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  1. And (can’t be arsed checking) a substantial difference in TV funding.
  2. That’s tantamount to psychological abuse tbh. Genuinely think that would be in breach of some safeguarding regulation or another.
  3. It’s no wonder we’re all bipolar on here when you consider some of the mixed performances this season. Games within a game. In the win at Wycombe a LONG time ago we managed to give up a two goal lead with 8 minutes left and then win by two. At Carlisle we looked nervy as fuck at 2-1 in added time then ended up winning 4-1. The second leg of the play offs. Mental.
  4. We had a drawstring gym bag kind of thing for our flag and it was fine. As was the plastic JD bag one of the kids had, they didn’t even confiscate the massive (half) butty he’d left in there from breakfast 😂 Weird to have the searching after going in though. Might give middle tier a go *sigh* next time if it’s going to be a later kick off again as that extra hour seemed to make all the difference to those drinking on an empty yed.
  5. The cubicle thing is the same in the lower tier. I think they initially designed them as ladies then realised they hadn’t got enough gents. Made it easier for the mountains of coke being consumed yesterday. Felt a thoroughly unpleasant atmosphere in the ground if I’m honest. Far more drunken knobheads than last year. Did middle tier for rugby in Bobby Moore Suite, was that open for fans or was there where the corporate started?
  6. Pretty much. Similar colour and consistency to Christmas Day mushy peas.
  7. Someone offering £20 puts us in profit tbh
  8. Thought it was compulsory to only eat fish in your neck of the woods? Paid £11 for avocado on toast in That London this morning and expected a mob to arrive outside my house ever since we got back.
  9. Zico sums it up nicely, there. A bit of “what might have been” in an era where we didn’t bring through many players. Although ironically if Holden (Dean, not Stuart) had made it with us then it would probably have stopped Nicky Hunt coming through. Keeping his hand in on Radio Manc sporadically over the years has just kept him in people’s minds.
  10. Suppose we’ve achieved nowt when playing the pretty stuff so we might as well try the polar opposite now 🤣
  11. In fairness there’s a bit more of an attachment because of him coming so highly rated through the academy and then getting such a serious injury while playing the first team, so he was around the club much longer than the number of appearances would suggest. To the extent that I don’t think his name would be anywhere near the conversation if he hadn’t played for us and done GMR commentary etc
  12. Tbf Morley had a spell last season where he was one of the first names on the team sheet. Certainly didn’t envisage him having such a bit part role this year (and generally not doing much when he did get a chance)
  13. What are the trains like from to Rhyl to Wrexham? Only half joking. Euro away.
  14. Early estimates for the whole trip are £480 each for me and Mrs @Traf Tours got us 10 nights in Paphos in June for £550 each I posted this earlier, but we aren’t normal, are we?
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