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  1. It is. However if the lad keeps banging them in, it will silence the bigots.
  2. Sometimes players are hampered when playing with lesser players at lower clubs. Someone sees something in them, they move up and progress well. Our club is a shining example of just that.
  3. Of course it has. They are folk from the population as a whole. Simple really. There is nothing to back up the suggestion that the proportion within sportsmen would be different. Nor within the banking community, bus drivers or whatever profession. Unless there are specific, perhaps biological reasons which I've not heard of.
  4. Well, just had a look. Adidas sold them on to another company last year. ABG group.
  5. Didn't know that. How does it work exactly: if Adidas bought them out, and moved offices etc, does it involve effectively a new company buying back the brand name?
  6. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/20144134.bolton-wanderers-search-new-academy-boss-departure-mark-litherland/ Gone. More efforts to produce our own, and less pressure on good transfers.
  7. Nicola will be kicking herself: an indi-ref 2 tonight would have swung it her way...
  8. That's around 2% of the Scottish population. Not bad.
  9. Assuming the level of homo-sexuality is broadly the same across races/colours etc, then racial make up would make no difference to the number in football. Still intrigued as to why the levels in elite sportsmen wouldn't reflect that of society at large. Is there a link between batting for the same side and not being able to run very fast?
  10. Given enough of a sample size, it will. That said, your point above is extremely valid- no gay footballer should feel the need to come out openly if he or she doesn't want to. It's an individuals right to do as they wish. There may well be more that follow, but it's important to remember that whilst creating a situation where folk feel they can come out is important, their personal wishes should be respected, and no one should feel pressured because the glass ceiling has been broken.
  11. Fair play to Howe. OK he's had the money, but he's got them playing. Hope he does well with them next season.
  12. 7% surely. Unless there is a link between sexuality and sporting prowess (either way) that hasn't yet been shown.
  13. Yuck. Bought one of those Thai pies from the food festival a few years back. It was rank. Utter gash. I hope that those things are better.
  14. Not a given, but from a monetary aspect they could undeniably compete. Just comes down to management then.
  15. It is, but I was referring to LW's comments. Leicester, West Ham, Brighton, Wolves etc have all done well in the Premier league without having the level of RM. We did for a while too. Celtic and Rangers would both cement their places and gradually start to challenge at the too half and beyond given the money and opportunity.
  16. Not for long. Prem money= better players. They'd soon be challenging at the top half.
  17. Only one lot will be signalling about it for decades to come...
  18. Villa just spanked Burnley up here. Not sure they will get much in the reverse, although a point is conceivable. A Newcastle with nothing to play for at turf Moor might be more winnable though. A lot depends upon what Palace side turn up at Goodison in the week. And if Arteta won't take sympathy on them on Sunday.
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