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  1. Well, as it was detailed by our coaching staff, there is no reason to doubt it.
  2. Fair point, that may be their thinking- nothing to lose.
  3. It isn't a concern though, apart from in your mind. It would be a concern if we had a much smaller squad where everyone would be included, but still had several injuries! The loanees will go back later (probably) and with any luck, the rest will be looking at a wage rise and a higher level next season, with any luck. On that basis, they should be happy as fuckin Larry. If not, they can do one.
  4. Internal unrest? Kinell, the new lads knew what they were coming to before hand. The injured lads know they aren't available to play. No one can argue and there are less than 20 games to play. Be reet.
  5. Unless there is a different angle then I can't see how GT gets it overturned. Even if the 4th officials comments are taken into account.
  6. Bit of a vicious circle this. A bit slow getting going at times in recent home games, and fans become a bit quiet, almost waiting for the tempo to pick up. Get on the front foot a bit sooner and we'll be fine.
  7. Not half, we both did subsequent research and decided no way. He will need something with more legs and better fuel economy soon hence his looking around. Bizarrely, he can get a more powerful diesel, better economy, lower tax, bigger albeit with more miles- and save around 2 grand on insurance. You know how difficult it was for him to get any insurance initially; now he has, opportunities are opening up.
  8. Water is increasingly becoming a huge issue, in several ways. Meanwhile, demand increases constantly- for reasons we know about. Meanwhile we lose farmland to development, which makes flooding worse and puts pressure on food production. Supermarkets doing their worst. It is vital that the network and treatment facilities are improved rapidly, but 700,000 new folk per year makes it a tail chasing exercise. Not one of the main parties seems willing to shoot the big fuck off elephant in the room. It's wank.
  9. Beat them at their place. For a change. Can do them at ours.
  10. Has anyone any knowledge of modern classics (cars) in Keighley? Lad has seen a motor there that he's interested in swapping his current one for. Mixed reviews on t'internet. Pretty much either 5 stars or 1. Their responses to complaints seem reasonable but defensive and with poor English. Possible rayguns.
  11. Building up to the 6th April. The day they hand it to their neighbours.
  12. Reading have picked up a bit. Charlton have a remarkably good record over pompey too. Have a look at their recent results.
  13. Of course, they want the seat. That said, the more these folk do their worst, the more chance the likes of Tice have of challenging them, as the "main" parties don't represent many folk.
  14. He might if Chyna joins those pesky Russians and the Don ends up with the affiliated Eurpean states of the Sino/Russian empire to both the West and the East!
  15. I would say that other members of the members of operation prosperity guardian could do with sharing the load with the strikes on Houti positions. It doesn't help when it's the US and the UK doing it all. Of course protecting the shipping is being undertaken by many, but it would be good to spread the workload a bit.
  16. He's just another member of a growing club. Time for them to fuck off from the labour party, and set their own up. That way they're not hiding and we can all see what they truly espouse.
  17. 100%. I don't think anyone would agree with the Russian attacks suggestion though. He's an absolute loon.
  18. Just had a look at the score after seeing those comments. Christ on a bike, I thought West Ham might put up a bit of fight for this. Always the second half I suppose.
  19. If they're still a physical side, then we will need quick passing and movement and freedom to play as we can. Are we feeling the pressure a touch, particularly at home, with the role as favourites, and being a bit nervous/reticent to do what we can? I'd like us to start a bit quicker, get a goal up, then play with the intensity that we have seen in some earlier home games. Get the game won, then manage it without sitting back and giving the opposition too much opportunity to get back into it.
  20. Could do with a solid all round performance. Comfortable, if not huge, victory. Recent home performances have been a bit flat at times.
  21. Maghoma is a holding midfielder? Crikey.
  22. I've just had a quick look: national express from Manchester to Plymouth is just over 30 quid each way next Saturday. Takes for everything, but requires a changes. Perhaps puts it into perspective.
  23. If there was a large body of water between Plymouth and Leeds that had to be crossed, then fair enough. It might represent value for money, but, whichever way you cut it, £90+ for a bus to a game is a lot.
  24. How on earth can anyone say that we have the best squad, and prove it? Recently, we've spent a bit of cash, then so have others. We have players who came from non-league and low league. If they are so mentally weak, then clearly they're not the best neither. Contradiction within your own assessment. We're third, with games in hand. Should we fail to go up, then there will be questions. Until then..
  25. The top few: any of them could get into the top 2 by the end. No point over analysing it all. Derby are at Exeter soon, who have themselves picked up a bit. Could see a bit of a surprise there for example. Just win the next game and ignore the clamour elsewhere.
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