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  1. We’ve got super Ian Evatt, he knows exactly what we need; Rico at the back, Dion in attack, we’re gonna win the Football League (not 100% on the last line)
  2. We played Norwich on the Sunday and the testimonial was on the Monday. Think PNE had just won the Second Division. The abandoned one due to lightning was a Sunday game
  3. Just about back in the land of the living. Ended up walking 2 miles across Sheffield at 3am only to find I’d put the wrong hotel in my maps 🙈 Draw a fair result. Thought we got a bit battered first half but we were comfortably the better side second half. Nailed on penalty for the challenge on Charles as far as I was concerned. Trafford looked very safe and I quite liked Shoretire’s cameo.
  4. Because it seems there’s only them and us the remotely bit interested. I won’t rest until someone else has a L1 season like we did with kids and journeymen.
  5. Rodney Jack top bin. Although that could be about half a dozen different games. Recall Jussi conceding a poor goal at home to Swindon that season. Couldn’t decide whether to come out or not and got lobbed while in no man’s land. Also my much trotted out story of seeing him concede two goals through his legs in the first 10 minutes of his debut for the reserves
  6. Not a single one left in lower by the looks of it but that’s not to say the odd one won’t appear between now and then
  7. They also won’t have anywhere near as much data which is pretty invaluable these days.
  8. Jussi was at the same for two and a bit seasons before Todd left. And played 33 of 46 league games of Todd’s final season so very much not third choice.
  9. “Kids, there’s three ways to do things…”
  10. Unavailable seats don’t necessarily translate to sales
  11. I suspect it won’t be on, purely because it was a designated as a weekend fixture rather than specifically midweek and only moved because of the EFL cock up
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