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  1. Many congratulations and good luck. Named after Wilbraham?
  2. I thought we did a great job of controlling their threat yesterday so it certainly felt like a ‘comfortable’ 1-0. Would much prefer that we had a bit of a Crawley away scenario, mind.
  3. I recently upgraded my iPhone and finding Face ID is a right pain using Apple Pay in comparison to using my thumb, mainly because of mask-wearing. Proper first world problems. Still easier than remembering my wallet though.
  4. Not many immediately around the ground but only a short hop from the town centre. Shame Leigh White will be in Portugal rather than giving the guided pub tour in his role as Lord Mayor of Barra. Only finishing work at 12 so hoping the traffic will be kind. Car cans at the ready.
  5. I’ve moved my second jab forward to Sunday just in case. Having it at BWFC, appropriately enough. Our STs came through the post today as well. No doubt will sit unused in my wallet as I’m far more likely to forget my wallet than my phone.
  6. Had one second half that was fairly threatening. So many attempts at short ones either broke down or wound up going back to halfway. These are the games to try it though. Actually a really enjoyable occasion tonight. Really wasn’t expecting such a decent gate, and it really was played as a ‘proper’ game with a few meaty tackles and bookings. An advert for a pre-season Lancashire Cup if nothing else.
  7. Piece of piss to WhatsApp across the digital version tbf
  8. Anyone know how many owd folk die from flu each year, even after having their flu jab?
  9. They’d go down as a Covid death. The key phrase within the stats being “died with Covid” but not necessarily “died from Covid”.
  10. Worth noting the link with the Community Trust (and their home venue) so it has clearly been done with the blessing of the club. Reading between the lines, I expect it is being done so that the Trust can expand their mental health support programme, in this case targeting kids released by academies, potentially triggering more funding in the process. In reality, any kids released by an academy who still wish to play football at a serious level will be looking a good few divisions above the new club, but if it offers a future - not necessarily within football - to some of these kids
  11. Glad to be of assistance 👍 The self ordering online thing is bloody dangerous, mind.
  12. Which tbf I don’t think is THAT bad for the frequency distance travelled. Particularly compared to how long it might take in comparison up here. For BWFC games in the smoke I just take it as an occupational hazard and pay on debit card and hope for the best. Probably got an Oyster or two knocking about with about 50p on them so I’m not sure if they’re a big seller like clipper cards used to be.
  13. No problem in logging in, but it takes a couple of attempts to view each thread, and god help you if there’s a couple of new pages since your last visit.
  14. Nice to see people having a smile on their faces. If nothing else, the country deserves a bit of excitement after the last 16 months. *Those who know me….
  15. What a lovely bit of normality. Longridge weren’t a bad side tbf. Goalkeeper in particular had a good game. Only weak link from our point of view was Gordon. Our second half options going forward looked very exciting indeed. Had to chuckle at the lads asking each Bolton player in turn “if it was coming home”, blissfully unaware of the short responses they were to get from MJ Williams and Declan John 😂
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