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  1. To be fair to forest, they had to sign a number as they lost dome players. 20 does seem a lot though. Remember last season's cup game though!
  2. If he carries on playing as well as he is, he may end up in a red shirt.... 💣🤣
  3. I know of a vineyard just in Worcestershire that has accommodation. Lovely place and a lovely drop too. Not cheap mind.
  4. Yes, absolutely. But in general, we don't fully know in the lower leagues what qualities the players have, nor the full resources. Kinell, until perhaps this season or maybe half way into last year, we didn't jave two coins to rub together, but a good gaffer got us up with rejects and lower league players. I really do believe that at this level, a good manager, coaches and scouts counts for a hell of a lot, and perhaps more than the financial resources at a club. At the top of the pile, the ability to spend absolute bucket loads seems to help a bit more, though clearly without guarantees.
  5. I hate the term over achievers. Clubs are there on merit. Whether they stay there will only be known in the fullness of time. By what criteria can you assess a team's capability before the season kicks off, unless you've made genuine efforts to look at each club's players etc? After 10 or 11 games, some semblance of placings may be emerging, but how are Plymouth over achieving given their performances last season? Fwiw, as well as we are doing at the moment, we need to improve in the final third and be a bit more ruthless. Do that, and pick up some wins against those around us and I'd be confident that automatic promotion is very much on. At the moment, I'm not so sure- the Wednesday game still lingers.
  6. Was saying this to my brother. At 2-0, city has missed 2 or 3 good chances too, and we said it could have been 5 before half time. Then they got to 4 and I was thinking "will they go for it". Probably a bit much to expect I suppose.
  7. Got to say, what a wonderful throw in it was. Followed by a quick one two and bang. I reckon the full backs eyes are as bad as mine.
  8. Saw this come through last night and thought "what in Indonesia!" Repeated mistakes from historic games.
  9. Maybe it's their Icelandic supporters club.
  10. Bang on. Long range pass all along the deck, for Bradley. Absolute wanking tackle.
  11. They did both work very hard. Often doing similar things. Just don't dovetail for me though. Whether that would get better the more they played together I don't know, but I like the craft, intelligence and aerial prowess of Bod as a compliment to Charles' strengths.
  12. No idea. Without all other team members being the same though, such analysis has its limits. We've won every game Thomason has started for example, but that doesn't mean we'd have beaten Wednesday if he'd been playing. If Bod is fit, he starts alongside Charles for me.
  13. Loads of stewards and police outside the away end afterwards- whatever the number, they weren't taking chances.
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