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  1. Got a feeling at least one of Santos and Forrester will be available for Saturday. If both, then maybe Toal will get a breather.
  2. Have you seen thar Syrian fella, living on that shingle beach, under an upturned boat? He wants to go back, as he doesn't like it here, but he can't get himself deported, as it's not a safe country!
  3. One of their drawbacks is gearing issues (a lot of stresses caused by variable winds) which requires a lot of maintenance and lubrication. I've no doubt that engineers are constantly probing new ways to help reduce wear and subsequent damage, by means of their design. As for the video, the design which utilised its own rotation as a means of slowing it down was really fascinating, whether it's new or not wasn't relevant. In some ways those vids are a bit Dibnah-esque, with a cheery bloke just enjoying his work and making it interesting. A pity some of my uni lecturers weren't capable of similar!
  4. They'll take something off Portsmouth.
  5. Just had a look- he finished the game and the manager doesn't seem too concerned about a long injury. They've two other strikers out too- doesn't seem to be holding them back!
  6. I've no idea, how they're engineered, I thought it was fascinating. Not my field of knowledge, that's why I enjoy watching him. Perhaps you'd care to explain why, given its old technology, that they still have to be switched off?
  7. Did you see that story the other day- police looking for that Afghan who threw alkali over people, found 2 bodies. Neither were him!
  8. Draw would be OK. Got to win sometime though.
  9. Quelle surprise. A simple question in response to a previous post. But hey...
  10. Got to score a few at home sooner or later. They must be lacking a bit of confidence, so get at them, get a goal and see if their heads drop.
  11. All other things being equal, they would need to come at us to make up points. If they're a counter attacking side, then that might not suit, and who knows, we may capitalise!
  12. Question: if Charles isn't available for Saturday, does he start?
  13. This fella is fascinating, and this particular video offers some potential solutions. Certainly gets the cogs moving!
  14. Fine speech that. From the heart. Best I reckon I've seen of him. Going back to his other one elsewhere, about the speaker and the need to sort out funding for Ukraine: it illustrates the differences between that and our system, and potential pitfalls.
  15. Nice touch. Nowt wrong with a round of applause for the fella: he did pretty well when selected. Just didn't work out for him.
  16. https://amp.sportsmole.co.uk/football/league-one/table.html Have a gander at the respective home and away tables. Derby, Barnsley aren't the best at home, and we still have to go there. Even Peterborough have not accrued as many points at home as I thought they might have. If we can take points off Blackpool and Wigan, then we can take points against anyone. At home, we're number 1, without many close rivals to play neither.
  17. Missing the point. The law isn't necessarily absolute, and, as explained, a good defence could make a strong case that someone going to fight for Ukraine, isn't fighting against someone we're "at peace" with. It is the prosecution's job to prove someone going over there and fighting for Ukraine has broken the law, not the defence's otherwise. Especially if the law is some outdated thing that is no longer up to scratch. Such things are covered by common law apparently, which means old laws that haven't been used for donkeys years aren't viable any more. There are still some ancient laws on the books, and they're gradually repealed, but good luck trying to secure a prosecution with them.
  18. A very interesting debate. Greive was a bright, knowledgeable politician (and major remainer, but that's another story) and a lawyer too iirc. However, it is also that case that other lawyers will have a different view to him. I think trying to make an 1870 law stick, would be very tricky. In particular because it is very debatable that were are at peace with Russia. Cyber warfare continually, and chemical and biological attacks on our soil, would give a defence a lot to go at. Moreover, your article also says lower down, "might be breaking the law". Really would be a grey area, and Shapps' warning was just that- an indication to be careful. This man's comments are in a wholly different spirit.
  19. By his own hand; he will have to suck it up and get on with it.
  20. On that particular point, I think you're right. However, that still represents a problem for Sir Kier, as it goes against or beyond what his/the party position is. The leader has a difficult balancing act to perform, and he may feel clamping down now, will help prevent further troubles down the line. Polls are often mentioned- then latest have shown a fairly sizeable drop for labour, that he won't want to see continue.
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