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  1. On holiday, lovely and peaceful, sun dropping over the lake, gentle "plosh" of the odd carp grabbing a fly. Suddenly that noise as a kid a couple of caravans down released one. Up it went with its green and red lights like a couple of evil eyes. You annoying twat I groaned, before as you say wondering how much they are.
  2. It started in the village about ten minutes after you posted. Sun's coming out now!
  3. One cunt once had it away with our strimmer whilst fettling their play area. Spent all day waiting in the magistrates court just to confirm who I was and that it was a council strimmer. Joy.
  4. Second day of hedge trimming. Some serious Betty swallocks.
  5. Well you wouldn't get me on any of em for love nor money. I was just a coat holder whilst the mad buggers indulged themselves on adrenalin.
  6. Been told tonight that he wanted to stay and get us back as he feels the club have looked after him.
  7. My lad did them all as a ten year old. Said smiler was best, but oblivion (?) was close.
  8. In one. Vaguely remember going in once, I think. Don't think I hung around. Insufficient fingers, no scars and no weapons.
  9. You might be interested in bright side brewery in Radcliffe. Do a nice one. Went in a while back and they were looking to get a licence to sell from the brewery. Good stuff thornbridge.
  10. Been told that Deano couldn't afford the repayments on the money he borrowed for his investment. Seems odd, especially given KA said he's still a shareholder.
  11. Agreed. Not done Rochdale myself and might even come out of retirement for it!
  12. Thanks pal. So ee are just being lazy or don't want the hassle of swapping my current number over? Strange thing is I've had two emails from ee and one from sky and no mention of losing number. There was a bit of a mix up as the lady who rang from we was just responding to a line speed check we did on their web site. She thought we'd just enquired and didn't realise that we'd subsequently ordered their package- apparently this info hadn't got to her yet. Perhaps that had something to do with it. Anyway, I'll see how it plays out, and tell then where to go if they mess me about.
  13. Just had a call from ee, they said sky are refusing to release my number so we'll need a new one. Can they do this legally, after all BT were happy to let sky have it years ago. Could do without changing my home number as its all over my van and customers have it etc..
  14. Little john. Went in a few times after a shift at Bolton plastics. After an evening in the injection moulding department it was the fastest I'd ever supped a pint.
  15. I was pretty much in line and agree it was a push. Linesman fortunately didn't see it that way.
  16. It is indeed the 135. As this leaves manc you could just get it and stay on. Bit longer than tram but not too bad- though it does go along the old road through Kabul.
  17. I'm happy to let sam use his man management skills. What he says outwardly may or may not be what he says behind closed doors. I'm confident that as he gets to know the players he will get the right characters in that he needs.
  18. Just blown sky out. Gone for EE fibre broadband and TV. Seventy quid a month better off and all I'll miss is cricket and some F1. Apparently can also have some sky sports on demand if desperate. Was a toss up between them and plusnet. As a current EE customer get a boost to phone too. Will find out fairly soon if it's any good.
  19. Stop the slow starts at home and well be fine. Browny's lot were physical and made it difficult but we should have won. Personally I'm happy with vela. Solid partnership with Buxton defensively and most of the width is on that side. Honey monster trotter offeres insufficient given him size and undoubted ability. A couple of good tackles but not effective enough. Good to see him come looking for the ball a bit more second half but more end product please. Henry was excellent. Proctor looks exciting but some end product please. Chance at the death but could not find a white shirt, if crowded fire it towards the far post and make them defend it facing their goal a few feet out. A bit not picking because the football generally was great. Once we've ripped someone a new one we'll be flying.
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