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  1. Been watching less and less over the last few years. Less interesting; rather just watch the whites. Glad sky is going, more than pays for the st, should have done it ages ago.
  2. Spoke to we yesterday. Sky have released the number no trouble, however lass at we said sky don't have to release the number because of some loophole in the regulations. BT have to though. She didn't say if we would release the number in the event of leaving them. Anyway be sorted on the 22nd. Just have to survive three days without any internet!
  3. I'd prefer re to be an option for those who might feel that understanding what different religions are may be of use in a profession. Hopefully by then they may be mature enough to appreciate the flaws and drawbacks of religion and not have it forced upon them as the be all and end all. Anyway don't understand why this constant reference to grammar schools as only being for wealthy folk. I thought they were for those with a certain level of academic ability irrespective of background. Moreover for those who may have had an off day aged eleven, opportunity existed to change school later if it was shown to be justified. I'm also sure with modern assessments a more balanced entry system could be made, to reduce additional coaching benefits.
  4. Agree with trotter, but not vela. Lad's doing OK playing out wide. Nowt spectacular but solid. We do need more creativity, but there's nothing down the left so we're very narrow making it harder to open teams up. Very little service for the strikers. Taylor solid at left back but not great at getting forward.
  5. We've only ourselves to blame. Ref not giving proctor anything so he has to mix up his game sometimes instead of getting embroiled in a wrestling match every time he receives a pass. Midfield lacking creativity and Anderson no service. Biggest complaint must be trotter; can't see what he does. Offers nothing.
  6. Strangely its benefited the 50 over game and got rid of some of those more tedious middle overs as batsmen seem more attack minded. This in turn may well diminish interest in t20. Guess we'll see. Still think the Aussie system with their good weather and Christmas time is a better watch.
  7. Just heard this. Mental. Be letting those who claim to be Jedis swap truncheons for light sabres
  8. Can't help feeling T20 is losing a bit of its shine. Only one international almost as a bit of an afterthought. At county level there's some big crowds for derby matches but also some poor ones.
  9. Conspiracy theory: last year's underperforming seniors dropping like flies.
  10. Hang on; what would you do if some sod nicked your mop and scrim, or worse still your egg? Should have mown him. Anyway, if your thinking of getting an animal to lick your intimate parts, dip it in cream and get the cat to do it. Tongues rough and more pleasurable. Apparently.
  11. On holiday, lovely and peaceful, sun dropping over the lake, gentle "plosh" of the odd carp grabbing a fly. Suddenly that noise as a kid a couple of caravans down released one. Up it went with its green and red lights like a couple of evil eyes. You annoying twat I groaned, before as you say wondering how much they are.
  12. It started in the village about ten minutes after you posted. Sun's coming out now!
  13. One cunt once had it away with our strimmer whilst fettling their play area. Spent all day waiting in the magistrates court just to confirm who I was and that it was a council strimmer. Joy.
  14. Second day of hedge trimming. Some serious Betty swallocks.
  15. Well you wouldn't get me on any of em for love nor money. I was just a coat holder whilst the mad buggers indulged themselves on adrenalin.
  16. Been told tonight that he wanted to stay and get us back as he feels the club have looked after him.
  17. My lad did them all as a ten year old. Said smiler was best, but oblivion (?) was close.
  18. In one. Vaguely remember going in once, I think. Don't think I hung around. Insufficient fingers, no scars and no weapons.
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