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  1. The poor drug testing would have applied to the gender tests too though wouldn't it? Entire iron curtain was suspicious at that time. As for Ratcliffe- give over.
  2. Seeing it on the highlights, it had echoes of Billy Monger's accident, thankfully without the same outcome.
  3. I agree. A danger it starts making a mockery of some events. Not sure how old you are, but the name of Kratochvilova competing all those years ago may have bene a portent.
  4. Dear me. Is this for real? Fwiw, the vaccines work pretty well against them, and perhaps better than the scientists thought they might. Still, that's all Johnson's fault of course. End the contract with Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna immediately and save a few quid.
  5. This is correct. It wasn't a goal kick, but an adjustment to the rules had led to the opportunity to moan like a bitch for shearer. Ref wasn't looking and the striker had deliberately blocked him from trying to kick the thing, then he moaned and got his free kick.
  6. That in a nutshell sums up the issue. If folk don't agree, then they're racist. It's bollocks. A far more nuanced situation, as well you know.
  7. It's a very controversial issue; can't blame the individuals concerned if they're allowed in, but there are a lot of athletes and notaries that don't agree with it, and I'm inclined to agree. Certainly a "cockoffeny" within sport.
  8. Kinell, not seem the latest section of this thread, but the concept of 40 jabs by the time you're 18 seems remarkable. A flu ridden pin cushion.
  9. Would those testing figures be in part because of the effect of the pandemic? Anyway, talking of testosterone, the New Zealand 'woman' in the weightlifting had more armpit hair than I have on my head. Thankfully she was pretty shite, and the medals were won by women, albeit ugly ones.
  10. I agree entirely. He will also be a marked man, and we saw last season he is able to feed runners, which I'm confident we will see more of as IE demands more goals from his wide men.
  11. Listening to his radio messages he wasn't complaining that Alonso wouldn't let him through, but that he felt he was coming across. Whether that complaint was justified, I don't know, the radio commentators said it was on the limits- which his overtaking manoeuvre on MV last week was too- so there wasn't much point in his moan unless the stewards agreed.
  12. Yep. Very different societies. Perfectly illustrated by people ignoring instructions to isolate, not using app, refusing vaccine etc.
  13. One way to temper it- don't go on it. The companies thrive on numbers, and within that famous folk at the mercy of their sponsors. Though on the other hand I'm sure they appreciate the income from their sponsors. If it is so damaging, kick it into touch. It really isn't difficult.
  14. It's hard to make a judgement on any specific case, as they're all different. However, for me there's too much of it currently: despite the difficulties we know about through covid etc, some of it frankly seems people using 'mental health' as something to use to when it's normal sporting pressures which the best ones manage better and have done since sports began. Listening to the comments about Mings it doesn't sit well: he will have had to overcome challenges about his ability all his career- from being a kid etc. Continually having to work to better himself and prove his worth. It see
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