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  1. Duplication for sure, but they're going along the lines of many others, so they must see a reason for it. Benefits aren't going to be massive for fans in the scheme of things either. Don't know what's listed, but unless to buy a shit load of gear from the club shop, or rafts of shit lager at a kiosk, which may get a discount, what more is there to offer?
  2. Don't they take your details when purchasing a ticket anyway? Common practice when buying stuff these days. No new information needed, so it's not a massive hassle.
  3. It's a similar starting position to Dapo.
  4. I would imagine that for a big game/local Derby, then no one will be allowed to just become a member a few days before, unless they have previous purchasing history. As its such a simple sign up, they will be able to attach any previous purchasing at the same address to the new membership.
  5. You have a point. That said, he seems to be doing well and you'd expect him to be able to offer us something, certainly no worse than Kachunga.
  6. Yes, you're right. Plenty of fuckin ells before that as our lot come back in too!
  7. Lots of people have spoken about the issue over here. That's as far as it gets.
  8. All clubs started out at some point. Even the biggest. No club should have the automatic right to jump in high up just because of the history of a previous incarnation. We had Wimbledon in the top flight winning an fa cup all on merit. Would be a great shame to remove that romance for a so called proper club that has been badly managed.
  9. Good stuff Rudy. The difficult bit comes in trying sign the right players. Evatt has generally been good on that front.
  10. Like you said, greed and money. Loads of foreign workers have died building the stadiums, supposedly poor conditions etc for them. We'll be watching just the same.
  11. Not all fans will feel the same though. Some will perhaps not like the situation and may stay away or be put off a bit. Always someone else to take their place. Fifa should never have given the world Cup to Qatar. They did, but neither eufa, nor any individual countries have suggested not going. Fans are a bit irrelevant at times when the top bods do their thing.
  12. I think Liverpool will slow down a bit and conserve energy. Not sure there will be many more incoming.
  13. Aye. Some of the others aren't "short" but just aren't that sort of player. Their number 15 yesterday wasn't overly tall, but he was really solid, and our lot couldn't shift him when they played it long to him.
  14. You may well be right. I know fans kicked back against us having a pay day loan company as sponsors, but genuine money talks. It's not fair to single out Newcastle though. Football as a whole needs to have a look at itself.
  15. We don't have a lot of "big" players. Centre halves could do better, but full backs, midfielders (apart from mj) and lads up top aren't strong in the air. Baka should give us a bit more. Delivery could still be much better though, some pace on them.
  16. Reckon he's going anyway. Been quite a few calling for him to go, and media talking about it. Not sure the owners will fancy another fan revolt.
  17. Great squad, but a bit rudderless. Paul Pogba apparently had a dig last week. Evatt would have had him at Stockport by now.😁
  18. The wheels on the bus have come right off, come right off, come right off The wheels on the bus... OGS may be on borrowed time.
  19. Clearly see Gillingham have dropped off a bit there. Maybe knackered, maybe settling for what they have. Some excellent stuff late on.
  20. Well, by the end of this game, OT will look like it does on the picture- no one there! Sounds like Utd have a worse defence than us!
  21. Indeed. Hopefully Sarc will recommend him to Stockport.
  22. Aye. An interesting point about their pressing. It did work, but they were hugely boosted by the initial gift. That adrenaline fuelled work will take its toll though, and we are a fit bunch. I think they're right about their players running out of gas, and we capitalised.
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