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  1. More wank passing out from the back. Pressing strong, so either pass it quicker and better to play through it, or mix it and look to get in behind. Yet again, a poor start.
  2. Bought some cow heel from Bury Market the other day. Magnificent cooked slowly with stewing steak and baked in a pie.
  3. Kinell, Brehme was only 63, taken by cardiac arrest.
  4. Exactly. China looks after itself. Iirc, there was a recent "meeting" between Putin and another of his "allies" in the North Korean leader. They wouldn't go near each other, and the body language was terrible. Total lack of trust between dictators, that wouldn't end well if push came to shove. A fine historical example in Stalin/Hitler.
  5. I see him as our best at pressing the opposition quickly, higher up the pitch. Makes Sheehan's job easier, and gets us on the front foot.
  6. Well, I wasn't debating that either way, but a respons to Zico's comments, but now you've said it, I reckon aid will ensue whenever the conflict is over. How much may indeed be affected by the state of Hamas, given their abuse of previous aid in constructing missiles and feeding their fighters over others.
  7. I'm quite sure there will be enormous funding for rebuilding, both from within and from the wider international community.
  8. Quality pic. I like the relative black/white colouring. I'm tempted to get a jigsaw made of it for the other half. Listen to her cursing sorting through the greys! 😁
  9. Inevitable following the decision to put the end of ice vehicles back. Companies had put a lot of investment in with that in mind. Hopefully they will come back as we approach the deadline again.
  10. Fingers crossed. Sounds like it could be a mud bath nevertheless.
  11. Taking the piss! https://www.thecooldown.com/green-tech/ev-battery-recycling-urine-lithium-cobalt/
  12. I don't think that's the case. Some may not be the biggest/strongest but that doesn't mean a soft touch. The required style of play means you don't necessarily see them booting it away-perhaps on occasions doing so may help- but that's what is required of them.
  13. Not just India though is it? And it's Agger's job to report and analyse. He wasn't particularly critical neither- he never is- but his comments about learning and applying that to the game situation are spot on.
  14. Are you saying you can remember every minute, and what every player did? It's perhaps natural that when we watch a player who hasn't whetted our appetite, we tend to look for mistakes and not notice the good things. And vice versa, for players we favour. I'm not the greatest fan of assists as a stat, but if we're looking at them, then here is our table. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/teams/bolton-wanderers/top-scorers/assists Nine assists/goals is the top- Sheehan from 34 games. Maghoma is on 7 from 29. Hardly bang average.
  15. No, they didn't. A number will have voted for him, but not enough for a majority. Just like here with our coalition government a while back. Hence, they form a mutual back-scratching arrangement so as to get a bit for everyone, and have a functioning government. Far from a situation where the population predominantly votes for him. Yes. Been a difficult period for the nation. Stupid thing is, that talks were ongoing with Saudi etc to move towards acceptance and a more peaceful situation. Then the terrorist attack, Netanyahu is empowered, peace talks stall, and the people of Israel and Gaza are left unhappy.
  16. He didn't say, iirc. Just said the vaccine injured, and also referred to his mate. There have been a good number of similar cases.
  17. Not quite. Antibodies are passed to the new-born by mum. That makes giving a vaccine early somewhat ineffective/unnecessary By the time they're 12 months, that protection is waning. That policy will have been informed by scientists/doctors.
  18. In fairness to him, he was just miffed that the vaccine had harmed him and the compensation wasn't particularly big. Dunno what the settlement is, but if you're being asked to take a medicine by the authorities, I reckon it's perfectly right that you should be compensated if it buggers you up.
  19. Still too much feast or famine. Aggers summed it up perfectly well earlier. You can be very positive, but can moderate it according to conditions and situations, and still be able to win games.
  20. Marvellous. I read an article about covid and the test kits recently. I was a little concerned that they weren't working so well, but it explained it. As you say, our bodies now recognise the virus and respond to it much quicker, via immunity. Thus some symptoms will start earlier, and we test earlier as a result. At that point, there may not be sufficient a viral load to show as a positive. They were suggesting to repeat the test a few days later. Makes sense.
  21. Bit better later according to the wireless, but you get the impression that Brighton could win by a cricket score if they want to.
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