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  1. Had BBC Radio Humberside on my stream and they were best commentators ive heard for long time. identified Tutte as key man very quickly.  said we were an attractive side good shape and totally bossed second half. reckoned we will be right up there.

    First half they reckoned Baptiste might be weak link given his age and way teams set up. admitted second half he had been very good though. 

    Thought we looked a proper team ok we should have scored more and had a dodgy spell at end of 1st half but Evatt has us playing football weve not seen since Bruce. Hugh Mungus will be eating humble pie by January. 


  2. 2 minutes ago, Underpants said:

    I hate every single club in the country. I wouldn't lose any sleep if any went bump. But there's few I would rejoice at going bump. Blackburn isn't one of them.

    Merseyside Tramps and Wigan i would rejoice as HM might say. Anyone else nah we still need some proper clubs left for banter. 

  3. 5 minutes ago, jules_darby said:

    I can't be arsed looking back but I'm sue you gave a similar mark out of 10 for a game we were awful in and didn't win the other week?

    also if defence did their job at 2-0 we were cruising and second half we go on to win easily. Doyle is class and had another good game. I dont think our problems are up top. Still not creating enough for them.

    Were are these overlapping wingbacks Evatt supposedly loves? Someone else said Jones played well but i never saw him beat anyone much less get a cross in - i dont particularly see what he brings but hey ho. I thought Kioso had a decent game always wants the ball and caused them problems. good header of ball as well.

    we absolutely bossed it first half should have been much more comfortable but 3 points and we are still improving 


  4. 9 hours ago, ZicoKelly said:

    He was the best player we had since we got relegated from the PL, for me the only one I looked forward seeing to play


    Him and Le Fondre for me. and incredibly they still got slagged off by some .

    Cloughie would be one of best players in this team. Obviously judging on his previous ability but id love to get him back and give him a gamble in an Evatt team

  5. 14 minutes ago, Youri McAnespie said:

    Great post that, Rudy.

    Used to wag college as a 16 year old and hang around in Great Lever library - read Roots by Alex Haley over the course of a few days - he was accused of plaigarism and embellishIng, but it's a powerful work.

    I think like most kids of the 70's (LATE 70's for me 😉) watched the tv adaptation, I rewatched it when I was at University and it was a bit dated - production wise, cameras etc.

    When it was first aired - groundbreaking.

    Taught me at a young age about people being torn from family, home, religion even their name - and treated like chattel, abused, murdered.

    My parents let me watch what they watched.

    Five year old? Dirty Harry? "He's alreet" said dad.

    Few years later - the latest Dennis Potter full of shagging "he's alreet" (my dad again). Joanne Whalley as a nurse - didn't even know about wanking but she got banked.

    I'm sure my dad used to let me stay up late Saturdays as a very young kid - after Match of the Day had finished, there was a 'variety' show on - probably another side. 'Live from Monte Carlo'. Heavily featuring dancing girls with their tits out...

    Or had I just fallen asleep during highlights of Villa vs Oxford Utd and dreaming?

    Joanne Whalley bang on there Youri 

  6. 1 hour ago, hughmungus said:

    Let’s not get carried away, we scored one goal from the only clear cut chance created in 90 odd minutes, and the second was yet another gift.

    Think about that, one goal attempt in 90 mins !

    Back to being a bell end u see. No one saying not room for improvement but we have a spine, played like a team and defendec really really well. You say no efforts on goal but we had two very good opportunities second half from some lovely play so you can stick your stats! Also who cares what % of possession you have really? winning like when Everton thumped city 4-1 was it? with 30 odd % possession.  Bollocks to that. Really enjoyed tonight and if you cant i feel sorry for you

  7. Not enjoyed a match for a long time. Got to be more to come from Crawford and Fonz never got into it really and yes our wing backs fifnt get forward much but our defence overall was fantastic. Who was it criticising Sarce and calling him fat? he is class.

    Santos was my motm but Gilks Tutte Jones Isgrove Doyle back Fonz Miller all look like can make us get better. Good interview with Evatt options not just on bench but players coming back into squad .

    COYW onwards and upwards

  8. Well admittedly i have not watched a full game un a while but ive been pleasantly surprised. Delaney Santos  Sarcevic  and Baptiste (!) all playing well. Gilks Jones Tutte and Fonz all good enough so getting half decent team! not sure about Kioso tho and Crawford needs to shape up. But im seeing improvement from start of the season. 

  9. 4 minutes ago, waffer cup 07 said:

    The virus has nothing thorough the mess they have got into. That's entirely down to bad management and the previous owners, as it was in our case. 

    Dont you know they are a brilliantly run club who never spent money they never had? The muppets on Latics Speyk told me. They also think The Count of Monte Cristo is going to save them

    Roflcopter .

  10. 1 hour ago, radcliffewhite1 said:

    If he plays and drops another clanger it’s evatt who should get pelters

    i agree. I actually feel sorry for Crellin. and i think Dazbob is spot on. nowt wrong with commenting on his performance but personal name calling is out of order no need to be vicious/nasty like pack of hyenas.  JSL

    Evatt caused it Evatt needs to sort it


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