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  1. This Blackburn game is one we don’t need as it will damage confidence of one or two of our players. would have preferred a game at our level to test Evatts skills, but let’s hope they have time to recover.
  2. Sorry but my opinion is just that opinion, and as I’ve already said just because it’s not yours doesn’t make you right, nor does it mine. If you dislike my opinion just block me but can’t change the way I think despite the abuse I get from the happy clappers.
  3. TBH I did call out Coyle & Freedman and as for the others you mention no because they brought in players of a higher calibre than we had and you could see a difference in the team immediately. A manager is only as good as the team he puts out and even after trying hard to join in with the happy clappers last season I always thought after every game “what was the plan, and can we maintain this” and most of the time wasn’t convinced. Evatt was lucky last season in a very poor league and I am in fear that this season will be to much for him with his limited thinking. As always I will be the first to say I’m wrong in he pulls it off.
  4. Just because my opinion differs from yours doesn’t make you right does it, my scepticism about Evatt has been consistent as I just don’t see him as the saviour others do. I am and always will be BWFC through and through but if we all agreed about things then what’s the point of a forum like this ?
  5. Evatts excuses starting earlier this season
  6. Great news but downside is I may be sitting closer to some of the drama queens off here, should be recognisable though as they will be at the bar for 90mins though still bragging about “taking the chaddy” or waving their flasks in the air every time the other lot score.
  7. Oh can’t wait ( thumbing through tv weekly for alternatives to watch) There are some stellar places to go on that list, but let’s hope it’s not Wigan, Accrington or Fleetwood who decide our fate at the end of the season.
  8. Season after next maybe back into League One after our first relegation
  9. Some stellar signings coming in now, all at Evatts level. Im so glad I bought those season tickets, as it’s going to be a star studded team soon.
  10. Called opinion love, opinion
  11. Lets hope he is before the end of the month, bit like Mourinho
  12. Well I guess some on here like to settle for yo-yoing between L1 & 2 for next 3 seasons
  13. that your best ?, still can't understand why we are congratulating players for doing the job they are paid to do-and they nearly fucked that up. Thankfully Crawley had nothing to play for and didn't care otherwise it would have been tears before bedtime. anyway league one is a far far bigger problem and just avoiding relegation with this manager will be a tough one.
  14. Think I love football again
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