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  1. Windies have suffered from terrible management at home as well as alternative sports for their athletes. Nevertheless, having watched Clive Myrie's recent series, there is still a stream of talent there to be honed. Be good to see them get their shit together.
  2. The majority of international competitions are essentially played away from the perspective of the teams, so statistically, there won't be that many won at home.
  3. Numerical bias? You'll have to explain that. If more decisions were given towards European sides- that maybe a fact- but it doesn't confirm bias. Maybe those teams were guilty of more fouls. The game was however far more "physical" then too, with challenges allowed that wouldn't be now. Really doesn't confirm anything one way or the other; just conjecture etc.
  4. Imagine if his knee had been fine!
  5. As in the other thread, maybe not!
  6. Understand what you're saying, but not long ago the West Indies were the dog's bollocks. Sri Lanka were good even more recently. Good thing in England is that tests pretty much sell out.
  7. Not sure how last night's refereeing was favourable: he didn't give the penalty initially- that was VAR. He didn't send off Dumfries neither. Overall I thought he reffed it quite well- the Dutchers were outplayed first half and conceded a lot of free kicks, and pergaps should have been down to 10.
  8. Wrt Lusty's essay, some interesting stories there, but they are just that. Non-provable tales of bias. Maybe legitimate, maybe they were the result of sour grapes from South Americans. Home games obviously an advantage, but it's not something to denigrate the success with- we're not the only ones to have done it.
  9. Pretty sure he's going anyway, so might as well forget all that now. Win it please, and if he gets his official accolade then I won't begrudge it.
  10. He did help prevent them raiding down their right, but I still think his energy levels are down. He looks shot. Just hope they can all rest up well- Spain have had an extra day- and recharge their muscles and minds for one last push. There's no way Southgate is making wholesale changes, and apart from Shaw possibly starting, I reckon the same team will be out there first.
  11. They've not revealed the details yet, but I get the impression that he'd already tried to top himself.
  12. He doesn't need to- robs the motorists instead. Good news he's doing well.
  13. Bellingham spent a lot of time in an unnatural position of wide on the left. It seemed to inhibit Shaw from overlapping, but perhaps it also stopped the Dutch from having any significant attacking threat down that side. JB did say afterwards that "I couldn't manage another 30 minues"- obviously a hit tongue in cheek, but he's clearly a bit knackered.
  14. It's their job. Discuss the game before them, and point out the good and bad points. We've been pish in the earlier stages, and everyone could see that. Yes, we're through, and everyone is happy, doesn't mean no one can offer criticism. This. A spade is a spade- they were full of praise last night, and rightly so.
  15. Good subs, but perhaps a few minutes earlier would have been better. Saka looked a bit shagged, and Bellingham has looked fooked for a good while.
  16. He hasn't quite been at it. There was an instance where Rice brought it out at pace, but Jude was stood still on the line and didn't run forward to make himself available. Maybe needs some of Tomo's fireworks.
  17. Was it a "studs up" challenge? Seems harsh, but.. Apart from giving it away a couple of times- and conceding as a result- we've looked OK, and a touch better than them.
  18. Bit harsh! Anyway, the way this weather is going, they'll be fortunate to get a result in any match!
  19. Well George Clooney has told him to call time on it. That'll break the camel's back.
  20. Spain play the way they have done for a while. We sort of mimic them, but don't pass, move or press as effectively. Nevertheless, we have enough quality players to get at them. Just depends if we reach our potential. All of which is irrelevant unless we're through later.
  21. Jamie Pollock Claude Mackereli.
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