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  1. some one said there is one game at our place ????
  2. its Jimmy S birthday so a load of us are in may be a couch from a pub in Deane
  3. he was in the Hotel i stayed in in Palma Nova last week week before he was in Ibiza with Isgrove
  4. in the 90s they had Half the England team from 1990
  5. yes just got a letter from him from GERMANY
  6. In Europe i think they played Aberdean
  7. scousers facers sicker then a BATTERY HEN
  8. THIS nout in them 3 to worry about
  9. This one less to worry about HMS PISS THE LEAGUE
  10. was Tommo are Pen taker for a bit
  11. from Wigan its £17.50 and £8.50 return
  12. anything 6 months and under Magistrates can deal with
  13. Sadlier not been here long enough to shout his mouth off Charles is with the Ireland team Trafford is in the hotel i was in last week
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