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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. Is that really true? In all honesty, I wouldn't know where to start- especially given the rocket has gone. And if that's not real world I'm happy to live in a fantasy.
  2. They are.Anyone remember the Guinness toucan answering "Bolton wanderers" when asked "who won the cup in 1958?"
  3. Seemingly can't win. Can't trump just build a big wall around the middle east, stop em getting out then just leave them to it.
  4. Looking good. My legs are like jelly and my are is going to be sore tomorrow, so they better make the most of it.
  5. Just been on the beeb and can't find this story. A Russian strike and an american one in Pakistan that took out some twats but not this. What happened?
  6. I thought Deano was chief exec initially, then became director of football more recently. Not so sure that's so important in itself, but something does seem amiss.
  7. We'll still beat them (whenever we next play them that is)
  8. Indeed, was rather quick with it- been storing it for some time perhaps.
  9. Wiki says Bolton. Maybe born here, moved elsewhere as a youngster? Doesn't matter now though.
  10. Pleased for him. Heard a comment from the the f.a. chap earlier; can't remember exactly what he said but was something along the lines of needing someone with a thick skin. It sounded like Sam was the man.
  11. Wasn't aware he's had a troubled life, guess I'll have to read it.
  12. Suspected this might be the case. Thanks fellas, what's currently around that's decent and robust. He only plays games and occasional internet.
  13. Two young athletes from Stretford club were on the local news, along with their coach. Can't remember his name but I did wonder whether Malc knew him.
  14. He's from Bolton, Clough is a Denton lad. You're right though need to get rid of a few bad eggs.
  15. Good effort today, just a bit short in the first innings. Don't know the full story but seems a bit unfair that Stokes could play the full game while jimmy couldn't.
  16. You going at all? Thought about it, but don't reckon the lad would keep still and whinge free for a full day. I'll take him on a bike ride instead.
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