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  1. How much would they have to pay us to go? 😁
  2. Was his first post, so could be a crock, but will take it at face value.
  3. Now that would be a game changer. If it was an optional scheme-a small fee which had big discounts on merchandise etc, I could sort of understand. A bit like a current account with a fee but with benefits. If however, it was compulsory for all, then they could get to fuck.
  4. Just seen that a company wants to build houses on their pitches. Ffs, how many pitches do they want to lose: an amateur club with several teams. Pitches lost previously off radcliffe Road (Darcy lever) and in leverhulme Park (bottom of slope near the river). These sites are where so many young adults play the game- might never go on to play at any particularly high level, but all part of being healthy and part of the community.
  5. Getting him back and into the side, may get him to sign the contract. He then has a transfer value, so if someone wants him, they will have to pay. A lad at the start of his career shouldn't be going for nowt if we can avoid it.
  6. Yep. Whenever I go into screwfix, toolstation or indeed many other places, they ask for name and addresses. Don't have to give it of course, but this scheme only wants the same information. They've probably already got it for the vast majority of us. I get the point that some are making about spontaneous decisions to go to the game, but this has required a ticket to be purchased before going in since 1997 and an all seater stadium. Joining the scheme is only needed once too. Its not the biggest infringement of civil liberties, but if folk don't want to give the information then don't.
  7. Duplication for sure, but they're going along the lines of many others, so they must see a reason for it. Benefits aren't going to be massive for fans in the scheme of things either. Don't know what's listed, but unless to buy a shit load of gear from the club shop, or rafts of shit lager at a kiosk, which may get a discount, what more is there to offer?
  8. Don't they take your details when purchasing a ticket anyway? Common practice when buying stuff these days. No new information needed, so it's not a massive hassle.
  9. It's a similar starting position to Dapo.
  10. I would imagine that for a big game/local Derby, then no one will be allowed to just become a member a few days before, unless they have previous purchasing history. As its such a simple sign up, they will be able to attach any previous purchasing at the same address to the new membership.
  11. You have a point. That said, he seems to be doing well and you'd expect him to be able to offer us something, certainly no worse than Kachunga.
  12. Yes, you're right. Plenty of fuckin ells before that as our lot come back in too!
  13. Lots of people have spoken about the issue over here. That's as far as it gets.
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