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  1. Really? Fucking tremendous. Wrap the cunt in bacon and throw him in the sea.
  2. Oxford had one or two out iirc, and did well. Pompey have been doing ok without him too. Fingers crossed it works in our favour.
  3. One of the biggest cock ups the club ever made I reckon. Just before my time attending, but I would have loved to experience that packed end under cover. Plenty of room as a stand of course- could stretch your legs out a bit.
  4. Folk will say the same irrespective of who is picked. Unless it's your own team of course. Boro game is obviously an upset possibility. I'll probably take in one or two.
  5. From an article in the Mirror, in 2018. A bit confusing as there are 2 different pictures, but it caught my attention as the report was focused around Rebecca from Tyldesley, complaining about their tree.
  6. Once again you completely mis read the post. Somehow you managed to ignore some of it, and fail to understand a simple sentence. Ar no point did I suggest any excuse. I also said the crime is the same. Sentencing is entirely the judge's responsibility, and done so within his guidelines for any given offence. Jesus, I can only assume you were pissed when reading.
  7. Yawn. More drama queen stuff based on nowt.
  8. Everything as a whole sector. Oh and your seven years comment is inaccurate- political obfuscation saw us only actually leave in 2020. Chuck in a worldwide pandemic and a major war, and were doing OK overall. I always believed it would be 5-10 years before we really started seeing any benefits, and that there would be a lull first. The lull had happened, and there are still some difficulties, yet the positives are starting to show. Ideological folk on both extremes will deny that, but that was always going to be the case.
  9. Manufacturing here has overtaken Italy, and apparently France. Winners and losers. Would that have happened without Brexit- who knows, but my instinct says no. In general economies are struggling a bit as we know, but there are suggestions that that corner is being turned. The best will grasp the nettle.
  10. Think you're right. Can't say it bothers me if we sell a few shirts to ex pats or young "new fans". Those lads in Argentina for example. Can't blame the owners for using their presence to create income. It's more the media that immediately suck up to them that is a bit disturbing. At some point that same media will turn against them.
  11. Weird. What gone on there. They were doing quite well, and were unbeaten for a while at home weren't they?
  12. Worth also noting that under the agreement whereby nations would send them back to the first EU nation they arrived on; the numbers actually returned are paltry.
  13. I have a feeling he'll stick with his regular midfield 3, but I wondered at the slight possibility of replacing Sheehan with Dempsey. Purely for a touch of extra physicality, away at such a tough place. Welcome selection headaches.
  14. Ultimately it's the judge's responsibility to take mitigation into consideration when sentencing. It's still an offence even if someone thinks they're safe though.
  15. At the time he said he wanted to play. Latterly he accepted it wasn't wise, given it turned out to be a break. A few of us did say that we didn't think he should be playing purely because his performance level was simply too low- he was clearly hampered.
  16. Can't blame the owners etc for using the media to enhance their cause, but for sure there is plenty of cock sucking going on.
  17. Currently debating the sentencing bill. Although not an exact feature, there is suggestion that many who are sentenced to less than 12 months, will have that sentence suspended. Quite a bit of disagreement: some saying better to keep them out and change them away from a school of crime. Others saying fuck off- lock 'em up. An over simplification for sure, and I don't know what the reality is, but for me drink driving more than once should see the person locked up.
  18. Somewhat obtuse. Iirc, the manager has made reference to getting players back fully fit, and also cocking up with Dempsey. It is also clear that over time, Bid in particular has started to look sharper, and as a result, is getting more time. Don't need to be in contact with anyone to interpret what your eyes tell you.
  19. Some positivity that! Not expecting a result of that magnitude- Blackpool was a freak result for them- and they do score goals, so a draw would be a decent result.
  20. Batten down the hatches tomorrow, and later in the week. Look at for low flying yolks heading towards the pennines.
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