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  1. that your best ?, still can't understand why we are congratulating players for doing the job they are paid to do-and they nearly fucked that up. Thankfully Crawley had nothing to play for and didn't care otherwise it would have been tears before bedtime. anyway league one is a far far bigger problem and just avoiding relegation with this manager will be a tough one.
  2. Think I love football again
  3. great goal, just need to keep possession a bit more
  4. Let’s hope Sharon and co are making plans post Evatt as we need to start next season’s promotion push out of League 2 on the front foot
  5. Based on this tactical masterclass from Evatt, its play offs but not final and a 2nd season of this shite in this tin pot division.
  6. Ineffective subs at wrong time, and 2 shots on target, nothing more to say really.
  7. So why am I wrong dickhead ?
  8. Poor manager, poor team, shite league we should be out of by now still could be worse I could have been stood on the car park having seen none of it with a firework in my hand.
  9. Not quite, although we are trying our best to fuck it up, and it’s chino’s son as I’m over 21
  10. Hotel needs investment so a good deal and return for them
  11. Was in the Happy shop at lunchtime treating myself to one or two of the cheap training jackets and noted they need staff which is good news for Evatt as at least he will have a wage coming in when they replace him in a week or so. Please don't tell me some of you clowns are still going to stand on the grass banking in pissing down rain after the match hoping the “superstars” wave at you ?
  12. Nothing wrong with raising a small glass of Sherry but don’t understand why some clowns feel the need to break all lockdown rules to stand on the car park with other flask carriers for a 10 minute singalong. Stay away and stay classy
  13. Oh come on ffs, Evatt and co are well paid to gain promotion so if they do it then they have simply done the job they are expected to do. And as for going and standing on a car park to sing rah rah rah songs- grow the fuck up.
  14. Why would you want to go and sit on the car park with zero chance of seeing anything when you can stay at home and watch on Ifollow is beyond me. And why are we celebrating something that should be happening anyway despite Evatts attempts over last 6 months to balls it up. Get out of this dogshit division and then get proper players and manager and we can call ourselves a proper club again.
  15. It’s like talking to that other wanker Starmer, you tell me what you think and I’ll call you a wanker but have no opinion of my own, so why is he wrong Jules?
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