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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. The inner track (so not necessarily the concrete between the barrier and the initial advertising, but where it stops being concrete) is effectively considered to be an extension of the pitch in that sense which would explain the bit in the article about leaving his "designated area".
  2. Always wanted to form a garage band and wear a yellow cycle helmet. Transworld Sport still in existence on Premier Sports btw Time watching Sunday Serie A on C4 used to be split with watching the live game on Granada
  3. Don’t forget Quest got it from Channel 5 (which may or may not be considered ‘mainstream’) and made a right mess of it for a few weeks before reenlisting the production company that C5 used. I expect it’ll be broadly similar next season, though I must admit I had forgotten it was changing channel again.
  4. That's one way of getting you in the ground!
  5. I’m expecting they will be largely yoof games
  6. I'd have done the opposite of whatever that twat said tbf.
  7. Right call. Interesting they acknowledged fan pressure.
  8. City fans singing about Demba Ba at full time is fucking weird though
  9. And yet scored one of the best BWFC goals I’ve ever witnessed
  10. Depends what sort of side they manage to put together. Won’t expect many from them if they’re getting thumped every week.
  11. Three penalties, three free kicks and three open play for Thompson that season. One of those weird (probably incorrect) stats imprinted on my brain. Underrated player in our history IMO
  12. Probably a while off, but I would love us to get to the stage where we start having home fans in the South Stand again. Neil would be having kittens.
  13. Think he made the right call tbf
  14. You’d have to imagine Sunderland would be more of a challenge to us fighting for promotion next season so would make sense to get them out of the way really. Precious few big games though so it would be a shame to lose them on that front. Echo the sentiments towards Wycombe, they were absolutely fantastic that day. No idea how they do things on their budget and thought relegation would have killed them so can only admire them for that. Horrible team this season though.
  15. Raymond the Bastard, he’s coming for you
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