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  1. Aside from Bakayoko and Kachunga generally not playing in the same role, take Kachunga’s work rate out of the equation and our main goal threat in Charles drops deeper and deeper in searching for the ball and ends up nowhere near where we want him to be.
  2. Last night was the first time in a LONG while that we were putting the ball directly in to areas for the wing backs to attack in behind. Morley, Thomason and in particular Toal were all making passes that previously might have gone through the same players two or three times before ending up in the same area. Case in point was when Bradley was played in behind and cut back for JDB that he really should have burst the net.
  3. Was an odd one for both Toal and Beck to get the nod ahead of Iredale (and then Sadlier to come on for Beck, albeit a more attacking option than Iredale). Can only assume he was carrying a knock.
  4. Surprised Covid hasn’t been mentioned tbh but maybe that’s deliberate. Hope he has a speedy recovery. Was very impressed with Toal tonight for what it’s worth
  5. Great strike from Charles. Hope it’s the confidence boost that he needs, particularly as I thought he should have done much better when he should have gone across the keeper a few minutes earlier. Can anyone confirm that Barton was actually in the dugout rather than wearing their number 6 shirt? Not often you see a player in such a mould of his manager. Hope Thomason’s injury isn’t a bad one. Looked in a lot of pain when it happened. Their mon knew EXACTLY what he was doing too. Dirty bastard.
  6. Get your layers on and get on down
  7. I can confirm it’s fucking freezing.
  8. Danny Gabbidon, regularly does the EFL games on Sky. And the similarities in their voices are uncanny despite being born 86 miles apart.
  9. Jackson Irvine (Australia) for Hull. I will take any hipster prize from the top shelf, please.
  10. Isn’t that a takeaway on Chorley Old Road? Careful now 😄
  11. You haven’t been here long, have you? 😊
  12. Attempted vape. Isn’t that what Mason Greenwood is up for?
  13. “The Hoops”? 🤮 Ban him. Ban him now. Although the Aussies are essentially the SPFL representative team.
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