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  1. If Scott Carson gets a league winners medal then so should Rudy
  2. Regarding the footy should be royally pissed off if not maybe just the bigger clubs may have restrictions
  3. How many times did he say bolton thought he may of congratulated our promotion at one point anyway he knows who needs to come forward and get vaccinated
  4. So what’s happened to the 22,000 in group games or are those fa allocations and rest uefa and isn’t the Czech game after restrictions lifted shit show
  5. Maybe to tell folk to curb Eid celebrations
  6. Hope nobody has booked Portugal looks like it’s not happening yet
  7. Shit that still not heard anything or refund
  8. I’m thinking more these individuals doing it for some limelight which of course our media will love anyway hopefully boris & co will just ignore
  9. Yes pictures on FB cars all over the road
  10. Good stuff I’ll treat you to an indoor pint👍
  11. Some SAGE member has said next weeks easing should be delayed bore off think some folk get off on all this
  12. Just seen that BT won’t be doing a Saturday 12.30 slot it will now be a 7.45 game thinking about the fans as usual
  13. You’d hope so but how it effects public transport will be unclear, currently bus capacities are restricted, but things should start reverting back soon I’d imagine
  14. Spoke to a mate who gets 3 tickets (adult & kids) and is reliant on the bus service so is holding off until things become more clearer, but you will get many more folk like this who will be cautious and maybe opt for half season tickets
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