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  1. Whilst I expected nothing today and don't think we played badly I'm struggling to see just what system we are supposed to be playing. I actually feel sorry for Elmander, no service and all over the place. At the risk of upsetting some and I'm a big fan of his, Nolan was poor (Taylor was the only other one I could fault). But it can't have helped Nolan that he was shifted around to cope with the change at half time. Which brings me back to the 'master-plan'? What is Megson's grand plan? Maybe we will see developments in January.

  2. You were right.


    Contributed nothing to the game.

    Guy sat behind me slagging Nolan off, saying we'd be better off without him, not had a good game for 4 years, unfit etc etc. Then in next breath he's bemoaning the fact we sold Idan Tal and Andranik. Both would have been much better than Nolan. Go figure! (as they say in the US of A)

  3. ?500,000 or year (or whatever it is) would surely ease the pain.

    Yes it does and criticism comes with the territory. But my point was that some of the abuse is over the top and must get to Megson whether he earns ?15,000 or ?500,000 or whatever.

  4. On the wireless you could hear a couple of voices start to shout 'white army', it was clear as day and very loud. Now, the ground was obviously in silence at that point. So what did these people actually think was going on?


    I can't judge what happened, I wasn't there... but to the thousands, maybe even millions worldwide (was on BBC R5) of listeners who doesn't read WWays it just sounded terrible. Real shame.

    You are right you weren't there. Whatever you heard on the radio, the ground was not in complete silence. You could hear the talking going on near the bar and on the concourse. These people did not realise the silence had started and as the 'White Army' shout came from right at the back I'm giving this bloke the benefit of the doubt. It may have sounded terrible on the radio but honestly there were Wanderers fans who simply could not hear or see that the silence had started. If some mongtard had done it deliberately, believe me I would be absolutley livid.

  5. He now seems to come across that the recent results have been despite the fans, not because of their support. Now given the grief he gets thats pretty understandable but not very healthy for the club going forward so hopefully it will change but that will only come with results and some attacking nous.

    I didn't get that vibe from him, he does look a bit down at the personal abuse he has been getting but he has consistently said how important our support (from Boro) onwards was in the run in last season and praised the fans for this. The fans got behind the team on Saturday whilst still having a few digs at him. I think he will just have to settle for that, for now.


    As one previous poster said he gets stick when it goes wrong but no credit when we win. That's why I am becoming more and more sympathetic to Mr Megson. It can't be nice when so many people are set against you particularly now the national press have picked up on it 'as popular as Gary Megson in Bolton' etc.

  6. I think Megson may be destined to be the manager Bolton fans (or a certain section) will always love to hate. But if he keeps us in the Premier League this season and has us mid table next season with a team he has built , if we can go back to being hard to beat, upsetting the big boys especially at home, throw in a cup run. Find a goalscorer (maybe it will even be Elmander)The club continues to 'engage' - free travel, fanzone, cheap season tickets, better atmosphere at home. Is this so bad?


    If Sam is never coming back then who else? It was always going to be damn near impossible to fill his boots but perhaps a no frills, no nonsense manager like Megson is best for Bolton. I have suggested Steve Bruce in the past but now I don't think he is any better than Meggo.


    Some on here forget that staying in the Premiership is a massive achievement for a club like ours. I don't think Megson is going anywhere. If he keeps us up job done (as far as Gartside is concerened, and me come to think of it). We go down and he has proved he can get teams back up. Who needs upheaval in the Championship?


    I honestly believe he has not done a lot wrong yet I could'nt claim to be his No1 fan. He transfer dealings have been impressive and the way he goes about it. 3 England-u21 players for god's sake. He did do very well to keep us up last season and lest anyone need reminding we did play some awful stuff under Sam at times. Results matter. Remember the ten game losing streak? Imagine the abuse Megson would get if we ever (God forbid) get near to that.


    Perhaps after all Megson might prove to be good for BWFC as BWFC certainly have been good for him. Taking him from League 1 to Prem, giving him his big chance and let's be honest, the quality of players we have here is much better than he had at West Brom.


    Or am I just getting carried away after Citeh and Hull?

  7. It definitely wasn't deliberate, just unfortunate. The silence started and was observed impeccably by those at their seats, as you would expect. But there was still the sound of people talking on the concourse who obviously didn't realise what was going on. Then right near the end someone just coming onto the concourse shouted 'White Army' and that was that. Boos and shushes made it worse.


