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  1. Think it’s more just keeping an eye on avanti timetable I’ve got alerts for certain dates, the weekend before Crawley Manc -Euston stopped at Mk then bus
  2. Major disruptions through July & August on the Euston line
  3. Anyway you best make sure fixtures don’t clash with your main team city
  4. It’s tosh mate Kids are isolating back in off again after a day during exam time too, today at Phillips teachers were pulling kids out just before sitting them. These are determining sets for GCSEs total shit preparation not to mention how working parents manage with it, yes at an age to look after themselves but if not monitored they switch off lets deal in deaths keep up the vaccinations
  5. Likewise fella good seats them eh passed on a ticket for Tuesday this past week has cleaned me out😀
  6. This testing the shit out of everyone needs to end
  7. Henderson will start tonight
  8. Calm down I’m messing around
  9. Thinned out these days you would
  10. Thought you’d comment sooner mate slacking daz
  11. What about none blacks who get abused online gemma Collins doesn’t half get dogs
  12. And rainbows & women pundits👍
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