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  1. Before making the decision, perhaps seek some help from someone who will help with how your mind is in turmoil. Certainly speak to your GP, but some sort of psychological help would be of benefit. If your concern carries on, it may worsen and become a much bigger issue. I've sent you a pm.
  2. Wonder of Evatt will chuck him back in, or have him on the bench? I have a feeling that Evatt would like to rest Dempsey, bit like with Sheehan, for the odd game, but without George being available, not sure he can.
  3. If he gets a ban, he can sit in the stands. A quirk of the system that when someone is sent off, they can't be in view of the pitch
  4. Aye, Eddie, you're spot on. I would say however, that the games are going to come thick and fast, and it's likely that performances will need to improve; certainly for some of the difficult aways on the horizon.
  5. Carlisle was a pretty complete performance. Overall though, yes things have got a bit muddy. We've also turned round the half way point, and teams have had chance to study each other and work out plans. It's up to our coaches and players to continually evolve the play and keep ahead.
  6. https://www.statista.com/statistics/317877/public-healthcare-expenditure-united-kingdom-yearly/ https://www.nuffieldtrust.org.uk/resource/nhs-spending-plans-and-reality-over-the-past-10-years It is if you're not prepared to look at the whole picture. Question is quite simple, where is all that money going?
  7. Guess what- Barnsley got a pen in injury time.
  8. Hang on, might not have been great, but we've made loads of chamges against a side that's just tatered Peterborough. Another game closer to getting Santos back, and a win.
  9. Of course, but I suppose they're set up to do that. We did put 7 past them!
  10. Derby have had 32% possession and 3 up.
  11. We'll need to start a bit stronger this half!
  12. If we improve a little, we may be winning by more!
  13. Missing Sheehan perhaps, but teams are now adopting the same approach to stifle our midfield. Maybe another one in there, or Bod up top to hold it.
  14. Don't forget who introduced the current dentistry contract. Whoever is the incumbent is always the guilty party. Pretty much every policy has a downside to it when it comes to government spending. Winners and lovers etc.
  15. I know, that's why I said I thought he would. I said it a couple of days ago.
  16. Bit surprised to see Sheehan rested, but maybe IE has Charlton in mind. Thought Collins would start.
  17. Ashworth should keep his place.
  18. Just saw your post and had a look- unbelievable really. Some funny stuff on his show. Shame and no age really.
  19. It's a badly run money pit. Needs all sorts doing with it.
  20. That is correct, but will the papers actually reflect that? Or will the paper still have the labour logo against his name? I got the impression it is too late to change them.
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