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  1. That keeper Jake Eastwood we were linked with. out for 3 months injured. unlucky for the lad
  2. well done city. love watching them. thats all.
  3. proper shit them two commentators. Courtois was culpable for the goal you idiots Mcmanaman pointless and boring. ive muted the fuckers.
  4. It would be the first time if he was.
  5. snowball


    Well not quite true i would raise a glass or two to go with the jelly & ice cream
  6. Trust Johnny to come and put a dampener on it! I cant see it so its not happening 😥 All those wonderful players released how dare they
  7. Hull are on the slide. be busy there
  8. Hopefully under a decent manager in right position he wont be a liability . and before Casino points it out we are at a lower level now. Be Reet but Bowton Baked might.not be happy
  9. How many did we release from last season must be at least back to parity now in terms of squad numbers? IE already hinted some of the youngsters to go out on loan so more to come probably. Think we are seeing FV plan since January transfer window bit clearer now. Obvious Onions wasn't calling shots re recruitment as many suspected. Chicksen decision etc taken with longer term plan in mind that didnt include many of last seasons squad or Onions all along.
  10. Any more we reckon? Another old head to hold it together in midfield?
  11. that jeff is wrong poster on there. sums up the deluded little scrotes. Apparently our situation nothing like ours because we over spent and they were a well run club until God unleashed this thunderbolt. No mention of them losing 8m a year. No mention of their wage bill to income ratio. Just for you Jeff and your ilk, Jelly & Ice Cream waiting. Div 2 with a future trumps no future at all. Bye!
  12. nothing wrong with some older players Johnny . Loved ALF and the Postman for two. Last seasons lot not so much tho im not blaming any individually i just want to forget it happened really.
  13. Evatt is definitely doing something groundbreaking and different for me. Ok we are a big fish but we are going for a type of player to fill a particular role. Then theres the talk of a different style of play etc, and it is exciting because it feels so different- now i know weve not seen it in action yet but we can dream
  14. Everyone entitled to their opinion. Personally i genuinely hope they go bust. Gone. No sympathy dont see them as a proper football club anyway. No history just a whelan vanity project and i hope hes not too far gone to witness their destruction. Nasty horrible set of scruffy scrotes with an inferiority complex because they are inferior and always will be.
  15. same here. (in right position of course). Johnny rightly or wrongly we are going in a different direction now. you say its chucking the baby out with the bathwater i say its a long needed clearing of the decks. on a similar theme see Spearing has gone Trampmere - Good
  16. Have you been to Wigan away in last ten years?
  17. We should at least get a picture of him (or a silhouette as nobody seems to have ever seen him) on The Spirit of Sport trophy on that roundabout outside Ground. Inscribed with Agent Choi 'For services to Bolton "
  18. Seeing as every Wigan fan ive come across is a nasty Bolton hating scrote im having a beer with my tea! Down and soon to go bust!! Love it !
  19. Conventional wisdom maybe. Think this is like those who said to Evatt 'you can't get out of the National League by playing football' Evatt is going to do it his way and if that means getting a keeper who he knows will play out from the back and fit in with his style then so be it. Hell of a gamble though with such a young lad if he is first choice. hope it works
  20. theres already a "Jelly & Ice Cream' on just waiting for the moment
  21. could be minus fifteen points if they dont pay certain creditors more than 25p in pound. Most on their forums are convinced the EFL have it in for them because they are 'little Wigan'. Well at least they are half right!
  22. snowball

    Jimmy Wagg

    Loved that. And 'its a goal ' listened to it at my grandmas house on saturday afternoon. great memories
  23. Hopefully. Confusion. An official team and a phoenix team. Splitters!
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