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  1. I wouldn't, but the argument may be that as a newborn, they're not in a position to give consent. So it would have to be from the age of adulthood, by which time they may have already committed crimes- and wouldn't give consent if it was required. The human right lot would be all over it, and it would make the Rwanda scheme look like a kiddies tea party in comparison. There would be huge concerns over how the data may be used too, especially if any were "stolen".
  2. Not sure how that's relevant to the particular point being made. It's pretty much proven now that it increases the risk. Rugby similar. Everyone had the right to NHS treatment too, irrespective of perceived wealth.
  3. Oh how shit! Scoring goals in a similar manner to Lineker for example. The age old method of width, crosses and goals by a centre forward. You seem to be trying to find a way to lodge criticism, but pick the very thing that he can't be criticised on.
  4. Not sure what the point is there. He helped win the cup, as did others. More regular strikers didn't play as much in the competition neither. Without those winnings, I wonder whether FV would have pushed the boat out on Collins?
  5. That's desperate stuff, especially as you've insinuated it to be a fact.
  6. Pizza final wasn't irrelevant though. Memories for life, and money in the bank.
  7. Therefore changing the manager isn't a guarantee of success. A risk either way, no right or wrong.
  8. When Sheehan is heavily marked, it's also incumbent on him to move, make runs into different, unusual positions to make space elsewhere. Then for others to use that space. We all know Evatt has set patterns, but it's also for all players to think for themselves and manage the game on the pitch. If they tried to more often, and got bollocked/dropped then it would be entirely down to the coaches/gaffer. As it is, Evatt has said on several occasions it's up to players on the pitch to find solutions, but at times they won't try/can't. Whether that is due to a lack of ability in some areas, or fear of not following the "style" who knows, but clearly something, somewhere needs putting right. Probably requires improvement in all departments.
  9. Given he was seemingly very happy to set up others, you may be onto something 😀 I'm not sure we've got the cash to be trying to get rid and bring in others, given the early splurge to bring in Collins. Maybe a loan, but he'd have to be a decent one or it would just be another "lesser" player barely getting a game.
  10. Heard something about a heat plume next week. Guess we'll find out.
  11. Lovely dog walks this morning; that "Summer rain" in warm air. Just got heavier since!
  12. Irrespective of where you put his bar, he had started to improve. Probably counts for nothing though, and we'll see what happens in the coming weeks.
  13. Election on its way by the sounds of things. Downing Street gone quiet and not responding to enquiries, and ministers recalled from wherever. Some saying July, but wouldn't surprise me if they went a touch later- August/September.
  14. Then it was a tougher league all round this year, as more clubs took points off each other. You can spin stats anyway. In essence, it's only opinion and isn't provable.
  15. It is impossible to judge. For that reason, I don't buy the argument that the league was "weak as piss".
  16. According to transfermarkt, Kevin Davies' scoring rate for us was 392 minutes per goal. Different players obviously, but it does show that a striker is sometimes utilised in a very different manner than others.
  17. Looking at the retained list, I wonder if any of the youngsters will be given opportunities, at least from the bench. Khumbeni looked OK, in the little time he got, but generally, if these lads aren't good enough to push through, then maybe the you set up needs another looking at. They're either good enough to be given a little game time, but aren't being (maybe favouritism), or the system isn't working as well as it needs to.
  18. I vaguely remember him looking composed, and having energy in his appearance. Then he was gone. Understandable perhaps- they had better facilities and were higher in league status. Grass isn't always greener though.
  19. I think we have, though only marginally. Whether those longer term injuries played a part in that, we'll never know for sure.
  20. Thomason surprised me there: 13 of these "involvements" in total. Only bettered by Charles (striker) and Maghoma (attacking midfielder). Pretty good.
  21. I think they would, but only if they genuinely believed if was for the best.
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