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  1. Lots of similar comments here. Derby are shit, just functional etc.. All a bit silly really.
  2. They didn't. Will be the viewing public making the complaints. Remember you can now report a private conversation from within a home. Hence my thinking there will be a tit-for-tat repetition when they next play. Turns out there will be both sets of fans in next time, so they can lodge complaints, whilst being complained about.
  3. He also reported it was getting worse. Sometimes players aren't fully honest with themselves, let alone others, even if it's inadvertent and with the best of intentions.
  4. What might make them think their initial investigation was not handled correctly? New information perhaps, that they weren't previously in possession of? You can label that as you like, but it is then for the police to check any relevance, accuracy, and to determine if a crime has been committed. As for Boris, I have no idea if new details were presented or not, but there was certainly a lot of comment from the opposition and the media about the initial findings. Unlike the situation now, with essentially nothing from the government, and just a single news outlet continuing their own work. And the respective outcomes, so far, are poles apart, despite the fact that one was an FPN (not a crime) and the latest one is a potential fraud.
  5. Just like the met did after initially saying Boris had done nowt wrong.
  6. Each to their own, but in those circumstances I'd just watch it in a boozer here and enjoy the celebrations if successful. If not, then can slope off when ready. Must be a shitter to go all that way, then have to trog home again if unsuccessful.
  7. Alas poor Yorkie, I knew him in Wakefield.
  8. Just looking through scores- doubtful any match will see a win, and some won't see second innings. What a waste.
  9. Fans at the old firm game have been reported under new hate crime laws following chants. Tit for tat complaints incoming. Police will be shaking their heads.
  10. Sacrilege! Not a fan of gooseberries though. We've created a bed full of different berries this winter. Will have a lot of tasting to do later.
  11. Harvested a load of rhubarb the other day. Had a crumble last night- seems to suit it more than a pie. Apples on the other hand, definitely a pie. Is a crumble a northern thing, or countrywide, and what's the preference of wwers?
  12. Pity they can't transfer a couple to the whites! 😁 Just been looking at the table- what happened to Marske?
  13. Doesn’t help when she's one of the first calling for the heads of others for any wrong doing. Inevitable that opponents will come for her given the opportunity. Strangely, so far, that hasn't come from ministers to any great extent, but from the media. She does have form for maximising things on expenses- legitimately of course.
  14. Dear me. Is that a recent clip though?
  15. Must admit, I didn't agree with the pundits. No surprise to hear strikers moaning! Dublin said the keeper should move so he can see the ball- in which case why not put 3 or 4 in an offside position until the keeper moves out of his goal. Keeper wouldn't have got there, but it's not the point. Remember Doyle being a couple of yards to the side of the keeper and not in his eyeline, but us still having a goal chalked off (Burton maybe)- now that was a bad decision.
  16. Joe Kinnear passed away. Headed up Wimbledon's hey-day in the prem.
  17. Yes, my thoughts. We just don't know how it will play out ultimately. We need Sharon to wave some magic in her local club!
  18. Yes, for sure. Just got a feeling they’ll nick the final. Could be a case of after the Lord mayor's show on Wednesday, but I reckon I'd rather them be confident than deflated.
  19. No we don't. Reporter said it's a cagey game.
  20. Just been looking at the stats, they have had much more possession, but shots equal. Last 5 meetings, Wycombe won 4, and 1 draw!
  21. A touch surprised at that. You'd say that overall Arsenal's run-in is a touch tougher, but they're really impressive at the moment.
  22. And Arsenal's. Liverpool have a Merseyside derby to content with yet. A trip to Villa in May and lots of games against London clubs in between. Arsenal have to play Utd, Chelsea and Villa yet, so definite room for further points to be dropped.
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