    No need to be ashamed to be a Bolton fan Carlos, there was nothing malicious in it although it did upset me at the time. Unfortunatley the internet can be used to spread all kinds of nonsense but it would be a shame if anything was made of it. No one likes us though so wouldn't surprise me. Remember when our 'Feeeeesh' chants were used by the Daily Mail to brand us all racists?


    It certainly did not spoil the day for me though, great support, great result!

  8. Agreed, we had this last week. I'm still waiting for someone to inform me what Bruce has done at Wigan that makes him worth ?3mil, when Megson has done an almost identical job for practically fcuk all.

    The inbreds finished above us last season. They are above us now (ok only by a point I know). He has managed to unearth a few 'creative' gems like Palacious & Zaki.


    That's all I can think of. Don't get me wrong, I don't think Bruce is owt special (like Whelan does, one of top four bosses my arse). I was just thinking back to when we appointed Megson. What choices did we have? To me, Bruce was the best option of an admittedly very short list. He was available, he would have come and ultimately I honestly think he is a better overall manager than Megson.

  9. given the poster's previous, I don't think he means the owner.

    After all Allardyce did for us I still can't believe the attitude of some on here. On the plus side- More than one season's top flight football, Europe, mixing it with the big boys, Jay Jay, Youri, Anelka, N'Gotty etc. Pride in being a Bolton fan. Best Wanderers side in living memory.


    Negative- iffy form for nine months(still better than Lee or Megson though), being let down by his big headed son, bit of a rent a quote. Oh and No Brains hates his guts.


    I'd have him back tomorrow.


    And I don't understand the logic of those who say Allardyce has lost it, we shouldn't go back for him yet wish for the return of Rioch? Rioch was great but could he have done what Sam did?


    After Sammy Lee though we should have paid what Birmingham wanted for Steve Bruce. For me he was the best available at the time.

  10. The ref was poor, but certainly not biased, otherwise we have been down to 10 or even 9 today. He constantly guessed at decisions, and then bottled out on the major ones.


    I agree, he was consistently bad. The linesman peed me off in the second half. Couldn't wait to put his flag up for offside but didn't seem to be able to help the Ref decide over the two pens (he was in line with both and did nothing). Also gave no indication he'd seen the foul on Riga at all. But positives.......


    Jaaskelainen, Riga and Ricky (to a degree). Thought Davies was immense again but he needs a partner. Getting worried about Nolan, nothing's going his way at the moment. Think Muamba will be a good buy in time. Steinsson already is a good buy. Big Danny improved as the game went on.


    Negatives, what where we doing first half? What system were we supposed to be playing? Is it Megson being clueless or the players, especially midfield not being good enough?

  11. I'd have Al habsi over jussi drop down on ya knees jaaskelaanen any day...


    we should of f*cked that pre madonna off to the reserves when he thought something bigger and better was around the corner...he was willing to throw ten years of loyalty for a better pay day...some of you clowns forget that...


    nothing subjective in the fact that he would never have got any where near the saves al habsi made at boro...jussi would of been on his knees watching the ball fly over his shoulder...


    al habsi has been given a bum deal....


    And some of you clowns forget that Jussi has proved to be a great keeper over ten seasons. Plus my original point was that to blame him for Saturday is just wrong and that some on here are set against him no matter what he does now. I stand by that.


    P.S. You don't KNOW how Jussi would have done, just your opinion. As I said, subjective. And I don't blame him for considering leaving either. I think after ten years he's entitled to think long and hard where he ends his career. Would you turn down more money in your job?

  12. why?


    he was past his best nearly 2 year ago..


    Because I don't like a player who has achieved what he has for BWFC being slagged off by semi literate ingrates that's why. And before you say his best days are behind him, I don't agree. To blame Jussi for yesterday is bollox. There's loads on here who can't wait to slag him off. All subjective stuff like he's an ignorant so and so, he's messed the club about, big head etc. Always concentrating on errors, real or otherwise but never mentioning the positives. Some definitely have an agenda against our current No 1 and I don't think it's on.

  13. I can say that we were bobbins


    When Elmander went off we went back to the same old 1 up front hoof football and it was atrocious. The finishing was shocking, we missed I'd say 4 sitters , 3 by Nolan, who incedently should never take another penalty. It really was pathetic.


