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  1. Exactly. EU experiencing the dawning of reality, so the ECHR will take up the mantle of overbearing "middle class lefties" to borrow a Labour phrase.
  2. Went in national greenhouse around 12 months back. Decent enough place and helpful staff, but its environs are shite. Used to do the grass round there, and always had an eye out for scrotes on the rob.
  3. Need the BN to put it on the back (or front) page.
  4. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/27240947/slough-town-bath-city-national-league-result/amp/ Interesting decision. Seems reasonable.
  5. How many Scots have we had recently?
  6. Best you can do? Around 2 years against approaching 9. One subject to ECHR ruling the others not even got that far. Yet. But following its climate ruling what will the eu do should similar rulings be made against its members? Could get messy. And who knows, now that some members have said they won't uphold certain parts of this new agreement, how long will it last?
  7. Poland and Hungary have said fuck off. Refusing to accept migrants from other EU nations. Good old Donald Tusk.
  8. Just reading an article about them buying Neal Maupay; they paid £15m and were just over £16m over their limit which led to a second points penalty. May have avoided it had they not bought him, and he barely did anything for them neither.
  9. That's because they don't use their eyes to find them.
  10. He's 27, has had a lot of clubs and non/lower league experience. Can't see it.
  11. When these cannabis farms are raided, I don't understand why the equipment isn't given to companies legitimately producing food. I remember some of my former colleagues being tasked with helping clear one such site, and all equipment and plants were taken directly to the tip, after being smashed up beforehand.
  12. I hope that 30m isn't his price!
  13. Was there any previous wrong doing with the convicted that played a role?
  14. It's weird, we bagged 2 in the pizza cup final from corners played straight in! Not sure how many we've got in the whole of this season!
  15. Just for a bit of awkwardness, of those 12, two involve us playing one of the others. Therefore, actual numbers of football games left is 12. My head is now about to explode.
  16. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/24243118.bolton-wanderers-top-10-pressured-games-decade/
  17. I reckon Pompey should throw a sicky for this, and then win the league in front of their own fans. Beating Barnsley would make them papping themselves about potentially missing out.
  18. Are we talking about residence or place of birth? If we're including the latter, then me too.
  19. GT will be! Keep your head please. 😁
  20. Approximately 40 miles to Liverpool though, so maybe that's too far?
  21. Orient have the 9th best away record in the league so who knows! (Ignore the fact that pompey have the best).
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