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  1. Coventry have to play Ipswich and Hull, buy a couple of easier games too. If they win this semi, just hope they can maintain the league push.
  2. Crikey, long and convoluted, but am I right in thinking it may have been wrong to confiscate in that situation? Can't see how the phone could have been relevant to the potential "crime" as the info suggests it must be?
  3. Nine behind 6th, with 2 games in hand- certainly possible.
  4. I'm not even sure it was clumsy. The bloke was wearing his kippah, so it made sense. Maybe swapping the word openly for clearly may have made it more palatable, but if we're insisting our officers on the ground are to analyse their language to such an extent, we're fucked. A tumble down effect of soft arsed politicians and senior police officers allowing this all to develop. If they'd clamped down on those marchers behaving badly, much earlier, then this wouldn't have happened. Anyway, bollocks to it all, it's depressing. Thankfully, we're nearing the end of our fish pond renovation, and seeing the little things cruising about and exploring is a boon for the soul. No wonder the Japanese use them so much.
  5. Agreed. This "openly Jewish" comment was for me, nothing but a simple comment with no malice or racist connotations whatsoever. Can understand the ire being expressed, but it should be directed at the top brass, and not the fella trying his best in a shitty situation.
  6. Talk of physicality in the championship- well Coventry, from what I've seen, have been physical but haven't really got near Utd. Not seen it all, but from what I have, Coventry have seemed a bit devoid of ideas/ability to repeatedly cause Utd problems. If they were to go up, without more quality, you'd see them struggle.
  7. Not sure it helps Luton massively, in that one or both would drop points today anyway. It certainly helps Everton though.
  8. Although not much, there will be a higher prize money for third place, which can do no harm.
  9. Aye. Certainly won't be paying any council tax neither.
  10. "Professional" squatters I heard them referred as. Really does need upgrading to a criminal offence. Then send them to Rwanda instead!
  11. I'm not convinced about some of these stats. Does a tackle mean a successful challenge, or any half-arsed dangled leg, or something in between? I think his point was fair in that KDB perhaps played a slightly different game; getting stuck in and involved with the physicals, rather than total craft which we often associate with him.
  12. They could make a few up this week. A game against Cheltenham. If they win that, then neither side is playing a deliberately weakened side.
  13. I think it's the net £180m that has been surpassed Think it comes down a bit next year, but not sure. But the spending has been higher than the differential. Assuming that labour get in, there isn't going to be any great increase neither, just a continued, and maybe expanded use of the private sector. Which is good.
  14. Would be nice if they'd help Ukraine so readily. Haha, sorted.
  15. Also a means of testing out their air defenses just in case, and helping to plan a fuller attack if necessary.
  16. Quite pathetic isn't it. Usual hypocritical, holier than thou bullshit. Concept of a discussion forum is lost at times.
  17. Should Peterborough win their game in hand midweek, they too could be promoted directly next Saturday. They'd have to beat us by a few, and hope Derby win, but both teams surely will go for the win, just in case the highly improbable happens at Pride Park.
  18. This semi is remarkable for its missed chances. Both sides, but especially Chelsea. Doku making a difference for city now.
  19. We didn't get away with it against Shrewsbury!
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