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  1. Pembrokeshire, but not too far from breccon beacons. Unbelievable sights at times, milky way and shooting stars, satellites etc.
  2. No panic. Jason mcAteer couldn't get in Marines first team.
  3. Anything interesting celestially in the next couple of weeks. Will be in a dark sky area so should have a good view.
  4. Done quite a bit of pressure washing for people; difficult to judge because some places are more difficult than others. Did one Tuesday and water just pools in part making it bloody difficult. Took me around five hours to clean then rinse approx 50-60 square metres. With block paving obviously have to let it dry and resand another day. Have you got weeds in the block paving? If there are then spray them first and make sure they're dying before jetwashing. On the face of it, it does seem a little steep- I have a customer who received a quote of over £500 for jetwashing her drive. She didn't realise I did it, but I'd charge around £200 for the same job. As has been said; get a couple of quotes and make sure they're for the same job.
  5. As I turned it on lands suddenly started to turn things round. Great performance.
  6. Perhaps it is time to let the extremists have a little place, full of rocks and sand. Let anyone that wants to go do so. Let them live how they want. No one else need go, no trade etc just cut then off from the world. Anyone that tries to come out shove them back in.
  7. If we all chip in can we open a wanderersways department store. One level run by gonzo offering all manner of sexual services; reacharounds etc. Even live the "Fistmaster Experience". One level dedicated to vast range of advice and services. From balloon rubbing to removals. Also have a real ale and lobby cafe just for spider.
  8. Pneumonia is a bastard, glad you're clear. Get some sun (if there is any) and relax. You need to be in full fettle for the forthcoming season!
  9. Was once interviewed by Iona Fox. Also met Jenny Taylor
  10. Would someone enlighten me as to what Rory did or didn't do a couple of years ago that is such a bone of contention. I'm intrigued.
  11. getting wet now are you? Did I hear that right-15 quid tomorrow.
  12. Why not make the long jump over a pit with a starving lion in it. And put a crocodile in the water jump at the steeplechase.
  13. Maybe. But hopefully the fa have recognised Sam's ability to get the absolute best out of what he's got. I do think he'll be more likely to blow out underperforming stars though.
  14. Miserable gits. Whether its cycling, track and field, rowing etc there's plenty to enthuse about. Might not be your (and mine) favourite sport, but by fuck I'd rather watch some of these athletes give absolutely everything than the likes of Mark Davies rob a living, often from people who can I'll afford it.
  15. Don't care who plays as long as the team plays well and is a winning one.
  16. Is that really true? In all honesty, I wouldn't know where to start- especially given the rocket has gone. And if that's not real world I'm happy to live in a fantasy.
  17. They are.Anyone remember the Guinness toucan answering "Bolton wanderers" when asked "who won the cup in 1958?"
  18. Seemingly can't win. Can't trump just build a big wall around the middle east, stop em getting out then just leave them to it.
  19. Looking good. My legs are like jelly and my are is going to be sore tomorrow, so they better make the most of it.
  20. Just been on the beeb and can't find this story. A Russian strike and an american one in Pakistan that took out some twats but not this. What happened?
  21. I thought Deano was chief exec initially, then became director of football more recently. Not so sure that's so important in itself, but something does seem amiss.
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