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  1. Might change a bit once he's learned about partially defatted cricket powder and the sole contract of supply agreed by the EU. Then again...
  2. Presumably he got his pronoun correct?
  3. Improved pension performance means less given out in benefits to poorer pensioners. Therefore more to spend elsewhere. Irs weird that everything that makes western society tick is somehow irrelevant, counterproductive, unfair etc etc. Alternative- no free markets, no personal businesses, everyone work for the government and get a fixed wage. That'll work.
  4. Of course only those who follow GB news make insensitive comments.
  5. You know better than that! I suppose its possible for something to have been arranged, but as the police have said they don't suspect foul play, that's good enough for me, until they say otherwise.
  6. Too late to cancel contracts now though. Needed to be free during the window.
  7. Repeat that in a way that makes sense please?
  8. I don't dispute what folk are saying, but the cps have said there is also new evidence, without specifying what it is. Ultimately though, we have to be thankful that our legal system requires a more thorough investigation than just the opinions of the public. GG above says that they've got back together- well if true then she isn't helping herself nor others in the same situation.
  9. As cassy said previously, why would the phone be on the bench? Whatever circumstances, on the face of it, its weird that it was there, and still connected.
  10. Does the video show him assaulting her? Or just injuries? We can all make assumptions, put 2 and 2 together etc, but lawyers would make mincemeat of that. Just not how the legal process works. I suspect he won't play for utd again.
  11. I'm fully aware of that. Though using an analogy is a way of expressing opinion/assessment. If it makes you feel better, simply consider my analogy as being in disagreement with yours.
  12. Indeed, though I'm not sure his wages currently would be as high as some think. It depends on his long-term strategy; move down a bit, prove himself and get a big job in the prem on the back of it. That would ultimately yield more money too. Also, how much does he, or indeed any young player actually want to play first team football?
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