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  1. Roy Hodgson walks into a dressing room....
  2. The top two goal scorers were English playing against better foreign defenders quite frequently. There's something massively wrong but they can't all be crap or they wouldn't be at top clubs.
  3. Not sure Mark Davies could tackle a pint.
  4. If they want to increase recycling then get in contact with the recycling companies and the government to enable more stuff to be recycled. Also look at the unnecessary levels of packaging used on products and what that packaging is- use more biodegradable materials for it. But no, let's just take the easy, "let's be seen to be doing something" route and fuck over the people who have to use the service.
  5. What is a hot spot? What is going on?
  6. Messi is playing. He's bowling leg spin for Pakistan!
  7. How many will finish up in casualty having walked into a tree, over a cliff or been run over...
  8. Forgot I was watching on record, about an hour behind.
  9. One such cunt been doing that round here for a while. Black bags chucked into bushes at the side of the footy pitches and cycle track.
  10. As has been shown by the rugby lads. Coach comes in and tells everyone we ought to thrash Italy. They do.
  11. Could start with banning 'faith' schools, and the use of religious establishments for 'educational' purposes.
  12. Don't thin he's on about picking on religious beliefs, more excluding one lot because of it. Sadly in our attempts to be inclusive, we've allowed too much religious freedom and become less secular. Not just with islam, but other religions too: why can women in some places be refused an abortion, or people not permitted a blood transfusion. Why are people allowed to cover their faces, even though its a fundamental means of communication. The list goes on. None of this shit should be allowed to conflict with and degrade our social values.
  13. As shocking as that statement is Bolty, unfortunately I can see a situation whereby it kicks off big style in one country or another and maybe even a Balkons type scenario unfolds. Not sure how any leader can find a way to sort this now.
  14. Those that are willing to recycle already do. Those that can't be arsed will just fly tip more.
  15. The riders should carry a little can of mace for such times.
  16. Wouldn't you need a mortgage to have been pissed over there?
  17. Aye. If it goes tits up she can blame them and distance herself somewhat. If it goes well she gets the credit for an inclusive cabinet.
  18. You might be right, he is likeable and apparently did well as mayor of London. He has allies in Fox and Davies too.
  19. I once worked with a chap who had it done. He got an infection post op, but all was well in the end. Iirc he was pleased to have had it done despite this. As with any procedure there's some element of risk, but techniques seem better.
  20. That article is OK. Last paragraph is obviously silly, but interesting comments from former players. Bring him on.
  21. Did wonder... Then again didn't he say something about an amnesty for illegal immigrants- perhaps anchoring for a post. Mind you it could be punishment; go and deal with the foreigners.
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