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  1. Likewise. Still tedious leaden skies though and when tomorrow's bright skies come it will be a boon!
  2. Hardly surprising. Not getting a game, and training with a bunch of unpaid, non performing players surrounded by an atmosphere of uncertainty and despair.
  3. Unfortunately these huge crowds were before my time. Started going around the time the slump to division four started. The Lever end was all seater then along came Normid. Biggest crowds were little over twenty thousand. Last game there as good a memory as any
  4. Especially when he's got the bit between his teeth.
  5. Thanks all. Walked over to screwfix and acquired a makita. Funily enough, was on the bridge over the A666,and started thinking about that Burnden picture. Started reminiscing with the young one about going to the game.
  6. "He shags who he wants..." Made me chuckle did that
  7. As good a crosser/goal scorer as I can remember. If it's a defender you want well....
  8. Really need to replace my old one as the battery is nacked and out of production now. What should I go for: make,model/power etc. Sure the good folk of ww will have an answer. Anywhere doing good deals?
  9. My lad's quite quiet during the game and gets embarrassed when his dad gives it the verbals. Out of the blue he's on the phone to his mum after the game; "..and the ref was a right idiot, should have given us a penalty..." The seed has been planted and the passion if growing slowly but steadily
  10. We'd still have to pay him off though, unless evidence of misconduct.
  11. My point earlier. Genuinely unaware of the issues, and would like to know, even if it has to be a pm. Would like to be properly informed before making a judgement of any group.
  12. Hopefully he will be. IF he has threatened her and there is evidence of criminality then he should go. If not then he needs to rebuild respect amongst his players
  13. Spearing substitution changed it. Dobbie for Clough OK. Heskey for Madine would have been fine but we lost a bit of footballing threat with two lumps up front. Danns trotting for their freekick and Heskey took one for the team. Feeney seemed to expect the ball to bounce more. But on the wet pitch it didn't, poor effort really. Clough was far more effective when we played more football second half. Speculative flick one give him nothing
  14. Indeed. Was there a station near by so fans could get off without having to walk so far?
  15. Currently constructing a platform in the loft for the young'uns model railway layout. That's given me an idea!
  16. Going with this now- what I thought was the canal is actually the river. Canal's above this.
  17. I'd imagine the lodge is a feeder to the canal.
  18. Carlos you clearly know far more about this than me, but if, as their web site says, positions will be available for election then this surely represents an opportunity for people independent from them. I guess its up to supporters in general to get involved to try to achieve the best outcome for the club
  19. Aye. Worthy, Walker, Anelka, Ricketts (before his head went). All idle and cost us numerous points. Whatever did we see in them. Anyhow 4-2 to the whites.
  20. So his claim that all employees need to know football is a smoke screen, apart from needing good ball control.
  21. Convinced his treatment of Eva has played a part in this
  22. The missus worked for the Emerson group as middlebrook/Reebok was being built. Didn't take long for them to show their true colours. Lied to her about the role. Paid peanuts and treated her like shit. She soon fucked them off. Hope they're better with BWFC
  23. BASTARD Went to the one at Bolton Gate retail park yesterday and got her a Kenwood food processor. They didn't throw any tickets into the mix.
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