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  1. Approximately 40 miles to Liverpool though, so maybe that's too far?
  2. Orient have the 9th best away record in the league so who knows! (Ignore the fact that pompey have the best).
  3. Just watched the highlights of Peterborough losing at home to Carlisle. Crosses and going back a little to our big win there; set pieces, seem to be an achilles heel for them. Get D-C practicing them in the days prior to the game.
  4. Last night was pretty stressful! But yes, chasing and hoping seemed easier than knowing that it's now in our hands.
  5. Easy games like Northampton and Wycombe?
  6. Watching a police programme on more 4. Just flicked on the score, and my heart was in my mouth waiting for it to come up! Great scoreline for us.
  7. I'm not exactly a fashion interested person, but they look scruffy. Like a posh chain-gang.
  8. Followed the pompey game last week and it was so frustrating that I'm not bothering with tonight's. I'll look after it has finished, and either give a little cheer or a sigh.
  9. The stabbing job was a revenge attack over essentially nothing, and pre-planned. Don't know the sentencing details, but maybe it's a minimum of 25 years? Certainly should be a bloody long time given the efforts they made to do it.
  10. Some here too. The unusual thing about the one I mentioned in Herefordshire is that it was a massive, industrial type place, a sort of juxtaposition with a table and a box in the huge car park.
  11. My biggest complaint, particularly with the supermarkets. End up with picked-to-early products that are lacking in flavour when transported around the world. The new techniques are a fight back against it. They should also help reduce the carbon footprint of such imports.
  12. No doubt about his talent. Just concerns me against the physical, top teams. They can close him out, and he can't match the physicality. Whether he/we can get better and they protect him more, who knows. I'm just not convinced.
  13. I'm intrigued as to how Sheehan would be in the championship. Hopefully we'll find out. I'm not convinced he will manage, but we'll see, should we get there.
  14. If Carlsberg did end of season results...
  15. Gunner need a bigger boat.
  16. Doing any of these visits in Herefordshire/Worcestershire/Gloucestershire? When down there, we'd go to this fruit place (amongst others) that had a table in the car park with an honesty box. Huge concerns supplying supermarkets, but you could just drive in and buy some ad if it was a little farm somewhere. Great. I know you can't say, but I could imagine Three Queers Vineyard being into this tech.
  17. There were initial concerns over the flavour of hydroponic system produced food. Dunno if that's improved since, probably has. Don't know if your new strawberry method uses such technology. I once saw a circular system that fed the plants with water and nutrients, the water would then continue into a tank/pool of fish that would eat any waste bits from the plants, and then the fish water containing fish shit would go back into the growing areas, providing nutrients. Meant less overall waste and cheaper for fertiliser.
  18. Hopefully. Just struggling on my pins at the moment, fucked my shoulder up 3 years back, eyesight shit and another set of epilepsy drugs to try. Falling apart mate 😁
  19. Talented but moody. Today's markets though, that's not unimaginable.
  20. Not going mad then! As for the stats around Santos- I'm not in the critical camp, the get rid camp or whatever. He's a good player for us and I'd prefer him here. If he did go though, like most, it's thank-you and we move on.
  21. Well at least they were up front! Although he wasn't my choice, when Sunak got the gig, we just had to go with it. On deals and agreements- business type stuff- he initially did OK. But it's unravelling now, as the mask has slipped, and it appears he has no guts or actual belief in what the issue is. Stupid thing is though, that so many of the issues come back to overpopulation and simply too much immigration, yet he seems toothless. Clearly certain forces working against them, but there is little evidence that they want to tackle the issues. Start with the cunting civil service.
  22. Sounds good. Similar concept to the tomato growing industry, for example. Some of the experimental places I've seen on the TV etc are like laboratories! Our produce is produced to high standards (for the most part) but production is being pressured from various sides, so any innovation is welcome. Any more on those little robot doofers that can go between rows of crops, zapping weeds as they move?
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