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  1. Iirc, Netanyahu didn't get a majority, and for some time he's had to rely on a number of partners to form a coalition government that would command a majority in their parliament. Some more extreme, so less. Just seen an article (from December) that says he's deeply unpopular. I don't think the majority of folk there voted him in, and at the next election (later this year) I would expect him to be gone, or at best for him, be in the situation he's in now and relying on others.
  2. Maybe some of our players have it, after yesterday! Get well soon anyway.
  3. Ta. Does that mean that for the 3% of folk, it won't work at all, or that it reduces the illness significantly for everyone?
  4. Does the vaccine not wholly prevent the disease then, and if not, how much does it reduce the level of illness given the lass is poorly, despite being vaccinated?
  5. Or maybe when he sets someone up, they've missed the chance? Can pick stats to suit.
  6. With Forrester on the bench, he perhaps could have been replaced at some point.
  7. A woman interviewed earlier said his ridiculously long periods of solitary confinement etc was having an effect on his organs- liver, kidneys- presumably with poor food etc. They've just ground him down, before a final "blow". Bastards.
  8. Could have been worse I suppose. Derby got a late goal this time.
  9. A cold, wet Saturday at the 'bok.. Time yet though.
  10. I still can't get my head around his returning to Russia. They moved him away from the public eye, and his "presence" was gradually lessened; Steve Rosenberg describing how he's barely spoken of in the country. Of course fear will play a part in that, but surely him being in exile would have given him opportunity to be a thorn in Putin's side. Maybe the pull of his homeland was too strong, but his treatment and ultimate demise was inevitable.
  11. Whilst his employers may not be endearing themselves to the fans, at his age, there is nothing stopping Roy from walking away. On the mental health thread, posts about working v retirement and its effects- surely if he's not well his family and friends should be having a word.
  12. Plainly rubbish. If that was the intention, it would have been done and dusted in a matter of days- they have the capability to do it.
  13. Just watch May- he's a clever bugger and will utilise space behind given the chance.
  14. My neighbour spoke to sheehan after Barnsley, as his grand daughter was waiting for an autograph. He complained about their players kicking him all over the park!
  15. Aye, but how many roasts scream! What do you reckon; drugs, alcohol, or diminished responsibility? Or any combination.
  16. Mistaking the oven for a crib? OK, but how do you mistakenly turn it on?
  17. Used to have wards in the Lever bridge for a while. Was always a decent pint.
  18. Lad's just got a job too! Stress relief all round.
  19. They have to be reasonably equitable I suppose. As for viewing numbers- it's third division football; they won't be huge.
  20. Get at them, get ahead and watch their fragility take hold.
  21. Definitely. Good to have some hobbies to get stuck into, and maybe look at things not tried before. That person to person contact is so valuable- I think covid thought us just that.
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