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  1. Also the bases named after Confederate generals- someone remind him that they lost the civil war. Although you might not have known this if you were black and lived in the south for the hundred years after it ended .... and beyond. so how exactly do they stand for winning, victory & freedom?
  2. im hoping FV already have an idea who will fit their model and will get their target. Personally id much rather have a younger manager who has proven himself in the lower leagues , be able to spot decent available talent to get us back on track. Much rather have guys like Evatt, Lowe or even the Rangers guy than the usual merry go round league regulars or someone who just happens to have played for us in past.
  3. snowball

    Keith Hill

    No what i think hes saying and what i would is that he did a good job everywhere he went but that the other clubs had bigger (unrealistic?) expectations and he will never be loved and appreciated more than at Bolton. With a few exceptions on here of course.
  4. id rather have david lee thsn Gary fuckin Bowyer
  5. or that pic of him coming out of the pit with a black face
  6. scousers already have a petition up to get rid of old whisky nose's statue for causing them ten years of pain. Rodge is on guard duty
  7. All water under bridge but for me Gartside senior is reason we are are season away from being a non league club. Not using that to judge his son clean slate as far as im concerned
  8. snowball


    sorry obviously on same wavelength as Ziggy!
  9. snowball


    but not in Eccles!!
  10. yep he was queuing for a pint in hotel before one of the last home games so def used to slumming it!
  11. if that stands for fuck all then yes.
  12. do folk really think Onions wiii be gone before next season? i cant see it myself. Wishful thinking id say. Going off opinions on here does look like most want him gone though
  13. sack the lot. part time tin pot bin dipping gobby cunts.
  14. No it was the motley crue on Travel Club IIRC
  15. went once. Boxing Day. Freezing. Portacabins. Bison's furburger nearly blowing off. match utter shit.
  16. Yeah first left back i saw for us as well. Thanks for the memories Tony
  17. The guy who plays Marlo pops up as a cop in Bosch on Amazon Prime. Good in that too, though without the menace of Marlo
  18. away- Blackpool in that Freight Rover Semi , Hull , Wrexham, Halifax home - Preston, Charlton and probably for last time ever Peterborough.
  19. prefer her mate that dirty blonde who was in Corrie surely bigger bangers and pure filth
  20. i just wanted them to kill Wendy's brother from the off (in season 3)but everyone else seems to rave about what a great character so must just be me. Same as Jesse in Breaking Bad, Walt could have still been king if hed just offed the annoying twat.
  21. me too. last couple of episodes saved it for me . very good
  22. it was on the other side first i think where Santander/Abbey was or is and then moved across to that corner. was my first taste of pizza too.
  23. snowball

    Keith Hill

    you seriously believe Parky would have kept us up in same circumstances Hill has faced? I dont think so in a million years. and i certainly wouldnt have been there to see it id had more than enough Parky ball
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