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  1. These clubs have squads big enough to put out 2 different teams if they wanted. Not saying they should have to, but by the fuckery, they already play 8 fewer games than efl clubs before any cups. Then the smaller ones play at least 2 more in the fa cup before they can meet. Stop cunting whining.
  2. Just cook them all a meal, with dodgy mushrooms, daffodil bulbs etc.
  3. We had chances again, so I don't buy this "nothing happened" lark. They stuck with it, and got our just desserts.
  4. Well, there is, however unlikely. If we can get ahead early, and they don't, then as time goes by, they could get defensive as a point would do for them. That could be their undoing. I wouldn’t be putting any money on it though.
  5. That's not what his point was though. It was merely stating the particular situation that could arise, and the potential intrigue that would result. I'm quite sure he'd wish for a bigger win for us, and a bigger defeat for Derby.
  6. Don't think anyone has twisted your words. The police have a duty of care to all, and the unfortunate copper there is faced with a really difficult situation. It is a sad state of affairs when it comes to such situations though.
  7. Certainly a huge irony. As for the copper himself, he is between the devil and the deep blue sea. He has an impossible situation on his hands, and it made sense at that moment to try to get the fella away. The bigger picture however is very different, and Rowley seems to have emboldened the groups to behave in such a manner by the management of the marches.
  8. Whilst we don't know what goes on amongst the group, it would perhaps be a bit naive to think everything is rosy all of the time. Just like in any workplace; people don't always get on with each other. Whether it's at such a level for the manager to behave in such a way, I'd have my doubts. Clearly he has favourites, as he has preferred methods, but that would be the case with most managers.
  9. What does it matter? Hezbollah have an arsenal of 150,000 rockets. They've been using them pretty much daily since October 8th. Which in turn requires expensive air defence systems to be deployed frequently. Disruption of this supply line would be of benefit. I would sat it's not rocket science, but in reality it is. I note that strikes also took place in Syria, so maybe supply routes are a target? I note no regional debate on the subject, which is typical.
  10. I agree. Maybe so many changes at once had an effect (whether it should have is a different matter). It's done now though, and nowt will change that, so onto next game.
  11. Carlisle won here, and at Peterborough. They lost by a single goal at Pompey and Barnsley. Hopefully they turn up and put a show on for their fans.
  12. Pretty much my thoughts. He can be frustrating, but players also have to put their hands up to.
  13. An interesting take on things I heard: Iran needed to make a show as their proxies have taken a bit of a battering. A show of strength and who's in charge. Perhaps going for Iran directly wouldn’t be the best move, but to go for the supplies to the proxies. Maybe hit a ship or two carrying weapons to Yemen, or similar and try to divide the proxies from Iran.
  14. Used to get aches and pains deep inside them and across the top after a long ride. That was at around 15 years old. Physio lady reckons the caps aren't quite running along the grooves properly now- probably weren't then neither!
  15. That maybe the case, but watching his England performances, for me his work off the ball has improved tremendously. A more mature player now. If Southgate gets that out of him, and it allows us a slightly different approach (even as an alternative) then that's a good option.
  16. I think Bellingham has developed recently and added more physicality to his game, and now provides the attacking threat, and a ball winning ability that gives us options to partner him with Rice.
  17. Well, it seems things are already starting to happen. Banning speeches and attendance at a conference by elected politicians from Europe is a very slippery slope. Especially since the mayor himself has a pretty dodgy record of meeting with unsavoury characters. I take it from your response, that you think it's all fine in a supposed decomcratic country?
  18. How long does it take you to do 50k? I reckon the distance cycling in my youth has contributed to buggered knees now, though it's not something that can be proven!
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