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  1. Maybe, but you'd have thought they'd have signed him on again by now, unless.hes hedging his bets, plus we're much more massive!
  2. In all honesty, I'd never heard of the place until now- didn't know Spain had such an enclave. Yet they want Gibraltar back!
  3. Listening to the report from Newport, the lass was waxing lyrical about Josh Sheehan. What did folk think from games against us? I did a bit of research, and he's out of contract in June, and found this: Good age- worth a punt?
  4. Goldie looking chain massive? Good goal apparently.
  5. Did you read the article Miami put up? Genuine question; assuming it's true, then it really makes the situation far more complex than just one sided land grabbing. Then chuck in the actual land grabbing and things get worse. Watched an article a while back about a farmer who's family had had the farm for some time. Comes home to find a notice of eviction posted on his property- nothing prior to it, and a matter of days to get out. Totally twatty and no wonder the circle continues.
  6. Horwich folk will use flood water won't they- be plenty of engine oil mixed I with it.
  7. They don't. However my initial post was reference to Britain's efforts in the war rescuing the oppressed. You chose to expand it beyond that. If however, you go back far enough, then it very much belongs to the Jews doesn't it?
  8. Folk have had employment difficulties for time immemorial, whatever the reason- recession, loss of industry abroad, new technologies etc. You've still got a job, but if it's no longer suiting your needs, then you will have to look elsewhere. Previous threads were plastered with posts from folk who have come out better after a shitty time. Keeping banging on about it won't change anything.
  9. Importers are also having issues. Problems both ways. In order to improve the situation then both sides will need to examine areas of weakness and modify them accordingly. Was always going to be problems given the size of such an agreement. Overall however, considering the pandemic, unemployment hasn't increased as much as was anticipated, and predictions are that it will reverse quickly so things must be balancing themselves out.
  10. That old chestnut- to get bites you have to go fishing. I'm listening to the football.
  11. Really? Should have left the nazis to their thing then? Post ottoman, we were quite involved in what became Israel too.
  12. 39 countries. 27 in your promised land. Far bigger and more united. Even if it is shit. We won't win.
  13. Cunts us English. Help rescue the oppressed, set up a homeland then get attacked by all sides for doing so.
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