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  1. Gillingham i think it was promotion season 4-0? Vela & Clough on song. speaking of Cloughie we beat the bucket shakers at Giggle on TV as well
  2. what about Delaney & Santos :lol:. from little i saw they were least cack
  3. but why was the picture quality on our game shit compared to others? or is it just me? i flicked over to do a quick comparison and wigan , sunderland and even pissin barrow much better picture ours was crap.
  4. He has never looked capable of beating any one or getting near the bye line in every game ive seen him. woeful but not on his own
  5. Im sure someone could organise a defence to look like they can actually defend from what weve got. need a new keeper mind but that is Evatts fault no argument
  6. Just tuned in to see us go one down. Dear me Now making Mansfield Town look like world beaters. Beyond words The goalkeeping situation Baptiste, Tom White (thought he knew this mon and how to get him to play)the fullbacks our style our shape Crawford Gonnoreah . The whole defence and midfield. Nothing is improving. in facr its getting worse!!
  7. and the manager will say afterwards we played well without the ball
  8. cause trouble in an empty house this lot.
  9. Now got Revells instead of Onions.
  10. the point i was making was about managing expectations and where we are now. i am well aware of the teams in our actual division thank you. If we accept on the pitch at least we are years behind one man and his dog outfits like the ones i alluded to then perhaps we wont have folk thinking we can walk this division.
  11. just what we need another clever cunt
  12. you need to get used to the obvious. we are not getting promoted this season no matter who is in charge. Even expecting so is frankly an insult to the teams who have been in this division fir years. Get real. Accrington, Fleetwood, Pissin Rochdale even Newport & Cambridge and others in this division are years ahead of us and we arent closing the gap in one season. Being BWFC doesn't cut it on its own
  13. I feel sorry for the lad. Too much too soon not ready. A massive risk from Evatt to install such an inexperienced loan signing as first choice without any obvious back up. Doesnt say much for his or Gilks judgement either. How he deals with this could be make or break for him here now.
  14. but right every week this season. unfortunately
  15. oh and we had Fleetwoods third choice keeper, a striker from Macclesfield what can you expect? we are shittest we have ever been by a country mile. long way back
  16. we will do nothing until we get a team rather than a collection of mostly very poor individual players. This season is already a write off. Evatt has made mistakes still think he will learn and lets see where we are next year. Apologies to Hugh Mungus as well you were right.
  17. if enough of his nutters get out in the key states this fucker can win again. He will win Flori-dur coz of all the retirees with money and the Cuban Exile votes (just has to appear tough on Castro to get them). Then he can say i support coal and fracking to win in Pennsylvania again. One thing against him is he is not up against Hilary this time so sleepy Joe should just about win. After months of recounts and court cases
  18. Think it was Tam Dalyell who said granting devolution to Scotland was like getting on a motorway with only one exit?
  19. They also think it makes their 'history". Wigan Post said Spanish wanted an English club with proud history. pmsl. Dont know whether i want this takeover to collapse or the venture capitalist Vultures to strip their carcass to the bone then liquidate. tick tock
  20. remember a very uninspiring New Years Day i think game at burnden which until recently was a lowlight of my time 3rd div mid 80's. also went to one that got called off -pretty late if memory serves. other than that cant remember much else about these.
  21. aye still think crawford needs to step up himself with jones white isgrove Miller think these can all have a bigger role with possibly Darcy as well. Miss Politic but we should have enough. hopefully.one or two of the others will.improve. lack of keeper competition my big worry
  22. First time id seen kioso looks well good enough for this league and got stuck in defending when he had to. a plus for me. sort keeper and full back(s) and be ok. Some of counter attacks and passing was good and i missed the best in first half looks like.
  23. typical only saw second half. crawford needs to get some shooting boots. ref and linesman giving fouls for fun officials are shit as rest.of league. come on whites. thought delaney was good second half. No 24 beaten too easily and nearly cost us. its coming slowly
  24. yes and the other i follow channels all seem to be working apart from ours! WTF?!
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