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  1. Rhetoric to get the gig, versus international pressure and world realities once he's got it.
  2. Beginning to wonder if it's worth it. Health issues never far away- both mental and physical- so can't drive, and now this. Earning fuck all, with Megson laden skies and swamps for a working environment. Total toss.
  3. His raison d'etre. No context, no consideration. Everything the government's fault. On migration however he's right as they haven't got to grips with it. One such way is to simply ignore those rulings by the ECHR that we don't see as reasonable or as injurious to society; just like many other members do. However, we know full well if they went down that route he'd be on moaning that the government was breaching international law and was racist blah, blah blah. He's not alone though, and this bleeding heart sentiment seems to be behind the soft-arse attitude of certain senior members of government. Sunak's half steps towards a more pragmatic approach betray his real sentiment- and with such ever decreasing forward movement we will never get to a position of strength on the issue.
  4. Can't have strawberries on top now. Unless they're organic or home grown. Supposedly worst of the produe for absorbing pesticides.
  5. Santos has missed 14. Won 8, drawn 2 and lost 2. I've read that right? Hmm.
  6. 18-7 to us. Both keepers sent off, and no replacements on either bench.
  7. Also 3 consecutive home games remember. Not just one game to consider. None of which actually matters, the crowd will be what it is, no point getting worked up.
  8. Plenty weren't. Those that were explained that the Israeli approach is different than what we would do, and as such disagreed with it. Largely centred around the issue of aid. An example of opinion being formed from a narrow scope of observation.
  9. All the more reason that Trump, if he gets in, can't go and stop funding. Fwiw, I don't think he will, and it wouldn't surprise me if the block in the house of representatives is removed. Wouldn't have minded being a fly on the wall today in the discussions between Trump and Cameron.
  10. Judges can only act within the law, and as stated previously; folk think the laws are too weak. That said, some of the sentences handed out do appear lenient, even when the guidelines are being followed. You don't need legal expertise to observe and form an opinion, though clearly it helps to consider all aspects in reaching one. Strangely, on many many aspects of society, folk tend not to consider the big picture, and politicians utilise that. Those same politicians who will introduce legislation that judges and lawyers have to follow.
  11. It was re-capped or some such a while ago. Made a difference, but not perfect and still some leachate. Bizarrely, Nob End is also a former chemical works site, and yet the remnants and contamination has left it a rare place and it's a SSSI now.
  12. Hmm, I think they do. But there is an opponent doing their bit to prevent it working of course, and consistency of quality of delivery also plays a part. Not easy to make them work all the time.
  13. 8. Malinkovic-Savic and Allison did for me. Not much between them though, so not bad.
  14. Isn't that his point, they're not doing? Doesn't mean they're massively effective like.
  15. Folk know the prices at the start of the season though. I'm sure Neil and the team will have looked at the balance between an ST and single game pricing and come up with a scheme that works for the club. Can't argue at the attendances.
  16. Reading that, it sounds like they were just dicking about and he came a cropper.
  17. Small being a relative term in this case. Hungary has been brought more into line recently iirc, but yes he's a bit of a loon. Change seems afoot there following the emergence of a new opposition "leader".
  18. As above, he should have thought about this before committing the crime. No sympathy.
  19. Without the County game, there is no country team. OK the best get cherry picked and given central contracts, but they start a club and County level. If they're not getting games because of bad weather, then it's a bit shit. Of course the short form brings in money, but there is no need for three forms of it.
  20. There would be no legal issues if the deportation order was part of the sentence. It should be accepted as part of anyone's admittance here, that if they commit such a heinous crime, that they will be deported. If they're supposedly fleeing from a tyrannical regime, then surely they'd want to assimilate and behave accordingly in their new found paradise. If they don't, then fuck em. Trebuchet.
  21. I agree, we have definitely improved in this area. Some clever ones too- would like to see a bit more of them. There was one played to the edge of the area, and then eventually back to Williams who bent in a blinder.
  22. Jones is a decent crosser, but doesn't possess the pace of D-C. He wouldn't have scored that goal recently where D-C got on the end of the long ball.
  23. Fair point that. A smaller incursion that somehow went under the radar of the public consciousness and was "accepted" by lots of countries.
  24. The back post one worked rather well at Wembley! It does depend on good planning though, followed by well timed movement and good delivery.
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