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  1. Read it as the womaan did the spitting. Either way hope he rubbed her down with a couple of pound of streaky bacon
  2. Ched evans does well and shows he has some ability, is rehabilitated into football and Oldham get a higher placed finish than without him. Also cash in should a bigger club come knocking. Got to worth a gamble-no purchase fed and he's not likely to be on a fortune
  3. Absutely, the nhs was created to look after the population of a very different country. 250000 per annum (that are known about) with taxation barely inreasing as incomes dont rise much means something has to give. I have a relative in the nhs and she tells shocking stories.
  4. As 2 of Oldham's sponsors have now pulled out, presumably they must reckon the potential financial rewards outway the loss of income this will cause
  5. Good game today, the bowlers did well and dominated for a change. Good to see Waugh declaring his support for the whites
  6. What a shame, seemed a good old chap. RIP
  7. If he develops as everyone hopes, they can always give him an improved contract
  8. Been wondering what attracts people to it, presumably it's pretty much an adrenaline buzz thing, much the same as the players in a game or some daft bugger chucking himself off a cliff with a parachute on. As a kid I'd go home and away and frankly be scared shitless by some of the stuff that went on. Ultimately it has had an effect as I'm now wary of taking the young one to certain games-rightly or wrongly that's just how it is. A genuine question (and not being judgemental) does anyone who has been involved at some time believe that national service or the return of more heavy industry/manual labour type jobs would give folks a way of getting rid of excess energy whilst providing a sense of belonging/camerardery
  9. Was quite pleasant watching Lee get thrashed about
  10. Not a bad idea- he'd be quite at home in Belgium
  11. Bullard was a disgrace. Seemed out of his head. Amazed he was allowed to present looking like he he'd been dragged away from an all night/dayer
  12. Now that both Eaves and Beckford are both cup tied, presumably they are not viewed as likely first teamers, therefore a striker surely on the cards.
  13. Quality that. As a Dentonian (from birth only) pleased to have one in the ranks. Jimmy Armfield also from the town
  14. Another great bit of management? Whatever the case it worked for him to have played so well
  15. Haven't forgotten by the way. Waited longer to bottle them as they were taking longer to clear than normal. Now I've done them I'll be dropping some off for professional analysis. Just put some mulberry on- managed to pick some from a tree in a vineyard in Worcestershire. Will see if it is any good in about a year
  16. Went into town late morning, was surprised to see the number of police mobbing up at 11.30am. Mounteds deployed in Newport street. Does it get that bad so soon? Roast ckicken and some home fermented red I reckon.
  17. Sure I heard recently something about it potentially being carcinogenic. Think I'd settle for a little dampness rather than nob-rot
  18. SSN were saying his salary will be doubled. Seems odd but you never know
  19. Not sure the drivers that got hit thought it was a fake. Can't believe that the number plate was not deliberate though
  20. Amazes me how often cunts like him seem to get another chance at another club somewhere
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