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  1. Landscaping is different to arborist teams.
  2. Haha. He had it away on his claws! The sound made him jump like a salmon. Finally managed to report it to Bury Council. Dogshit system for such things.
  3. Had a mooch with the hounds earlier. Last one was at the base of a tree and I was just about to pass it, when the fucker broke and started to come down. Fortunately, it became held up in adjacent trees, otherwise I may not be here! Reckon I've had a lucky escape.
  4. My old fella's team, and as blues are outweighed by reds in my extended family, it has to be them.
  5. Apparently, China supplies much of the cotton which is used the world over for manufacturing nitrocellulose- used in explosives. Time for all our farmers to plant the fields...
  6. Bollocks to that. Don't want London winning owt.
  7. How did villa not? Watkins on the post.
  8. Villa have beaten them once, so why knows.
  9. Traff's replacement has made a few mistakes now iirc.
  10. Ruptured achilles wasn't it? Next season job I reckon.
  11. https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/jordan-temporarily-close-airspace-state-media-says-2024-04-13/
  12. Maybe some intelligence from America/Israel?
  13. It's a touch behind him, and he gets underneath it. Three games to go and the last thing we should be doing now is having in depth analysis and criticism of the lads. Save it till after the season, and keep it positive.
  14. Decent performance if not result. OK missed chances, but we're still well in it. Neg head his usual self. Onto Tuesday.
  15. Actually got quite a bit done yesterday. Still too wet in places, but a decent amount nevertheless.
  16. If stoke win and jackburn get tatered it also had a similar effect. Probably better if Stoke do, and the Wednesday win at Ewood.
  17. No certainly not. Purely the imagination doing its thing at the time.
  18. Was listening to the radio yesterday when this came on. Was also thinking about today's game, and all I could imagine was our Irish contingent dancing a jig after scoring and thousands of mad limbs doing likewise. Been an ear worm ever since.
  19. Genie on pins at the moment nonl doubt.
  20. I have a freezer! Strange though how turnips are so much more expensive than carrots.
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