lots of people, the pavements can't cope and folk spill into the road. They may have been acting the cunt, but then again they might not, just don't know. Either way, she could have leaned out of the window and just asked. Two wrongs and all that.
  5. Nah, not for me. Sheehan is fine when he has time and teammates work for him, pressing and moving. Sometimes though, your best players will have to do it themselves when the going gets tough. Tomo's game has helped him achieve this, but teams have worked out a plan, and in the biggest games he's not effective. Not on his own of course. Unfortunately, as gifted as he is, he disappears when it gets physical. Not "his fault" as such, I just think this is the level he will remain at.
  6. Second one aye. First one could have shown some manners initially.
  7. Hmm, he's at his peak and isn't going to get any better. Do we look to cash in, and adjust our style slightly, or hope he can become more effective against the physical sides.
  8. Could be the case, or we could do it next season. We simply don't know, irrespective of opinions of the management. Both those teams you mentioned have gone up, even if it took a while. One thing I would say, is that irrespective of club size, finance etc, no-one has the right to be promoted. It still has to be earned, and belittling small clubs etc only inspires them. I just hope the players realise that.
  9. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/24330339.bolton-wanderers-boss-future-oxford-united-defeat/ Decisions need to be made quickly. Take a couple of weeks, then make a decision. Whoever is going to be our manager needs time to get to know the players and sort out incoming and outgoings.
  10. LW wasn't. He was categoric about muppets coming on the pitch.
  11. Whether folk believe it should have happened or not, the pitch invasion isn't responsible for yesterday's performance.
  12. Some performances in the latter stages have reflected ours. Maybe the players are glad he's going.
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