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  1. Or is that because Northern Cyprus haven’t tried to continually expand their territory? Bit of an uneasy truce and indeed not even legal in a lot of senses, but peaceful all the same. For what it’s worth I rarely dip my toe in to these waters, but you’d have to hope that sooner or later they’re going to get bored of trying to kill each other and actually try and sort the whole thing once and for all. Naive, I know, but can all live in hope.
  2. They did at the time of the Turkish invasion in the 70s, effectively segregating themselves really. Greek Cypriots fled south and Turkish Cypriots moved north. Every couple of years there is a bit of a kick off from Greek Cypriots who still own houses and land in the north that Turkish Cypriots moved in to. I suppose the difference would be that the Turks haven’t attempted to extend ‘their’ territory since.
  3. Mike Whitlow is on the pro list. Kevin Poole, even. Arnar Gunnlaugsson could go either way. Allegedly.
  4. Not entirely unlike Northern Cyprus in some ways tbf
  5. They were all at Middlebrook - as they have been for 24 years - judging by how many cars were there when I nipped to the Happy Shop this afternoon. Fucking hell. 24 years.
  6. Seems they’re giving that a good go tbf
  7. Could build it on a raised level like that block of restaurants near Burger King on Middlebrook so as not to lose any parking spaces and everyone’s a winner?
  8. At least he went off injured without making a significant contribution. Shame the trophy presentation was on the pitch as I was holding out hope that he’d fall down the stairs with his medal.
  9. Not arsed about Championship. Sunderland or Oxford from League One. Be good to play Blackpool again, and Lincoln on a Saturday would be interesting. Anyone but Tranmere from League One. Morecambe for an easy away game, Forest Green for a tick or Newport for a tick and a stayover in Cardiff.
  10. Wouldn’t have happened without Freedman’s calamity against Blackpool. * I’m well aware that Leicester didn’t actually go up that year, but it still might have changed the following season had they not got in the play offs
  11. Amazed the thread had progressed so far before we reached the correct answer.
  12. Man Utd reserves haven’t played there for a few years ago. And the talk is that it would only be Sale RU and Neville’s Pinkies with Salford RL turfed out.
  13. If that’s the best they can spunk their money on then I don’t think we need to be too concerned tbh.
  14. Not for me. There’s a bit more focus on the defensive side with our change in shape, and for me Jones knocks spots off Kioso on that front.
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