    Now to the main bit, its an absolute scandal that, that w?nker jaaskelaanen is playing in goal after last season etc holding us to ransom, however, how can a 5'8" pip squeek win a fckin header in the six yard box?????. Owen has been injured for ages so that pr?ck in goal should of been charginging out and putting the sh?ts up him but what does he do???????........................... The usual drop to one knee position. sh?t c?nt



    I blame him 100% for the defeat


    This 5'8" pip squeek wouldn't be arguably England's only world class striker at the moment then? I'm only bothering to reply to this due to a bout of annoying insomnia but come on....


    I'm as disappointed as anyone and it was our finishing that prevented us winning but there are positives. We controlled the game for long periods, created the chances and if we play like that every week we will be nowhere near the drop. It just wasn't our day today. Our main striker went off injured, we missed a penalty, Taylor off injured and two sitters at least. I don't think you can be totally crap and still carve out the chances we did away at Newcastle.


    Oh and lay off Jussi.

  14. is he not better than cohen, mc cann and joey o'b??

    No he is not as valuable to us as McCann IMO. McCann may not be as skilfull as Guthrie but for me he earned his corn towards the end of the season. With the right balance in midfield MCann can still do a job for us. Wouldn't argue with you over the other two though.

  15. :blink:
    Just been looking in the Bolton News today and it has some pictures of the squad back at training yesterday. The pictures shows the squad in their training gear with their numbers on. Muamba is wearing number 6, Elmander is wearing number 9 and Helgusson is wearing number 10 (was no.9 last season). Unless Davies, Diouf or Vaz Te has changed numbers that still leaves number 8 free. That position i believe is usually taken by a more attacking midfielder i.e. Anderson at Man Utd, Lampard at Chelsea, Gerrard at Liverpool - hopefully that means Bolton will be buying a more attacking/creative player in the future (and i don't mean James Harper!)
  16. No loss as far as I'm concerned. When with us he did OK, nothing more nothing less. He never did kick on as much as I thought he would after what seemed to be a promising start for us. I'm not saying he won't improve in time, but I think with Guthrie it's more of what you see is what you get.


    Completely agree with this. I also think this signing says a lot about what is happening at Newcastle. Ashley is not able/willing to invest much more so they are signing an unknown bloke from Majorca and a player who in all honesty is not good enough to get in our first team anymore. Plus I think James Harper is a much better bet for us than Guthrie. I can't say I'm disappointed at all he has joined the barcodes, good luck to him though. Nowt against him.

  17. Yeh must have been a season or two before then. Remember leaving the car miles away from the ground, legging it to try and make the kick off and being jeered at on the way by a few of the friendly natives. Thought I didn't recall a sending off. Anyway Stoke/Port Vale always dodgy places int' day.

  18. Big fat lying corrupt media whore.

    Bit harsh; Max Clifford is OK.

    I can't believe how far his stock has fallen in so short a time. Getting to the point where there would only be us (in the Premiership) willing to take him back? Obviously in the context of a Gartside departure/takeover. Everyone else seems set in demonising BSA as an enemy of 'pure football' whatever that is. The glory hunters who follow the big fashionable teams don't like him because we socked it to 'em and the Geordies will always stick the boot in now. Gets a bit much though when Roverrrrs think he's not good enough for them. I hope they appoint their own version of Sammy Lee.


    I still can't believe how many on here seem only too willing to remember the last six months of a wonderful eight year journey and not what he actually achieved in his time here. I would have him back tomorrow.


    Anyway,glad he's not gone to the Dingles, as a Wanderer it just wouldn't have felt right to see BSA in charge of that lot.

  19. Anyone feeling nostalgic for the 'blood and thunder' FA Cup tie or a full and rockin' Burnden? According to my guide ESPN are showing the highlights of the Newcastle Cup Tie of 75/76, this Friday at 5.30pm. It might be billed as Chelsea v Crystal Palace in some guides but apparently our game is on the bill as well. I remember someone on here posting a link to the goals on you tube - what a cracker it was too. Other than that it will be the first time I've seen it since that day in the Manny Road, aged 8!


    I'm sure I had the ticket in an old scrapbook for ages as well. I think it said Bolton v Newcastle or Coventry (due to an earlier replay). Memory may be playing tricks though. What an occasion, what a match anyway.

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