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  1. Fresh this morning, enjoyed it. BBC weather man said summer returns next week so a brief water for the gardens is fine by me.
  2. Would imagine those bikes are thousands each. Research will benefit all, much like developments in f1 etc can filter down. As you say, everyone else that can will spend money on epuipment, coaching etc- we shouldn't be moaning when it achieves success. Just wish it was true for the England football team.
  3. I agree that political solutions are ideal; unfortunately it seems that by their very nature 'political' means are secondary to or governed by religion or an interpretation of it. Not too long ago we had Christianity trying to thrust itself upon others and behaving in shocking ways. Not too sure theirs much we can do other than give them time to mature for a few hundred years.
  4. Thing is malt Russia and the eastern bloc etc. were oppressive regimes using althletes for self promotion. Stories of unsuccessful athletes applying for asylum for fear of persecution etc. Yes our athletes have been increasingly assisted by state money, but much of the success is down to lottery money. And as you suggest individual sports have to meet targets and succeed to keep funding. That twat writing the article quotes £4m per medal; anyone can fudge statistics like that, it fails to take into account improvements in facilities etc which can only benefit general public in years to come. Moreover the culture hopefully will help reduce obesity etc and may well help to pay for itself in reduced medical costs later in life. There's a million miles between the old soviet system and ours.
  5. Agree entirely. He talks about competitors being like soldiers etc. Surely that's why sport exists: a means of people competing against each other without having to slay one another. What a cunt.
  6. Watch dog rescuers. Every time there's a prosecution they get some meaningless punishment. Kick fuck out of a dog and burn it with cigarettes and get a brief pet ban and fined a few pint's worth. Shocking.
  7. The other semi between the Spaniard and th'Egyptian was gash. At least Jones lands her kicks Must be tough though bouncing around like that often on one leg
  8. And windy- will it suit the fishermen's friends?
  9. She seemed quite happy and friendly when beating Becky James last night. Sour kraut.
  10. Well take the onion strings off then.
  11. When the camera does a complete 360 there's one owd twat by the window appearing completely disinterested.
  12. Fuckin French saying that a they are all human but they can't match us and we should let them know how we do it! Simple, take the reverse gear off your bike for a start.
  13. Said last year be worth a look at. Give him time to settle and might be on to something. Cook is no spring chicken now, hales should be at his peak but isn't consistent and we need to be looking long term for one if not two openers. Michael Vaughn reckons most batsmen should just move up a place which would mean Root opening. Not sure about that.
  14. I suppose if he's pumping claret everywhere, they may have been a little worried about the potential risks of being sprayed. It may also be quicker to subdue him to help prevent extra blood loss in a battle royal.
  15. Remember all this physical chemistry bollocks at uni. Tunneling atoms and masses of calculus etc. Absolutely mind blowing. Thankfully ale has existed far longer than all this quantum white.
  16. Am I missing something- they're not wrong with that statement; or is it the lack of a specific year?
  17. Suffered for a while after a gut infection, not so bad now. Difficult to know what foods make it worse. Buscopan works.
  18. Tom playing for Bolton has just beaten Sheffield Wednesday Anyone from here? Alas although they discussed hoteliers, there was no mention of butter
  19. Not sure, but his wife to be is virtually named after us. Get them to meet the players and show off their medals- this is what hard work and commitment looks like.
  20. A while ago now but the watermill in Inge was good. Was weened in the Coach and Horses and always sad to see it as a nursery.
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