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  1. https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/jordan-temporarily-close-airspace-state-media-says-2024-04-13/
  2. Maybe some intelligence from America/Israel?
  3. It's a touch behind him, and he gets underneath it. Three games to go and the last thing we should be doing now is having in depth analysis and criticism of the lads. Save it till after the season, and keep it positive.
  4. Decent performance if not result. OK missed chances, but we're still well in it. Neg head his usual self. Onto Tuesday.
  5. Actually got quite a bit done yesterday. Still too wet in places, but a decent amount nevertheless.
  6. If stoke win and jackburn get tatered it also had a similar effect. Probably better if Stoke do, and the Wednesday win at Ewood.
  7. No certainly not. Purely the imagination doing its thing at the time.
  8. Was listening to the radio yesterday when this came on. Was also thinking about today's game, and all I could imagine was our Irish contingent dancing a jig after scoring and thousands of mad limbs doing likewise. Been an ear worm ever since.
  9. Genie on pins at the moment nonl doubt.
  10. I have a freezer! Strange though how turnips are so much more expensive than carrots.
  11. Certainly up there. With the effluent coasters, Burnley and Bury's second team- Bury! The Manchester clubs obviously, but we don't play them too often.
  12. Might try that- porridge with blueberries. Healthier that a teaspoon or so of silver spoon.
  13. I was more thinking about his comments about the right and Forrester.
  14. Makes it worse that individuals also saying that he only wore them to appear "cool". GQ magazine, the guardian, the mail- all and sundry in fact- you'd think it was a crime against humanity!
  15. Absofuckinlutely. It would also help support our own farming instead of eating strawberries with the texture of a swede and a huge carbon footprint. Slaves to the supermarkets.
  16. That video -what a plant pot. That's out there for eternity now.
  17. The bigger issue in that article hasn't been touched upon- customers demanding low prices. Supermarkets. The country has got itself into a cycle of cheap labour and cheap food. For all the reasons detailed previously, that has to change. Yet it's a brexit issue. What tosh.
  18. Maybe it's just me, but why do folk so readily refuse to wear something because someone else does? Fuckin mad. I you like something, wear it.
  19. Unless the Swansea lad fancies signing, I'd like to see him here permanently. Even then, he seems measured, composed and a more solid defender than the others.
  20. In one. Other members ignore rulings when it suits. We should simply do likewise. Dominic Raab had a decent set of proposals sorted for this, that allowed our judges better scope. It quietened some of those who felt we needed to leave, and was worthy of further work. Yet here we still are, and murders etc are continuing.
  21. Absolutely desperate stuff. Democracies the world over not party to such judicial overlords. Especially ones becoming increasingly political. Strangely, they have health care, a police service, a justice system and are members of NATO or other partnerships. How do they cope!
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