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  1. Why are the SNP in Our Parliamentary when they have there own in Jockland
  2. Calling for a Vote No One gives a fuck about If we was at War with the JOCK's would then lot give a fuck about us or have a vote to tell us and the JOCK's to Stop NO
  3. Straight Red what did he do twat his Ear
  4. Get the fuck in Get the new lad on now
  5. Yes 55% of that is too our back 3
  6. mine did it from a laptop once dont ask me how it just come on my tv i was watching on laptop
  7. i just have just done the first and second seasons
  8. Just been on Google Maps Why there is fuck all there in Guyana just TREES
  9. Roy Hodgson steps down cant sack him on his death bed Realy
  10. not no more they have took the long life stuff out of it now 3 days in its full of Green mold
  11. Fucked off in there at HT watched Second half on Tv in the warmth with a few pints
  12. He knew if he went back He was GET DEAD prob thought he would get more Back Up
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