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  1. Wigan v United a bigger chance of an upset? Really!
  2. Nowt to do with club "size" is it. Only one of all those you list is a game between a Premier league club and a league one club. I'm not convinced we'll be selected at all, but if it's a genuine big upset they're after, then our game represents potential for just that.
  3. They'll be fine I reckon. Giving city a game today, and have been getting leads in the recent games they've lost. I think they just need to give this manager two or three years to really get his methods imprinted on the squad and coaching staff.
  4. Wrexham just been on ITV X. A bit rich if they were on again immediately. Come on Shrewsbury.
  5. Could hear on the radio, and the commentators picked up on it. Maybe it's the weather, or pre Christmas lull.
  6. Another week yet. But won't be loads going.
  7. Won't help for sure, but he seems a bit predictable. Just won't go on the outside, which is why we've both said try him on the right. Still, that's for Pep to sort. As for the Euros, I hope he is back and flowing as he can be destructive to any defence. Would be concerned though if both him and Rashford aren't at it by then, as they can be so effective on their day.
  8. 😁 Eastleigh had decided to settle for a draw, and were just sitting back. Give enough initiative to the opposition and get punished. As soon as the equaliser goes in, they're on the front foot again!
  9. Reading have been poor. Smith looks ok, but a poor showing overall.
  10. He's not at it though this season, which is a shame. Seems to have gone backwards for whatever reason. Some of city's players manage a few years at the very top of their game, and so far, Grealish hasn't. Maybe he is one of those players who needs to play more frequently, which is a catch 22 situation for him.
  11. They wouldn't have more than us given the number of season ticket holders. Would no doubt be plenty knocking about in home stands though.
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