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  1. As parky said it was a big day for many of your kids. Wonder how many had to get permission to have their tags removed so they could play. Our first teamers would be aware of the bigger picture and far too professional to get embroiled in such meaningless nonsense. Fwiw I feel the competition is an unnecessary complication even without the kids teams in it.
  2. Bin generally for me. But if I'm having a Barbeque, I chuck bones in the flames and use the ash.
  3. Likewise malc. Though still use green bin too. Have it washed and sterilised by the bin washers and it helps. More so than the black bin.
  4. Yes, that's my point. England don't have Pogba.
  5. Our Horwich- he's very very negative.
  6. In fairness HM has just spent a world record amount on a midfielder who will free up shrek. Not sure BSA has the same options.
  7. Joules Darby Nigel Jemson- we we always 'ampered.
  8. Compensation for having to listen to Moyse drone on about how they're bound to be in a relegation battle.
  9. Not too concerned yet either. Presumably the honey monster will move inside from the left.
  10. Got a load of fudge outside M&S; turned out the bloke was a wolves fan. Fudge is good.
  11. Used to do it as part of maths. Together with base 8, hexadecimal etc. All the same ultimately; just different.
  12. Coyle will still take him. Anyway, given his injury history might it be possible that there is some sort of insurance that will cover his wages; bit like critical injury.
  13. Many a fair point. Sadly now few independent places left, a couple of butchers opened fairly recently but few traditional shops- unless you want a pie. Chicken (or turkey) and egg situation, supermarkets changed shopping habits and now little option. I've heard that business rates are high which doesn't help little guys. At the same time did the council have to accept huge numbers of asylum seekers on top of high numbers of immigrants.
  14. Got some goats cheese last year that was very good. Some good pies etc.
  15. You have to twat em a bit and nick the membrane inside as its tougher then a chicken's. They have 50% yolk too as opposed to 33% for a chicken. Also less rubbery than a duck's.
  16. Went for a walk earlier with the lad and passed through a farm. Got chatting to the farmer and young un asks him about the chickens running around. "Yes I do eggs" he says, "I do turkey eggs as well". We've come away with 6 bantam and 6 turkey eggs all for free! He's just had one and said it was delicious- anyone ever had one?
  17. Bit risky; might have got an infection as she was obviously used having a load of bad meat.
  18. Once went in a pub near the torpedo on Manchester road. A good few years ago but it was proper traditional pub. Good ale and friendly folk. Made a load of chips for the lads for free and we all ate chip butties. Made you sup more I suppose. Google maps tells me it must have been the rose and crown.
  19. Got seven but the picture was a guess. As said above, binary was easier because there was only one even option.
  20. Have great neighbours and the odd BBQ. Lots of folk chat to each other and when gardens are being tended to or cars washed etc then everything takes twice as long. Great folk and look out for each others houses etc when away. One house was broken into not long ago and there must have been half the street out looking for the twats until the police dogs arrived.
  21. I'm not sure we do need to sell Clough etc this season. KA got takeover approval by showing we had sufficient funds for the rest of last season and this. That must include the worse case scenario of not offloading the likes of Mark Davies. Come the end of the season, other high wage players will leave (or do a wheater) and that will help. This time next year I suppose we'll know better where we stand.
  22. Good stuff. They were troughing curry on the radio yesterday whilst doing a feature about curry of the year.
  23. Can't understand why they're not prosecuted for fly tipping. Check all their vans and crush any not taxed/insured.
  24. Lovely barbeque last night. Fantastic weather.
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