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  1. See, I think the hearing will go ahead, and they will be hit hard. Otherwise, they run the risk of orher clubs looking at legal action, for not upholding their own rules.
  2. Cunts them men. Actually, women- but that's biology. Get out into the sticks on a warm day, a bit of a sweat on and they bombard you. Get on the Avon so soft.
  3. Can't see it stopping the hearing, whether it's an attempt to do so or not. I've not read the whole statement- can't be arsed- but it seems to me that they've been happy to be part of the league, under its rules and regulations, so complaining now is simply vexatious. They can always leave voluntarily if they're not happy.
  4. Sometime pronounced as "itsfuckinrainingagain".
  5. Aye. Unless it was "who gives a flying fuck about those who don't give a flying fuck about pre-seaon?" All a bit confusing. But, in reality, who gives a flying fuck? 😁
  6. Was ok this morning, just a bit of light drizzle and petrichor in the air. Took the dogs up to the lodges and one mon was pulling fish out hand over fist. They were for having those maggots this morning. Then the rain got heavier and spoiled it a bit. Not too bad though.
  7. Defacing and damaging buildings harms their point. Irrespective of spelling. Like the JSO lot, some of whom have now joined the Gaza lot. Into the sea with them.
  8. Agree on Toney. Though if there's room, then both.
  9. We'll see won't we. Damage being done all over, so presumably there will be many arrests. It would seem that no one has yet been arrested for slashing the painting in Cambridge, and he's on film too.
  10. There'll be cctv, and many arrests in no time at all. Won't there...
  11. Funny though how often posters complain about other team's players kicking lumps out of ours and getting away with it. There will always be players who dish it out- certainly as long as other players struggle against it.
  12. Aye. The fa cup final has seen many tickets not go to finalists' fans for many years.
  13. Dead right. Wonderful passer with good vision too. Not the most agile nor skillful, but has plenty of other assets. Not sure what we could have got for a million that would have brought about a significant improvement. So many players apparently not up to it, but we did finish third. Still need to improve clearly, but we're not starting from as low a base as some seem to think.
  14. This. What we've been saying for ages. Dismissing such opinion just pushes countries towards a more extreme position. Neither of our main parties' leaders seem to have the bottle to sort it here. Could also sat the same about londoners continually protesting about Gaza.
  15. As he didn't play much, we can't really judge how good he would be for us. He suffered a couple of injuries so I don't understand how that makes him a bit part player- he simply wasn't available. Once he started playing, he did well. Assuming he can get back to full fitness, we can only judge him then. I liked the look of him, and he finished his chances in different ways. Just hope he can get back.
  16. You had this "haze" that descended this afternoon? I saw it creeping in from the South, and it lingered like a heavy autumn mist. Dunno if it was pollen, or some dust in the atmosphere. All a bit weird.
  17. I does, though I much prefer our system of non-politically appointed judges/prosecutors. Leaves them open to all this shit of accusation and counter accusation.
  18. My impression too. Obviously we don't know what, but if bridges are needed to be built, then care needs to be taken not to piss players off even more. Either that, or have the strength to do Fergie, and fuck off those unhappy ones and get fresh ones. Not sure we're in a position to do that, and depending where responsibility lies, it may be counterproductive. Any road, we'll see fairly soon.
  19. That's not what the article says though. If there are bigger fish, then maybe they should have said so.
  20. 750k stashed about the place. Muppets. If they're not spending it (which seems odd in itself) then surely they could have hidden/laundered it better!
  21. I'm curious as to the nature of these "apologies". Are they "sorry I couldn't fit you in lads, but I felt the others were better options at that time" Or "sorry lads, I fucked up, and should have picked you" Or "sorry lads, I picked my faves, but they let me down in the end" Bit pedantic maybe, but apologising now may make things worse- I hope he got the tone right. Maybe he's had an epiphany, and will be more pragmatic and versatile in future.
  22. Maybe. As others said, he looked decent initially, then the same frailties materialised. Both have played with clubs in the championship, and as yet, neither succeeded. Not sure there's much of a defender in either of them.
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